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More About Secure in Christ 

Below are some quotes from Cathy Burns' book, Secure in Christ:

"THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE anyone will ever face--the eternal destiny of one's soul. Your decision made on earth will affect you for all eternity. A wrong choice made here on earth cannot be corrected when you stand before God. Pleading ignorance or incorrect advice will do no good. YOU are responsible for your decision and it had better be based on God's Word because  that is the standard by which we will be judged. Please set aside your preconceived notions and ask the Lord Himself to reveal to you His Word."--(Secure in Christ, page 9)

One phrase that is repeated quite frequently is "once a son, always a son." We are told that once we become a son of God, we can never lose our sonship. There is nothing we can do--blasphemy, murder, adultery, lying, etc.--that will ever make us lose our sonship status. We are then told that once you are born you cannot be unborn. It is also stated that your earthly father would not disown a rebellious son, so God will never disown you even though you sin grievously and willfully. Is this what the Bible teaches? (Secure in Christ, page 10)


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