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Plainville Baptist Church: Occult-Marked Sermons

The Power of David Meunier's god: "Active Energy"

According to David Meunier, senior pastor of "Plainville Baptist Church" in Plainville, Massachusetts, "active energy" is God's power.

Dave claims that the Apostle Paul described God's working as active energy and that Paul said "this power," (active energy) "is available toward us that believe."

Dave Meunier inserted the magical and Masonic term, "active energy" into his teaching that he is passing off as coming straight from the Apostle Paul.

Dave Meunier said:

C. How empowered we are

The third truth that Paul prays that we might have the spiritual eyes to see is how empowered we are. I hesitated at first to use the word "empowered" because of how it has been thrown around today. But the more and more I searched for a suitable word I couldnít find one that more closely fit the text. I tried the word "equipped" but it just didnít seem to do the trick. In verse 19, Paul describes this vision that he wants us to get as "the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe." It is so important that we really understand what this means. For if God reveals the impact of this statement to you then you will not be the same. What Paul wants us to know is how great Godís power is toward us who believe. Just how great is this power?

First, Paul says that it is immeasurable. We cannot calculate Godís power. It is surpassing greatness. But not content to stop there, Paul uses three other words describe Godís power in our lives. Paul describes it as Godís working (or active energy) in our lives. He also describes it as His strength and His might. Paul wanted us to contemplate how powerful Godís working in our lives really is.

Paul says that this power is available toward us who believe. Each of us who has placed our trust in Jesus Christ has the availability of this power to work in us. What does this really mean? There is available to us, all of Godís power by which we can overcome sin. The reason this is so powerful is that if we truly believe this (and thatís why Paul wanted us to see it firsthand), if we truly grasp its significance, we will actually see that we can appropriate this power to overcome sin in our lives. This is why the Apostle Paul has so diligently prayed for these believers to have their eyes opened to this truth. And in like manner, we too must pray that God would open our eyes to these transforming truths.

(Quote source: Plainville Baptist Church website:  (emphasis mine)


Do Christians Use Active Energy?

Every person familiar with the Bible knows the Apostle Paul did not refer to God's power as active energy! Paul also did not teach that Christians appropriate "active energy" to overcome sin in their lives!

Christians overcome sin by walking, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit (submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit.) In this way the Holy Spirit enables the Christian to overcome sin.

Christians don't use (or release) God's power. God works powerfully through the yielded Christian.

Witches and Freemasons of a high enough level on the other hand, use (and release) active energy (demons).


"Active energy" is not God's working. Active energy is the witches' god's working.


"Active Energy" is a Witchcraft and Masonic Term

"Active energy" means devils or evil spirits. Witches and Freemasons who are moving up in degree crave active energy, or demons. Their main goal is to to do whatever evil thing Satan requires them to do so they will be rewarded with the highest ranking demons ("active energy") they can get so they will have the ability to manipulate people and events.

Witches use a tool called the athame on their altar. This knife is used by witches in order to focus and direct "energy." Black magic witches use it to cut/dismember their sacrifices in order to acquire "active energy" (devils) for their use. (Of course Halloween is their favorite time in which to do this.)

 [The athame] is the symbol of the male, and of active energy, that is sent out into the world.

Quote source: Emphasis mine. Source cited for documentation only.


The term, "active energy" used in Freemasonry

Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry used the term, "active energy" in connection with the Kabbalah:

"Wisdom, or the Intellectual Generative Energy, and Understanding, or the Capacity to be impregnated by the Active Energy and produce intellection and thought are represented symbolically in the Kabbalah as male and female.

(Albert Pike, author, Morals and Dogma: Scottish Rite in Freemasonry; page 113)

I quickly checked a search engine and learned that this term is also used on sites about witchcraft, Kabbalah, Theosophy, voodoo, Rosicrucians, santeria, sex magic/tantra, Kundalini/yoga, acupuncture, karate, vibrational medicine, channeling, energy healing, Reiki, chi (qui), yin/yang, etc. There is ample evidence that the term, "active energy" (in reference to supernatural power) is the power of Satan.

Christians do not use the term, "active energy" in reference to God or the power of God. God's word commands Christians to "abstain from all appearance of evil," not mark themselves with it!

Beware of other pseudo Christian websites on the internet that use "active energy," or any other occult term in reference to God or the power of God. David Meunier, along with many others, are engaging in syncretism: merging the things of Satan with the things of God via the use of occult terminology.

Note: Also beware of churches, websites, and other supposed Christian ministries that use terms like "release the Holy Spirit."


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