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Barbara Aho, Which Bible is Your Final Authority?

Kelly McGinley, host of the Berean Chronicles radio broadcast, launched a discussion forum in June, 2006. After receiving a forward of an email that Barbara Aho wrote to a friend of mine in response to the question, "Barbara, which Bible is your final authority?" I started a thread in the Berean Chronicles forum. This thread was begun in the hope that Barbara would respond publicly to me since she did not respond to the email forward that both she and Kelly received about her remarks about the King James Bible in the article, "Designer Marks of the Beast." I wanted to give her an opportunity to clarify her position in friendly territory before I made any further comments on my own site.

Kelly McGinley ordered the shut down of the Berean Chronicles Forum shortly after I posted the email that proves that both she and Barbara Aho were notified of my concerns about Ms Aho's KJV/mark of the beast doctrines on her website before I posted the "Barbara Aho, Which Bible is Your Final Authority" thread.

Was this a set up? The lady who forwarded the email to me is a friend but we did not conspire to have her write to Barbara and then forward her response to me. I believe she forwarded Barbara's reply to me because she was concerned for the people who are strongly influenced by Barbara's teachings. I also believe that God orchestrated these events. It is he who wanted us to know the move is on to use Thomas Newberry's often corrupt English definitions found in the George Ricker Berry Greek/English interlinear to discredit the King James Bible.


(1) Why is Barbara Aho (and now Kelly McGinley) sending the message that Christians should verify the correctness of the King James 1611 New Testament text with the George Ricker Berry Greek/English interlinear?

(2) Why is Barbara Aho comparing the NKJV New Testament text with the George Ricker Berry Greek/English interlinear and stating that (so far) this corrupt 'version' (which must be substantially different from the King James Bible in order to have a copyright) matches the Interlinear?

Why did Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer advise a woman via an email as follows:

"I have not stated this publicly (yet), but the New King James seems to follow the TR more closely than the KJV; at least we haven't found any instances where it differs from the TR."

Why did Barbara Aho communicate the same message to me on the Berean Chronicles message forum?

"Perhaps you can point us to verses where the NKJV ignores the Textus Receptus. We havenít found any so far."

The Holy Bible does not promote New Age doctrine and neither do the uncorrupted manuscripts from which the King James 1611 was translated.

Any Textus Receptus Greek/English Interlinear that matches the words in the New King James Version that support New Age doctrine is corrupt.

Read the threads that Berean Chronicles removed regarding this matter of utmost importance. My remarks about David Bay's promotion of the Amplified Bible are here.

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