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31 Court Cocuments Have Been Recently Removed  From!

Many court documents found at the website expose the  Judge Greer's corrupt rulings. As soon as I discovered that many court documents had been removed or redirected from the Schindler family's website, I made this serious irregularity known to the members of the Free Republic forum who present themselves as advocates for Terri Schiavo. Shortly after I did this, I lost my posting privileges and found that they had removed all the posts I had ever made to their forum. Most of these posts exposed Scientology. 

After I was hastily banned for this inquiry, "Amdgmary" posted a letter that does not serve as a credible explanation as to why Pamela Hennessy of is redirecting many court documents over to, a business hosting network with an affiliate program. Go to and click on Affiliates at the top of the page, and you will learn about the money that can be made from referred links.

Dear Friends of Terri:

Terri's website is temporarily under minor construction. 

We apologize for any difficulty you may be experiencing with the links to legal documents.

We anticipate the link repair to be completed within the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience.

(See post #449

more! Type into your browser www. You will be referred to  This business hosting network is receiving advertising every time someone seeks to find court documents about Terri Schiavo! 

update! as of today, November 21, 2004 the url has suddenly been redirected to Go here to verify that 31 court documents have been removed from or referred from to Not long after Terri's death, all the court documents have been removed from Pamela Hennessy's websites as well as the Schindler family website.

update! 12/09/04

Floriduh Voter, as well as the other members of Pamela Hennessy's support group who are in close contact with the Schindler family, appear to be threatened by the "Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo, Is There a Connection?" thread and indeed all my posts that rightly connect Scientology Tech with the years of illegal tactics that have been perpetrated against Terri Schindler Schiavo and her parents.

Floriduh Voter remarked, "This scientology thread is counter-productive." (post #39)

My response: "Counterproductive to whose agenda?" She did not reply.

Yes, there is definitely a hidden agenda at and Free Republic removed me for exposing it. 


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