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Pitchfork and Number 8 on Pamela's Face?

NOTE: The altered images of Pamela Hennessy were removed from this site on February 15, 2005 in response to Ms Hennessy's complaints to my webhosts about the exposure I did regarding her pictures and the Scientology vs Terri Schindler Schiavo articles.

See: Pamela Hennesssy Demanded Removal of Articles That Expose Scientology 

Below is the original "Pitchfork and Number 8 on Pamela's Face?" article without Ms Hennessy's pictures that I had originally posted here in order to document my statements.

I obtained this [deleted on 2/15/05] picture from Welcome to the Realm of Redheads on February 15, 2004. [note: Pamela Hennessy removed her picture from the Redheads website.] The larger picture below has been sharpened once and enlarged by clicking once on the "double button" feature in IrfanView. 

Self-Description: Tall, Semi-Attractive and insanely charismatic. Professional and serious when times call for it, a fan of absurdity and Monty Python  when allowed. A Pisces and very true to my form, I like all things creative. [emphasis added]

Interests: Music of every variety (Bryan Ferry, Enya, Dean Martin), humor of the British variety (Monty, Black Adder, Derek & Clive), reading as well as writing, painting, sketching, long walks with the dog and very nice merlot.

Notice that a pitchfork has been drawn in Pamela Hennessy's brow and eyelid area of her right eye! An 8 has been added to the brow area of her left eye! 


Scientology and the Number 8

Please read Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection. Also notice that she has chosen to place a number that is especially significant in the sight of Scientologists on her face in the picture above. [This picture was deleted on 2/15/05]

The highest level a Scientologist may presently attain is an Operating Thetan VIII (OT 8).

If you are having trouble seeing the slightly smudged but still obvious number 8 on Pamela's face, please look at the unmistakable number 8 that was placed on Terri Schiavo's chin in this altered picture. The person who altered this picture coded it by placing the OT level most prized by Scientologists on the face of the woman who is being illegally held in isolation and deprivation of rehabilitative care in Scientology-controlled Clearwater Florida.

Scientologists who have acquired enough demons to achieve the level of Operating Thetan VIII claim to have the ability to "kill with a thought":

An OT VIII (the highest OT level released so far) can purportedly kill with a thought.

(Quote source: Scientology Jargon: OT)

George Felos described this phenomenon in his book, Litigation as Spiritual Practice. 

George Felos is fighting for Michael Schiavo's "right to kill" Terri Schindler Schiavo. Of course this heinous goal is couched in the nicer-sounding phrase, "right to die." 

This is important: why does Pamela Hennessy have George Felos' What You Need to Know About the "Right to Die" promotional FLYER on her website--with no explanation or disclaimer?! (Not surprisingly,: Pamela has removed the pdf that promotes George Felos, who teaches Scientology's kill with a thought doctrine in his book. You may read it at flyer CCL.pdf but of course it has been removed.

And why does Pamela use the "right to die" euthanasia buzzphrase five times in her own article about Terri Schindler Schiavo? She certainly did not choose to use the phrase, "right to life" even once in this foreboding article that concedes that Terri will die. 

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