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 Genesis Communications Network is an ABC Affiliate

At this writing, the following is information is currently published on

GCN Network 3 programming is on Starguide III

   * Starguide III GE-8, Transponder 23, Provider: ABC NY, Channel ID: WWEI/GCN (right channel)

Orbital Location  139 degrees West Longitude

Required Hardware - 12 foot stationary dish, Starguide III receiver

Quote source: Welcome to GCNLIVE.COM The webpage this quote was on was removed from the server.

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GCN's yoke with ABC makes sense considering their willingness to broadcast commercials for New Age healing companies such as The New Age movement is an intrinsic part of the New World Order and most alternative media broadcasters are helping to further this movement.

GCN's mainstream media connection might also account for the fact that Alex Jones, GCN's main broadcaster, will not expose the high-level players in the NWO network, such as the Jesuits and the Scientologists (who employ many of the same control tactics as the Jesuits.)

For more information see this particular webpage: GCN: An ABC Affiliate (Note: We do not agree with every article or opinion on this website.)

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