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Alternative Media Broadcasters and Spiritual Compromise

God has impressed upon us that we are to warn readers about some alternative media radio broadcasters who claim to be against the satanic New World Order system and yet choose to promote New Age teachers and organizations and profit from the sale of New Age subtle energy products. Because the New Age Movement is the religious arm of the New World Order, this compromise will have spiritually disastrous results if Christians follow their lead.

(NOTE: This list is not complete. Most alternative media radio broadcasters compromise and sell misleading books and DVDs. They also show their true colors by the people they interview. Most of them also knowingly service the New World Order agenda. By their fruits (not their profession or disarming demeanor) you will know them.

Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty has been selling Miracle II products for years and continues to do so. He has promoted Zeph Daniel on his radio program and is selling his book, Lamb. (1) [Notice that Zeph chose to use a runic font on the cover of his book. Zeph used runes on his website as well.] Dr. Monteith interviewed Zeph Daniel  (2) on January 1, 2005 and on December 6, 2005. Dr. Monteith, who surely knows the dangers of New Age/Christian syncretism, encouraged his listeners to explore Zeph Daniel's writings and audio teachings on his website.

Dr. Stan Monteith has also been promoting fellow Miracle II seller, Joyce Riley, on his radio broadcast since 1996.

Dr. Monteith is not only soft on Catholicism, he defends it as being true Christianity! Rather than warn Catholics that their false doctrines will cost them their souls, he  reassures Catholics in their deception by spouting the One World Church line:

Bigots will tell you that Catholics are not really Christians because some of their beliefs differ from ours. I personally believe that the essence of Christianity is a belief in the Divinity, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that is a common tenet of both Protestants and Catholics. (3)

New World Order planners are fond of maligning those who stand firm on the doctrines of the true Christian faith as taught in the Holy Bible. Ecumenists, on the other hand, further the NWO agenda by vilifying those who stand firm for the truth.

Joyce Riley and Dave Von Kleist of the Power Hour got in at the ground level selling Miracle II subtle energy products on the internet, and have not stopped this lucrative endeavor even after the Miracle II Exposé was published.

The Power Hour, which claims to be against the One World Order is nevertheless endorsing the religion of the same by selling the witchcraft-marked Young Living Essential Oils products. (Warning Young Living Essential Oils boldly marks itself with witchcraft symbolism & doctrines!)

The Power Hour promoted Clayton Tedeton on their radio broadcast as recently as October 17, 2005:

CLAYTON of MIRACLE2 Products will detail the various uses for the MIRACLE2 Soap, Neutralizer, Gel and Lotion and will take your calls!  Miracle2 Order Line is 1-877-817-9829 or  (NOTE: You may order the SPECIALS (25% off) on all Miracle II products at We will hand discount all the online orders and you will receive the corrected invoice upon delivery! (Special ENDS Friday Oct. 21 till 4PM CST)!

Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist chose to promote Stewart Best and his website on their radio broadcast even after I personally phoned Dave Von Kleist in March, 2003 to warn him about Best's New Age occult initiation doctrines. The Power Hour promoted Best on their program in 2003 (5) and 2004. (6)

The Power Hour displays this slogan on their main page:

An informed citizen is freedom's best friend and a controlled citizen is our worst enemy!

This is a slogan that no real Christian will endorse or support. A controlled American citizen is not our enemy! A "controlled" American citizen (one who does not question the mainstream media) is a person to be prayed for and warned regarding the unfolding world government agenda as the opportunity presents itself. Granted, one should exercise discernment when interacting with a person whose thinking is largely molded by the mainstream media, but to consider fellow citizens our ENEMIES simply because they are uninformed about the things that are going on behind the scenes that are impacting our lives is wrong. The government's goal is to turn citizens against each other (in order to make a martial law takeover much easier) and The Power Hour should not aid them in this endeavor by using this slogan.

Speaking of control, The Power Hour's promotion of Clayton Tedeton and his demonically energized Miracle II products is priming many people of the United States (including Christians) to receive what New Agers refer to as  "the Divine Consciousness" which is necessary to spiritually merge with the Age of Aquarius (the New World Order).

Every person who uses the Miracle II/Master's Miracle and other subtle energy products is moving closer to becoming a fit subject of Satan's New World Order government and farther away from being a fit (obedient) servant of the the Lord Jesus Christ.

update: The Power Hour Promotes Scientology Solution for Child Protection Racket

Alex Jones of and promotes individuals who are affiliated with Scientology, a powerful, New World Order organization. There is no reason good enough for Alex Jones, who claims to be a Christian, or any person  opposed to the New World Order to promote Dr. John Breeding, who is connected with Scientology and has the teutonic rune of death (8) in the background of his photograph on his website. Also see: Plugs Tom Cruise [UPDATE: Genesis Communications Network is an ABC affiliate and Alex Jones and RSICC]

James Lloyd of Christian Media is yoked with Stewart Best and his dangerous New Age Darklight false gospel by hosting Best's weekly radio broadcast on his radio network and selling some of his products, one of which is an interview that he conducted with Stewart Best. James Lloyd broadcasts Stewart's program and endorses Stewart's narrow way doctrines. [Zeph Daniel, who believes that "God is attained within" also promotes Stewart Best on the radio. At this writing the most recent interview (9) with Stewart was on October 9, 2005.] Like Stewart Best, and Zeph Daniel, James Lloyd is promoting the Pro-New World Order ideology of aliens existing on other planets.


Texe Marrs of Power of Prophecy endorses Dr. Joye Pugh! Texe has changed to the point where he now bids Godspeed to the teachings of occult ideologySerpent Seed, cloning of Jesus Christ, evolution, Nephilims and morethrough his endorsement of Dr. Joye Pugh's book, Eden—The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Texe praises Dr. Pugh's book by quoting part of the forward on his site. His radio interviews with Dr. Pugh have enabled her to widely promote her syncretistic ideologies (fusion of occult and biblical teachings). Dr. Joye Pugh represents the Lord Jesus Christ as a ‘one-of-a-kind’ hybrid -- a chimera (a blasphemous remark) and at times presents a Luciferian spin on biblical doctrines. (See  Dr. Cathy Burns' revealing  exposé, Notes on Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil: 666 for documentation.)

 For more biblically derived information, read Dr. Cathy Burns' new book, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, and Aliens. Update  Point Within a Circle Symbol on Texe Marrs' Site and  Luciferian Leaven in Dr. Joye Pugh's Eden Book

For years Texe has been selling a book by Seventh-day Adventist author prophecy teacher, Steve Wohlberg--with no disclosure of his SDA doctrinal beliefs. See: Seventh-day Adventists: Yoked With the United Nations. Texe has even linked to sites with unclean words and pictures on them. See: Liberty To The Captives Podcast--Texe Marrs: Warning About Uncleanness

Update: Zeph Daniel interviewed Texe Marrs on May 2nd and May 4th 2006 [10] and Sept. 9, 2006.[11] Texe Marrs' interviews with Zeph Daniel suggest that he (along with Dr. Stan Monteith and others) is not opposed to Zeph Daniel's fusion of Christian and New Age belief systems. 

Clay Douglas, who is also a radio broadcaster, advertises the Miracle II products on his website, his site, and his Thunder Riders magazine which he claims is the "most read magazine in the state of Arizona." How many souls are being subverted from the right way of the Lord because Texe Marrs promotes a man who sells products that contain "eloptic [subtle] energy beyond measure." Texe Marrs has studied the New Age movement long enough to know that cursed products will spiritually harm people, including Christians!

Greg Szymanski of Arctic Beacon has at this writing (02/14/07) a banner ad on his main page that sends his website visitors to an occult website. The name of this banner ad is Tri-Vortex Technology Subtle Energy Products. (Subtle Energy--which is from the Serpent who is subtle--has many names: chi, orgone, reiki, body energy, kundalini and many more. ) Psychic power (subtle energy) is acquired by those who knowingly or unknowingly open themselves to evil spirits. The Tri-Vortex Technology website sells subtle energy products, including amulets.

Frank Steffan of The American Voice chose the following slogan for his business:

"Only if you want the truth." 

The New Age movement is not truth. The "Health-Science-Spirit" link, which has been on The American Voice Links page since at least 2005, is to a site that strongly promotes occult/New Age dogma and demonic healing. The occult methodologies and philosophies endorsed on the Health-Science-Spirit site are spiritually destructive to the Christian, but most productive for the New Age, New World Order agenda. Indeed, this Health-Science-Spirit website even has Alice A. Bailey's Great Invocation on their spirituality pages! See:

After recommending this site to his visitors Francis Steffan merely mentions that this site (which promotes the religion of the New World Order) is "not christian." Lisa's comment: Frank Steffan did not warn his readers that this site advocates demonic healing. Why did he send his website visitors to a site that promotes occult healing methodologies?

Health-Science-Spirit This site contains a wide range of articles, essays and books that are useful to overcome specific diseases and improve health through natural and holistic methods (not christian).

The Health-Science-Spirit website contains links to topics that are obviously demonic in nature such as: Acupressure & Meridian Therapy, Bio-Energies, Channeled Energy Devices, Energy-Healing, Healing with Sex, Homeopathy, Magnet Therapy, The Spiritual Dimension, The Spiritual Path and many more. The url to the Health-Science-Spirit website is provided for documentation only. Update: At some point after I posted the warning that The American Voice was referring visitors to the occult website, Health-Science-Spirit, his webmaster removed the link.


Butch Paugh of has chosen to promote Joyce Riley, Dave Von Kleist and Dr. William Deagle on his radio broadcast and website. These individuals also participated in the making of his DVD called "Exposing the Beast."

We warn against radio broadcaster Dr. William Deagle's prophecies (12) because of the content and because he yokes with those who are causing the spiritual downfall of Christians. God's secret is with the righteous, not with compromisers:

For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous. Proverbs 3:32

Dr. Deagle has no qualms about being involved with Riley and VonKleist, who promote New Age companies and profit from the sale of their 'energized' products. (Yes, I did send Butch Paugh's sweet wife all the Miracle II articles so they are aware of the occult markings on the product line that Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist sell.)

update 12/31/08

Frank Whalen of, advertises and promotes on his website and radio broadcast New Age companies that offer "Universal Energy Healing" and "MATRIX ENERGETICS TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY WORK." The sites I have noticed at this 12/31/09 writing are: and

The site promotes "Universal Energy Healing." The New World Order controllers long for the populace to learn how to use "Universal Energy." It will make the takeover much easier for them because witchcraft/New Age religion is the foundation of the New World Order.

The site teaches the occult methodology of Matrix Energetics Transformation Energy Work. Click here for a good definition of Matrix Energetics.

May all listeners of alternative media broadcasters beware of healing methodologies that are employed by spiritual techniques and "energies" (usually under the guise of Science) that are manipulated by the will of man.



In view of the fact that the New Age religion is the foundation of the One World Order, those who are opposed to the New World Order must not accept money from New Agers in return for the promotion of their occult agenda--which includes the transfer of evil spirits to unsuspecting people via various healing products and methodologies.

Please pray that those who still have ears to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit will repent before it is too late.

Our comments: Because these radio broadcasters have such a great influence on Christians who are concerned about the unfolding New World Order, it is imperative that their listeners be aware of their New Age/occultic connections as well as other forms of compromise.

Links are provided for documentation only:

(3) Radio Liberty October 1999 newsletter

Gary and Lisa Ruby
Liberty To The Captives
Original publication date: Nov. 24, 2005
updated May 15, 2012 -- Young Living Essential Oils Warning

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