Zeph Daniel Recommends "Seriously Twisted" Horror Thriller...That He Produced, Wrote and Directed

According to a bio on Coast to Coast, Zeph Daniel has written for film and television in the horror field:

Later he became involved in writing for film and television in the horror field. He claims these were attempts to find out what happened, who he was, what went wrong.

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Zeph's fascination with horror continues. Below is his endorsement of Dementia, a movie that he produced, wrote and directed under the name of Woody Keith. (He also reviewed the film on Amazon without disclosing that he produced and directed it!)

In Zeph's own words, (which are posted below) he indicated that he accidentally ordered his own movie with the intent to order another with a similar title. He proceeded to say that he was "blown away" by the movie he reviewed but failed to admit to producing, writing and directing. He also said that (his movie, Dementia) is "seriously twisted."

It is the prince of the power of the air who desires you to feast on demonic films that glorify fear and perversion.

Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties. Psa. 141:4

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Dementia--a totally underrated, unique gem of a flick, June 29, 2001
Reviewer: Zeph E. Daniel (Sherman Oaks, CA United States) - See all my reviews
I accidently ordered Dementia (1999), directed by Woody Keith, when indeed I was trying to order Dementia 13, the classic, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. From the cover, it looked like a typical low-budget horror-thriller with a eroticism of a bent nature throughout.

I was blown away. The DVD was in Letter-Box format, Dolby Digital, and the look of the film was anything but low-budget. Picture a clashing of opposites, a bucolic ocean home versus a lock-up psych ward, two women, a servant and an heiress, their mutually misguided attraction--a psychiatric nurse and her patient--whose roles reverse. In fact everything reverses, colors and textures, nothing is as it first appears--and the world is dreamy and surreal. Sex is power, money is sex, greed is rampant and psychotic behavior is normal.

You just don't know what to make of this world that director Woody Keith created. I have never seen characters like this on the screen, or anywhere else--I'm not sure they are real; against the backdrop of beauty and abundance, they represent the dark, the misguided, the lost--now being driven not by reason, but by pure lust for it all, money, sex, and the power of death over life.

The psycho husband of the psych-nurse, Sonny, was my favorite character--played by Matt Schulze, an actor I just saw in the movie, The Fast and the Furious. This guy is scary. With a serpentine allure, his off balance sexuality and surly demeanor ignites the passion of the heiress, and inflames the hatred of of the heiress's caregiver, Luisa. But instead of having that be grounds for the murder of the heiress and the stealing of her fortune, the heiress and the nurse have sex--which then inflames the desire of Sonny for the heiress, with the idea of his wife being the maid! Seriously twisted. Because the psych nurse hides a deep submissiveness and need to be told/ordered/forced to please...and she cannot control her need for sex.

So it's the ultimate psycho-menage a trois movie. It's one of those little sleepers for fans of horror, psychotic/sex thrillers and the like. I recommend it--if anything, it's anti-Hollywood and anti-convention.

After being disappointed buying DVD movies unseen--Hollywood's rejects that didn't make it to the screen--this is a breath of fresh air. One of a kind! [Bold emphasis added.]


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