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Contact Liberty To The Captives

Email: Commissioned at (Note: replace the word, "at" with the @ symbol.)

Regular Mail:

Gary and Lisa Ruby
1123 Chinquapin Rd.
Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Phone: (864) 836-3308

If nobody answers, please leave a message and state your phone number slowly and clearly if you'd like a call back.

If you have ever emailed and and asked for a response but received none, please try again. Email is convenient but not fully reliable. Some legitimate emails end up in the spam box.

If you can't reach me by email, or you prefer to send a letter or call, my mailing address and phone number is above.

I (Lisa) answer correspondence as promptly as I can. Please understand if you have to wait for a week or more for a response. If you are writing about a particular article, be sure to mention the title in your correspondence. (Thanks!)

If you'd like a reply from Gary, please understand that he works long hours and will respond (through me, his typist) as soon as he can.

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Liberty To The Captives Established in June 2001