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Terri Swallows: Pictures Don't Lie

The article, "Lawmakers Tackle Right-to-Die Debate" by the Associated Press contains a photograph of Michael Schiavo and Terri Schindler Schiavo which was taken years ago. The positioning of Terri's head reveals that she most certainly could swallow her saliva. If Terri could not successfully handle her saliva, she would have been in trouble in this slightly-reclining position.

Terri can swallow saliva presently as well because she does not drool. This indicates that she is a very good candidate to be weaned off the gastric tube.

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed on his Interview with Ron Panzer that Terri was placed on a gastric tube for the convenience of the nursing staff. Since the nurses were told they would lose their jobs if they did not obey Michael Schiavo's orders, it is certain that Michael told them to place Terri on a feeding tube. [Carla Iyer did lose her job after she reported to the police the medically dangerous state in which she found Terri right after Michael visited her. Read Carla Iyer's Sworn Affidavit.]

The insertion of the feeding tube provided the very pretext with which he is using to try to end her life. It is Michael Schiavo, not Terri, who needs the feeding tube. Carla Iyer, RN revealed that she gave Terri soft foods on occasion while caring for her years ago, but this was done in a furtive manner due to Michael's unquestionably illegal but court-protected demands that she not receive therapy of any kind. [Why is Pinellas Country Court system protecting Michael while he breaks the law? See: Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection]

If Terri is not presently able to handle soft foods, then the fault lies entirely with Florida circuit court Judge Greer and all the other accessories to Michael Schiavo's crimes of defying laws and preventing Terri from receiving therapy--which includes speech and swallow therapy:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 42 U.S.C. Sections 12101 provides that necessary and appropriate rehabilitation services and physical/motor skill therapy may not be denied a substantially disabled patient in the United States of America.

Cf 28 CFR, Ch 1, Subpart B, Sect 35.130 States "Nothing in the Act or this part authorizes the representative or guardian of an individual with a disability to decline food, water, medical treatment, or medical services for that individual."

FS § 744.474 (2) requires that the guardian protect the rights of the ward, provide for her health and safety, properly manage her financial resources and help her regain her abilities to the maximum extent possible.

(Quote source: Very Good Reasons to Remove Michael Schiavo and Open a Criminal Investigation)

With the therapy Florida law grants but Circuit Court Judge Greer denies, Terri would be easily weaned from the tube Michael adamantly insists she would not want to live with.  

Why is Michael's solution to the tube feeding—that he authorized and that has caused Terri to regress—death rather than therapy? Denying Terri therapy and putting her to death would effectively prevent her from revealing the reason she was found face down on the floor clutching her neck. This solution is not legally valid. But the Circuit Court Judge Greer is attempting to validate a non-legal solution. The illegal rulings of this rogue court can be and will be overthrown if enough people demand that the laws drawn up by individuals they voted into office, be obeyed. A judge's illegal rulings have weight only if people in higher positions of authority agree to collude with such lawlessness. Will Governor Jeb Bush continue to consent to Judge Greer's lawless withhold-therapy-in- favor-of-euthanasia agenda or uphold Florida law?

Florida law prohibits Michael from killing Terri instead of helping her. It is up to us to make sure that Governor Bush knows that we know the courts have no right to defy the law and deny a disabled woman therapy in order to have a pretext with which to kill her. Purposely causing Terri to regress by having a gastric tube inserted and then using that tube as an excuse to kill her is not only unconscionable, it is unlawful.

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edited 07/24/04

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