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 Zeph Daniel and His New Age Path

Zeph Daniel: Beware His Net 

Fake Paths: Hinduism and Universalism 

Zeph Daniel and Shirley MacLaine Agree: There is No Objective Reality

Zeph Daniel Recommends Seriously Twisted Horror Thriller

Zeph Daniel: Brews His Own Ale; Lives on Site Dedicated to Satan

Zeph Daniel's Wife Urges "Lambs" to Partake of Husband's Horror Films

Christian/New Age Syncretism at Zeph Daniel's Lamb Cafe

Zeph Daniel and L. Ron Hubbard Agree: Human Beings are Housed in Meat Bodies  (Scientology term)

Zeph Daniel and Meat Bodies

update 5/24/07  More evidence of Zeph Daniel's New Age agenda:

Zeph has produced New Age music: (Urls provided for documentation only. Zeph Daniel indicates in his own words that his music falls into the "trance" category:

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