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The George Ricker Berry English Interlinear is Corrupt

Author Gail Riplinger rightly warned against trusting the English definitions found in the Interlinear KJV Parallel Greek-English New Testament by George Ricker Berry:

[The George Ricker Berry Greek/English Interlinear's] highly corrupt English interlinear was drawn from a lexicon by the Christ-hating and blood and Trinity-denying Unitarian, J.H. Thayer (Thayer’s Lexicon)! He was on the vile ASV committee. [1]

While the George Ricker Berry English interlinear is indeed corrupt, its definitions did not come from George Ricker Berry. Berry wrote the Greek-English New Testament Lexicon and the New Testament Synonyms which are found at the back of the Greek/English Interlinear that bears his name. It is this material that was drawn from Thayer's Lexicon. (See: Introduction to New Testament Lexicon, pages iii-v)

Like me, you might be surprised to learn that Thomas Newberry, author of the Newberry Reference Bible and prominent member of the Plymouth Brethren movement, provided the English definitions found in the George Ricker Berry Greek/English interlinear. The George Ricker Berry Greek to English Interlinear, (published in 1897) is the American reprint of Thomas Newberry's The Englishman's Greek New Testament (London: Samuel Bagster, 1877.) [2]

This interlinear is simply an American reprint of the Bagster edition prepared by Thomas Newberry (see Newberry 1877) with a different Introduction and with G.R. Berry's Lexicon and Synonyms added to the end. [3]

The George Ricker Berry Greek to English Interlinear New Testament has been serving as a bridge to modern versions since its publication in 1897. This was accomplished via Thomas Newberry's "emended" English definitions of the Textus Receptus and his inclusion of footnotes to critical Greek text readings. These maneuverings made the George Ricker Berry interlinear a vehicle to promote textual criticism among King James 1611 adherents. The theological changes he made to the text that conform to many changes in modern versions and his posting of Greek texts selected by liberals and unbelievers who were opposed to the Received Text reveal Thomas Newberry's REAL AGENDA.

Below are the names of some of the fathers of modern textual criticism whose work is reprinted (with no disclaimer) in the George Ricker Berry Interlinear to the subversion of the souls of many:

George Ricker Berry, The Interlinear literal Translation of the Greek New Testament with the Authorized Version conveniently presented in the margins for ready reference and with the various readings of the editions of Elzevir 1624, Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, and Wordsworth, to which has been added a new Greek-English New Testament Lexicon, supplemented by a chapter elucidating the synonyms of the New Testament, with a complete index to the synonyms. New York: Hinds & Noble, 1897. [4]

Newberry cited the work of Johan Jakob Griesbach, a particularly well-known opponent of the Received Text:

JOHANN JAKOB GRIESBACH (1745-1812) was one of the earliest fathers of modern textual criticism. Marvin R. Vincent says, “With Griesbach, really critical texts may be said to have begun” (A History of the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, 1899, p. 100) [5]

Thomas Newberry was not in the company of godly men in his promotion of Griesbach:

Though Bible-believing men of the early 19th century rejected Griesbach and his textual theories, he was well received by the Christ-denying Unitarians. This is stated plainly in A History of Unitarianism in Transylvania, England and America. [6]


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