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No Greater Joy Ministries Logo: Rising Sun & Trident

 Sunburst (Rising Sun) Symbolism


No Greater Joy Rising Sun Logo 

In view of Michael Pearl's words, "the sun, a symbol of God," let us examine No Greater Joy Ministries' logo. A sunburst is visible behind the figures of the father, mother and baby.

The sunburst is the symbol of Satan, the sun-god. For more information about sun-god symbolism and  documentation of Mr. Pearl's remark about the sun being a symbol of God see: The Sun: A Symbol For Michael Pearl's God

 source: scanned section of cover
of the No Greater Joy July-August

2009 newsletter

Another Luciferian Symbol: The Trident

Also observe what appears to be a slightly modified upside-down trident staff used in place of the letter "m" in the word, "ministries."

Compare the symbol No Greater Joy Ministries used to serve as an "m" in "ministries" with the inverted trident staff below. (This is the non-barbed version of the trident staff. There are many variations of the Trident. )

   Trident Staff

image source:
(Thanks to the reader who helped me document this symbol.)


Symbol of enforcement among occult groups. there are many variations.

(Quote source: Witchcraft Symbols

The trident has many meanings, including "the devil's pitchfork", staff of Poseidon (Greece) or Neptune,  etc. Pertaining to Wiccan rituals the trident is regarded as the symbol of sexual union between a male "god" or "deity" and the "Triple Goddess":

A trident was the symbol of any god mated with the Triple Goddess.

Quote source: Celtic Magic by D. J. Conway (Google Books online)

The trident is a sacred triple-phallus symbol which is displayed by any male deity whose function is to sexually unite with the Triple Goddess. It is used primarily in Great Rites, sex-magick, and fertility rituals.

Quote source: Wicca Craft by Gerina Dunwich (Google Books online)


 Closing Statements

God's word commands Christians to "Abstain from all appearance of evil." (1Th 5:22) God's people are not to mark themselves with appearances of evil nor make excuses for those who do.

UPDATE: No Greater Joy Ministries suddenly removed the TRIDENT SYMBOL from their cover logo in their November-December 2009 newsletter. At this writing it has not reappeared in subsequent issues of their NGJ publication.

However, along with many other pseudo Christian ministries, No Greater Joy still utilizes Sun symbolism. This is consistent with Michael Pearl's occult teaching that the sun is a symbol for God.

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