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Altered Picture Mocks Terri's Injuries?


Theresa Marie Schindler

The same picture has been sharpened once and doubled twice in IrfanView:

Some quick observations of obvious alterations:

The iris of Terri's right eye is horribly elongated, unnaturally large in size, and moved over to the corner of her eye.

Terri's left eye is a perversion of what a real eye looks like. The white is on the inside, and the dark part is on the outside. Terri's left eye below her brow is unnaturally whitened. This highlights the eye that has been so radically altered.

Red coloring has been added to the right and left side of Terri's forehead so that it looks like she has been injured. (Is someone mocking the fact that Terri had head injuries and broken bones after her not-so-mysterious "collapse"?) 

Terri's "ear" has three black dots in it. No cartilage area can be seen; it does not look like a real ear. 

Terri's chin has a black oval drawn on the end of it.

 Terri's lower neck looks like it has growths on it. The part of her neck just above her v-necked shirt (where she now has a trach scar) has a white area outlined with three black dots. Why is the part of Terri's neck where she had a tracheotomy highlighted in this altered photo? (Is someone mocking the fact that Terri arrived at the hospital with an "extraordinarily rigid neck" consistent with strangulation?) I think so, because a little greenish face with two black eyes was drawn near Terri's earring and another was drawn on her neck right below her hair. (This is how demons are hidden in pictures.)

Green was added to Terri's face, hand, nose area, and jawline.


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.


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