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Note about Tongues, Prosperity and Godhood

Note from Tongues, Prosperity and Godhood, by Dr. Cathy Burns is an excellent book that exposes false tongues; the unscriptural beliefs and the carnal, ungodly practices of many who "speak in tongues;" the way that New Agers view Christians and the plans they have for them, and much more.

Please note that believes the genuine gift of tongues is not common but it does exist in the true body of Christ today. However, we do not believe the real gift of tongues is anything like the Charismatic movement claims it is -- which is why you need this book!

We have never seen this gift in operation but we believe the genuine gift of tongues is a real, unlearned language that is given by the Holy Spirit. There must be an interpreter present if this gift is used in a church service.

Remember to obey God's word and prove all things, including the gift of tongues.

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