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Books By Dr. Cathy Burns

Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Aliens

A popular theme today is the topics of the Nephilim, fallen angels, and aliens. Many TV programs, movies, books, videos, and role-playing games revolve around extraterrestrial contact, alien abductions, and hybrids. In this book, Dr. Burns looks at Genesis 6. Using the Bible as her main source of reference, she addresses such issues as the "sons of God" in Genesis 6, fallen angels, giants, DNS, cloning, the Shroud of Turin, hybrids, golems, Nephilim, the watchers, the "serpent seed," Cain's real father, Eve's partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, why Cain is not listed in Christ's lineage, why God sent the flood and how the end times will be "as the days of Noah." She also has a chapter dealing with the Book of Enoch and how it compares to the Bible.

227 pages with Index $11.95 How to Order

Billy Graham and His Friends

Billy Graham and His Friends 

Highly recommended!

Is Billy Graham promoting the One World Church? Billy Graham and His Friends is a carefully documented exposť of Billy Graham's affiliation and promotion of individuals and organizations that deny that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Find out about Graham's shocking New Age beliefs about salvation, hell, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, baptismal regeneration, Noah's flood, praying for the dead, endorsement of "The Message" Bible, and more. Learn who funds Graham's crusades and discover the identities of the liberals he holds in high esteem and the one-world-church-type causes he supports.

800 pages with index $21.95  How to Order

Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

Symbols are the language of the occult. This book will help you to discover the in-depth meanings behind the symbols used by the Masons, occultists, witches, New Agers, Satanists, and others. This knowledge will be especially helpful to you because false brethren have always marked themselves for their real master with the use of occult symbols, occult terminology, occult use of numbers, etc.

552 pages with index $21.95 How to Order 

Secure in Christ

If you can get only one book about salvation, get this one!

Secure in Christ cites approximately 1,000 King James scripture references which plainly show that a Christian must walk in holiness before the Lord in order to be assured of heaven. 136 pages  (more about Secure in Christ)

$4.95 (I sell this book below retail to help you better afford to obtain a copy of this most important book.) How to Order


Alcoholics Anonymous Unmasked

Alcoholics Anonymous Unmasked 

Who is the Higher Power of AA? (You will be shocked!) How successful is AA's program? Is alcoholism a disease? Is AA a New Age front?

320 pages 11.95 How to Order

Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star

This book takes you inside the lodge room and reveals the hidden meanings of symbols, colors, flowers, etc. A special section on the Rainbow Girls is included.

512 pages  $15.95 How to Order

Mormonism, Masonry, and Godhood

Learn about the founder of Mormonism and his interest in magic and occult practices. What talisman did Smith wear? The Masonic connection is also revealed.

132 pages $6.95 How to Order

A Scriptural View of Hell

Does the Bible teach soul sleep? Is hell eternal? Is there fire in hell? Are the wicked annihilated? Is hell the grave? Is hell a place of torment?

40 pages $4.95 How to Order

Pathway to Peace

Scriptures in this book teach that true peace comes through Jesus Christ and His plan of redemption. This is an excellent witnessing tool.

72 pages $2.45 How to Order

A One World Order is Coming!

In spite of many plans for a new world order, there is still one obstacle in the way. What--or WHO--is this obstacle? Who will rule? This is an excellent, concise primer about the coming One World Order.

116 pages with index $5.95 How to Order

Hidden Secrets of Masonry

Does Masonry promote astrology and reincarnation? Are Masonry & Christianity compatible? Who is the REAL God of Masonry?

64 pages $6.95 How to Order

Tongues, Prosperity & Godhood

Tongues book cover

We hear much of 'speaking in tongues' and naming and claiming our desires. Do all Christians speak in tongues? Is speaking in tongues true evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit as many denominations teach? Are Christians supposed to be prosperous just by speaking our desires into existence? Should we visualize Jesus? What about Inner Healing? Are you a god, or do you have a godhead within you? How do New Age adherents feel about true Christians? Will true Christians be counted as misfits in the rapidly approaching New World Order? Will the church be raptured? 192 pages with index OUT OF STOCK

$8.95 How to Order

Note from libertytothecaptives.net

Little Known Facts About Focus on the Family

Dr. Cathy Burns' shocking book, Little Known Facts About Focus on the Family (8 1/2" by 11" pages) identifies and documents the fact that Focus on the Family is promoting anti-Christian values such as: subtle New Age/occult techniques, blasphemous rap music, watering down of the Word of God, humanism, Halloween, and more.  How to Order

You may buy this book which has been copied to a CD for $3.00 postpaid


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NOTE: God's Wrath on Left Behind is still available for website readers (one per household) upon request. (Media shipping rate applies.)



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