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Billy Graham Promotes The Message Bible Version

Dr. Cathy Burns shared an excerpt of a letter she received from the Billy Graham organization about The Message Bible version:

In a letter I received from Graham's organization in 1995, he wrote,

"P.S. The Message is one of the most dynamic recent versions of the New Testament that I have seen--and I want to send it to you for free! Children can easily understand it, and veteran Bible readers will see Christ's words in a fresh light."

"Our special edition, which you can't get anywhere else, has many explanations that I've written to help you understand what the New Testament says. This would be a wonderful New Testament for you to read, or give to your family or a friend." [Emphasis in the original] ---Billy Graham and His Friends, page 462

The Message presents a false gospel message! Rick Miesel writes:

The Message teaches a different gospel and a different morality than the Bible (as well as a worldly warm fuzzy view of life). For Romans 1:26-27, the words 'God gave them over...' are deleted in The Message and words that qualify homosexuality are added, thereby providing a loophole for committed homosexuals who 'love' each other. Thus, in The Message, lust becomes the sin, not the choice of a same-sex partner. There are hundreds of examples like these in The Message. ---Billy Graham and His Friends, page 462

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