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James Lloyd of Christian Media Network: Warning

It is necessary for me to issue a warning regarding James Lloyd of Christian Media Research/Network because James Lloyd teaches the occult Nephilim (1) doctrines which goes right along with his teachings about extraterrestrials, (2) also referred to as aliens. (3) It is alarming that Mr. Lloyd is promoting ideology that will serve to deepen the church's descent into apostasy.

James endorses Stewart Best's occult strait gate/narrow way initiation gospel. Stewart Best asserts that all Christians must have a supernatural experience with another aspect of Christ "that was not in operation during his visit with us" before they can know they have been regenerated. He says a "hidden aspect of Christ brings union and salvation." According to Best, who refers to the visible presence of God as white light, says that regeneration is to "experience the reality of the inner essence of Christ." He teaches the New Age doctrine of union with God, or at-one-ment in his Straight Gate/Narrow Way writings.

Why is James Lloyd promoting Stewart Best's occult counterpart to the New Birth? Two cannot walk together unless they are agreed.

Below are some quotes from Mr. Lloyd's radio program in which he defended Stewart Best's dangerous initiation gospel which has corrupted Christian believers from "the simplicity that is in Christ." In this radio broadcast James defended Stewart Best and derided Christians who believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture:

"These morons don't even know the true Savior."

On Part I of the broadcast, James Lloyd defended Stewart Best and said,

 "People say he's into the occult," . . . that is not so,  it is just that people do not understand what he says. (4)

Then later in the broadcast, James Lloyd defended Stewart Best's occult straight gate/narrow way "gospel." James said:

 "The straight and narrow path is what he's talking about and few there be that find it."

("The Apocalypse Chronicles" radio broadcast which was replayed on January 14, 2005)

And in part II of The Apocalypse Chronicles broadcast James made this statement about pre-trib Christians:

"There is no co-existence with the Rapture Cult. They are lost and they don't even know it."

James Lloyd's acts of calling pre-trib brethren morons and saying that "there is no co-existence with the Rapture Cult" and that those who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture are lost is not ministering grace to post-trib hearers—or to any pre-tribbers who might have tuned in to his radio broadcast. Instead, his example serves to encourage post-trib Christians to despise and abandon the part of the body of Christ that will be in the most need of spiritual and physical help when the New World Order takeover begins. Who stands to benefit from this kind of teaching?

Those who are bringing in the New World Order


James Lloyd Promotes Stewart Best's False Teachings By Selling His Materials

James Lloyd is continuing to advertise his alliance with Stewart Best by selling Best's two-hour taped interview with Lloyd: "Stewart Best on Babylon With James Lloyd." (5) [still selling it as of July 6, 2018]

WHY does James Lloyd yoke with Stewart Best? Stewart has published and sold materials that teach a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. According to James, pre-tribbers are morons and are not saved.

Lloyd also advances Best's ministry by selling his "Project Redstar: Martian Genesis" video which promotes the New World Order alien agenda.


James Lloyd Links to Stewart Best's Website and Hosts His Radio Broadcast

Christian Media Research page, "Other Important Websites" features "Websites, Periodicals & Broadcasts of Interest." On this page James Lloyd links to Stewart Best's website under the heading, "Additional Affiliated Websites," with these remarks:

Best also airs the Borderlands radio program. In addition to his website and radio program, Stewart Best has been writing and producing videos on prophecy and End Times for years. Borderlands airs on the Christian Media Network Monday thru Friday at 5 PM PST. (6) [update 7/6/2018 No longer aired on Lloyd's network.]

James Lloyd hosts Stewart Best's Monday through Friday radio broadcast on Christian Media's 2nd network, CMRI. James is enabling Stewart Best to promote his false New Age initiation gospel.

5:00 PM   Borderlands  Stewart Best  C  Sat/Net  M-F  (Source of Information:

Note: Christian Media Radio International (CMRI) is the world broadcasting outreach of the Christian Media ministry. (Source of information:


False Gospel Teacher = False Prophecy Teacher

Be very cautious about accepting any so-called prophetic insight from either one of them because Stewart Best teaches an extremely deceptive occult spin on the gospel in his Darklight Series.

Stewart Best originally titled his initiation gospel Dark Light. He now calls it Darklight. It is definitely another gospel and it urges the reader to accept another Jesus ("inner radiant essence of Christ").

As quoted above, James Lloyd agrees with Best's occult gospel. He is also impressed with his videos and endorses him as a prophecy teacher on his website:

"Stewart Best - Stewart Best is a long time prophecy teacher. Over the years, Stewart has published many prophecy reports, and periodicals. Utilizing his Best Video Productions, he has fielded numerous videos of interest. The one-time host of the radio program Borderlands, Stewart has spent a considerable amount of time working on the discovery of certain NASA photos indicating ancient ruins on the surface of the planet Mars. A fascinating video on the subject, Project Redstar: Martian Genesis, deals with the provocative point of view.


The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy

New World Order insiders who run "Christian" ministries can often fairly accurately "prophesy" certain future events because they know what has been planned beforehand.

For example, Pat Robertson's pose with the Lion's Paw is startling evidence that he is an insider. (See his photo posing with the Lion's Paw on the cover of Time Magazine:,16641,19860217,00.html) He spent a lot of time "prophesying" on television but his decision to mark himself with that hand signal cannot be ignored.

Please carefully evaluate if Stewart Best, whose teachings reveal that an altered state of consciousness is needed to receive another aspect of Christ ("inner radiant essence") in order to be regenerated has the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ or not.


James Lloyd: Occult Nephilim and Alien Agenda Footnotes

(1) As of March 20, 2018, James Lloyd's website now has 87 results where the word, "nephilim," is either taught about or referenced by him or another writer. James' teachings about the Nephilim (fallen angels mating with women) are found in occult literature, not the Holy Bible.


(See Dr. Cathy Burns' book, Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Aliens for proof that this doctrine comes straight from the occult, not the Bible.)

Here are the titles of some of James Lloyd's Nephilim articles: "The Nephilim Will be in Direct Control of the World Government of the Antichrist (

In Mr. Lloyd's article called, "The Manifestation of the Sons of God" he wrote:

 "The phrase "sons of God" (B'nai Elohim) is also used in conjunction with the notorious Nephilim account wherein the fallen ones (Nephilim) "came in unto the daughters of men" and mated with human women. In the reference in the book of Job, we also learn that these "sons of God" were present when the LORD created the world.


(2) At this writing, (3-18-2019) James Lloyd's Christian Media Research website has 43 google page results where he teaches and/or refers to Extraterrestrials. The purpose behind NASA's search for extraterrestrials is to refute Creationism -- to deny the existence of God. 

What is James Lloyd's purpose for teaching about the possibility of life on other planets?



(3) At this writing, James Lloyd's article called "NASA Scientist Claims Proof of Alien Existence" is on his Christian Media Research website.

(4) The remark that is not in quotations is a close paraphrase.
(5) [removed]
(6) [Borderlands is no longer listed]

updated March 18, 2019


Warning: People who represent themselves as Christians who teach occult doctrines and promote the anti-biblical Nephilim and alien agenda include:

Joye Pugh, Tom Horn, Stewart Best, Zeph Daniel, James Lloyd, and Sherry Shriner.

Conditioning the church to believe in aliens and the Nephilim doctrines is part of the One World Order agenda.

Dr. Cathy Burns reveals what the Bible says about the Nephilims in her carefully researched book:  Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Aliens: What Does the Bible Say?


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