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Zeph Daniel: Brews His Own Ale; Lives on Site Dedicated to Satan

The following quote is found on the "Meet Our Authors" section of the Elderberry Press Website:

Zeph E. Daniel is a Christian author, speaker and activist who brews his own ale. Zeph and his wife Patricia live on the site of an indian massacre in Santa Fe where they direct their internet ministry and spread the word of the Lord.

(Quote source: Self-Publishing the Smart Way--Elderberry Press)

Elderberry Press would not know that Zeph Daniel brews his own ale and lives and operates his ministry on the site of an Indian massacre unless Zeph made a point of mentioning these details. These facts are repugnant in the sight of God, but Zeph is using them to sell himself as an author and minister

Zeph's mini biography is a blatantly marked message. It is not a Christian one.

Sites of human bloodshed are highly prized in the sight of Satan and his followers because they are teeming with demons. Massacre sites are dedicated to Satan and teeming with evil spirits.

Territory that has been dedicated to Satan can be cleansed (the demons can be forced to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ) but this is not possible when the one who lives on cursed property is pleased about it and is in spiritual compromise. One cannot stand against Satan while he is giving place to him.


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