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Ron Panzer Interviews Carla Iyer, RN

Ron Panzer hosted a Highway2Health interview with a very special guest, Carla Iyer, RN. Carla cared for Terri Schiavo in 1995 - 1996! 

After Michael Schiavo visited, Carla checked Terri's blood glucose level and found it to be very low. Terri was shaking, pale, and showed symptoms of hypoglycemic shock!

Carla filed a police report in 1996 detailing the vial of insulin found in Terri's room! Carla filed and affidavit detailing her concerns that Terri might have been injected with insulin! An attorney  advised her at the time in how to make the affidavit! At that time, the detail of the vial was left out of the affidavit, even though Carla mentioned it to everyone! Why was that detail left out of the first affidavit? Why would an attorney not make sure that detail was part of the first affidavit? 

Why has the detail about the insulin vial not been brought up by the attorneys representing the Schindlers? Carla was fired for filing the police report in 1996, even though nurses are required by their license to report what they believe to be crimes against individuals! Listen to Ron Panzer interview Carla Iyer, RN - Tuesday night! 9-10 PM Eastern/6-7 Pacific time.  

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Note: Liberty To The Captives recommends this particular interview with Ron Panzer, not as a whole.

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