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David Pritchard, the original webmaster of, took credit for creating the banner featuring a picture of Terri Schindler Schiavo: 

April 15, 2000

Dave, the Web Geek, has created a simple banner for anyone to use if they would like to place a link to from their site.  The banner is shown below. Anyone is free to download the banner, or even just link the graphic from our site!  To use our banner, simply copy the html code below into your web page, and the banner will show up!  Thanks for helping us spread the word!


<a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="75" border="0" alt="Help Us In The Fight Of Her Life"></a>

(Quote source: Welcome to the Official Site of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation)

The picture Dave used to create the banner is clear and bright. It is easy to see that Terri's hair appears to be balding on the left side of her head.


Below is the same picture doubled twice in Irfanview: 


The enlarged version of the picture that Dave Pritchard made into a banner reveals that either this picture was altered or Terri had an obvious balding condition. I strongly doubt that Terri had a medical condition that created noticeable hair loss which she chose to accentuate by wearing her hair pulled back from her face! 

Pamela Hennessey is presently the webmaster of Apparently she has uploaded another version of the picture used in the original banner. The banner below is featured on every page on Terri's face is not flesh-toned in this particular banner.

Instead, her complexion is colored so that she blends in with the background. This gives Terri a washed-out appearance. Why was a flattering picture of this lovely woman altered so that her face blends in with the banner? 

Observe the enlarged banner below. Terri's left iris (colored part of her eye) has a strange, elongated shape. It has been altered so that it covers almost her entire eye, extending even into the outer corner. Notice the vertical white line that has been drawn through Terri's iris in the enlarged banner below. Terri's right eye has also been noticeably altered in this picture.

The elongated iris alteration was also done to this picture.  


Below is the same banner doubled twice in Ifanview:

The banner other sites may use to link to is below. It is located on this page at

Below is the same picture doubled twice in Irfanview:


This photo is also different from the one Dave Pritchard originally uploaded. Terri's hair is darker. It is still easy to see the bald spots on her head. 


Terri was also made to look as though she is balding in this picture.

Terri's eyes were also severely distorted in this picture.


May 1, 2004

edited May 2, 2004

Also see: Also see:Altering Pictures: Not a New Practice For L. Ron Hubbard Followers and Altered Pictures on 


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.

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