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The Schindler family has entrusted Pamela Hennessy to be their media spokeswoman. Pamela, who describes herself as "media executive in Clearwater, Florida" and a volunteer "patientís rights advocate," is a contributing editor of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation Her writing style is evident on the entire website, so it is probable she has authored the content. In light of the fact that Pamela has been entrusted with representing Terri's plight to the public, some serious concerns regarding the website and related matters must be brought to your attention.

I have attempted to involve others in the hopes that they would go directly to the Schindler family with these concerns. On Thursday, February 5th, I phoned Gary Mc McCullough, media representative for Randall Terry. [1] I felt this was appropriate because Randall Terry is the man that Mr. Robert Schindler attributes to saving Terri's life. Mr. Terry even published Mr. Schindler's remarks on his website:

My daughter is alive today because of Randall Terry's efforts." --Bob Schindler, Sr.

Quote source: "Behind the Scenes" [2]

I hoped that if Randall would investigate this matter and inform the Schindler family of his findings, all would be well. 

Gary listened for a few seconds, but then dismissed me, stating that they have not been on this case for weeks. He did mention (this is a paraphrase) that the Schindler family is now going through legal means rather than depending on grassroots organizations. (I wonder who gave him that false information? The Schindlers need all the support from activists they can get!) He would not agree to give Randall the message and insisted that I must email him. (This would be  fruitless because Randall mentions on his own website that he does not have time to read all his emails.) Gary McCullough also did not hasten to inform me that there are no altered pictures on A few minutes later a second call was placed to Gary, this time by my husband. It was to no avail. Gary was completely disinterested in our concerns which directly affect the Schindler family. It was not until later that we discovered that Gary has been touched by the very thing we phoned him about.

Another person who has helped me gather data regarding the hidden agenda at also contacted someone involved with the Schindler family with these concerns, but so far no one wants to get involved in this exposure. I can well understand the reason. Those who have been the target of dead agenting tactics know that: 

He who exposes the problem becomes the problem.

The concerns I must bring to your attention are so important that anything might be said in an effort to influence you to dismiss the evidence. 

So much effort has been invested in Scientology-controlled Clearwater Florida to commit a precedent-setting public euthanasia that people who were considered to be serious threats to this agenda were eliminated. Ron Panzer's interview with Carla Iyer, RN revealed that three nurses who resisted Michael Schiavo's orders died. Two met their demise in automobile accidents, and one died after a sudden illness overcame her. These crimes and more have been committed in the clearly satanic quest to use Terri Schindler Schiavo for the first case of euthanasia in Florida's reported case law.

They will not have their way.[update]

I urge you to pay attention to the facts regarding the way the Terri Schiavo case is being presented to the public. All stops have been pulled out, using both overt and covert means, to condition American citizens to favor the idea of euthanasia. 

Indeed, even is being used by someone to negatively influence public opinion regarding Terri and her dear family. Someone has placed altered pictures that make Terri and her family look horrible on! This betrayal must be exposed. The Schindlers are being betrayed by those that they trust.


edited 1/29/04


[1] Liberty To The Captives does not endorse Randall Terry or his organization.

[2] "Behind the Scenes"

Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection

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