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Let us look at some enlargements of pictures found on All the pictures on the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation website have been altered with the exception of the picture of the plastic spoon and Glenn Beck. The picture of "Terry" on the right hand side of the main page of is so grossly altered that you can see what was done to Mrs. Schindler's chin and Terri's left ear without even enlarging it! 

The individual in charge of this website even altered Terri's name by misspelling it! note: As of 03/06/04 the misspelling of Terri's name has been corrected.        

Who is dispensing the altered pictures of Terri and her family to media outlets? The internet media websites have some of the same altered pictures that are featured on! The opposition against Terri Schindler Schiavo and her loving family is an organized effort. 

The "altering pictures propaganda operation" even includes pictures not found on After speaking with Gary McCullough on the phone about the matter of altered pictures on, we were astonished to learn that even some of his pictures of the Schindler family have been grossly altered. We have found two versions of the same picture taken by Gary McCullough. One is "clean" and one has been altered. We also found another picture taken by Gary that is so obviously altered I have a hard time understanding how the media outlet that placed this picture on their website did not notice it.

The conspiracy to make the Schindler family and their pretty daughter Terri look unappealing and even repulsive in the eyes of the public has more impact than one might realize. Even though most of the alterations cannot clearly be seen until the pictures are enlarged, the subliminal effects of these subnormal pictures work on the mind of the viewer. A picture that looks obviously unattractive when enlarged has the capability of impacting the viewer's mind negatively even in its smaller form—even though the alterations are less obvious. The mind perceives that the subjects in the picture look unappealing without knowing exactly why. It is perceiving this message below the threshold of the person's conscious awareness. 

Just as "print subliminals are sentences constructed in such a way that they send messages to the reader's mind without his being aware of what has occurred,"(1) altered photos work on the mind in a subliminal fashion as well. Grotesquely altered photos cause the person viewing them to think negatively about the subjects of the pictures. Altering pictures is a visual propaganda technique used to influence the way the masses think about certain subjects. It is not hard to perceive how the people who manipulated the pictures on want you to think about Terri and her family.

All pictures posted here are best viewed with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. 

[Note: The original content of was removed from the internet approximately three months after Terri Schindler Schiavo was forcibly dehydrated to death. Visit the archived site here.]

Altered Picture of Terri Schiavo Looks Like Lisa McPherson's Autopsy Photo Banner: Altered...and Altered Again  

Fake Name and Fake Picture

Special Bond Between Mother and Daughter Mocked

Altered Picture Mocks Terri's Injuries

A Five in Her Eye: Death in Disguise?

Pitchfork and Number 8 Symbol on Pamela's Face?

Scientology and the Number 8

Death Imagery in Subliminal Embeds

An "S" for Scientology? 

Two versions of a picture of the Schindler family taken during a press conference the day before Terri's feeding tube was removed: October 14, 2003. One is clean and the other is altered.  

Here is another altered picture of the Schindlers at the press conference.

Schindler Spokeswoman objects to Scientology articles


modified 7/12/05

Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection

notes: (1) God's Wrath on Left Behind, pg 12

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