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A Message to My Pre-Trib Visitors

Years ago a thread was begun on the now defunct free version of the Left Behind message board that stated  that I "slam" Pre-Trib Christians. This was brought up as a diversion tactic to attempt to cause the forum readers to discount the "If I Was Satan" article someone posted to their forum. To "slam" means to utter verbal abuse or harsh criticism. I have never done this, and in fact, am grieved at the increasing trend among Christians to make eschatological beliefs a basis for Christian fellowship.

My article, If I Was Satan. . . reveals Satan's contempt for Christians and some of his schemes to deceive Christians into departing from the faith via feigned words, manipulative words and other means of deception. How does Satan convince Christians to depart from the most holy faith? He deceives them into thinking they have the "grace" to hold the most holy faith while living in an unholy fashion! This is the message of the Left Behind Series.

I do not ridicule or poke fun of any Christian or non-Christian for the beliefs they hold, and make it a point to not engage in even a hint of humor that has to do with the Holy Bible or the teachings therein. Sometimes post-tribbers like to make jokes about pre-tribbers for their beliefs, and pre-tribbers do the same. The Lord has impressed upon my heart that this behavior is grievous in his sight and that I must not ever engage in this sin. Christians can be made even less willing to re-examine their eschatological beliefs if they perceive they are being mocked. 

There is no excuse for the derogatory phrases that are circulating in ministry newsletters and on the internet such as "pre-trib rapturist" and "rapture cult." These terms may seem witty in the sight of the person coining such phrases, but they are actually fleshly name-calling. These phrases place a blockade of hurt between the pre-trib and post-trib Christian that Satan strives to keep in place in order to prevent them from trusting and working together both now and during the perilous times to come. 

It is Satan's goal to manipulate Christians into refusing to fellowship each other on the basis of their end-time beliefs.  He cannot tolerate true Christians with differing eschatological beliefs to unite on the fundamentals of the faith and respectfully contend with each other in the area of differing eschatological beliefs because if they did, he would not be able to operate unopposed in the church through his human agents. 

Satan's infiltrators are making inroads into the church by convincing true believers (I am not speaking of the false unity of ecumenism) to discount a person's salvation based upon his understanding of Bible prophecy.

Bible prophecy is very important, but post-trib Christians will not succeed in encouraging their pre-trib brethren to re-examine their position on the timing of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ if they have alienated them by following the sinful, mocking examples of wolves in post-trib garb.

In fact, certain men holding Christian ministry positions are presently succeeding in manipulating Christians into thinking that having identical beliefs about Bible prophecy is a prerequisite for Christians to have fellowship with one another. Some go so far as to call pre-trib Christians cultists! We must not fall into this snare, because this is Satan's attempt to cause the real body of Christ to divide so that he can go in and with his own agents of deception and conquer by attacking the unity true Christians can rightfully have based on their agreement with the fundamentals of the faith. His pseudo-Christian agents are breaking down unity between real Christians by using "pre-trib" false teachers to target the pre-trib crowd, and "post-trib" false teachers to zero in on the post-trib crowd. Since both groups are being conditioned to despise each other, the church is being unnecessarily divided . . . in preparation for the New World Order takeover.

Do the scriptures warn that not being completely correct in one's understanding of prophetic events will ensure that you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven? No, even though this is a very important matter. This doctrine is so important that Jesus commanded his disciples to "take heed that no man deceive you" regarding the timing of his return. This is a very serious matter. That is why it is so evil for pseudo Christian post-trib leaders to do everything in their power to influence post-trib Christians to discount their pre-trib brethren as dangerous cultists. These post-trib wolves mock pre-tribbers' beliefs, thus angering them and making it more likely that they will not search the scriptures to doublecheck if the teachings they have learned in their commentaries and study Bibles are true. This is a calculated plot to try to ensure that pretribbers never take another look at the Bible prophecy doctrines they have been taught. 

For example, James Lloyd of Christian Media, made this statement in reference to pre-trib believers on his "The Apocalypse Chronicles" radio broadcast which was replayed on January 14, 2005:

"These morons don't even know the true savior."

Name calling is not a fruit of the Spirit, and neither is conditioning post-trib believers to despise pre-trib Christians.

And in part II of The Apocalypse Chronicles, James made this statement about pre-tribbers:

"There is no co-existence with the Rapture Cult. They are lost and they don't even know it."

Pseudo Christian pre-trib leaders know their part too and "say or write their lines" in collusion with the fake post-trib leaders. Watching them perform in their hypocrisy is like watching a play. They will even have pre vs post tribulation "debates" on the radio, television and message boards that make bible prophecy seem so complicated that "regular" Christians are all the more conditioned to just leave Bible doctrine in the hands of the scholars. Satan's agents use the confusion they have generated about eschatology to manipulate Christians to stand against one another. This prepares Christians to be at odds and distrustful of each other during Satan's time of one world order rule--the Tribulation. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by their campaign any longer. 

Pre-Trib and Post-Trib Christians Should Not Despise Each Other

Dear pre-trib Christian, please understand this: Post-trib Christians who walk in the Spirit are not condescending mockers who categorize pre-tribbers as nothing more than cowards who hide their heads in the sand. We do not despise pre-tribbers as some post-trib radio broadcasters would have you believe. In like fashion, pre-tribbers must not discount post-trib Christians as being unworthy to love either.

A godly pre-trib couple were the first Christians who ever supported me in exposing the anti-Christian teachings in the Left Behind Series. This Christian couple allowed me to post my Left Behind articles on their site for others to find in the search engines. They permitted this because it was obvious to them that important doctrines pertaining to salvation and the true character of a Christian have been grossly mishandled in the Left Behind series.

Dear pre-trib Christianwho understand what the grace that brings salvation teaches you need to know that real post-trib Christians are not condescending mockers who place pre-tribbers into the category of cultists. We stand firm on the gathering of the saints at the visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ and implore you to search the scriptures without consulting study notes. God's word is the Holy Bible, not extra-biblical writings and altered Bible versions that explain away what is plain in the scriptures. The truth is not hidden and no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. The truth about when the Lord Jesus Christ will return for his saints is plainly stated in the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth if you are willing to receive it. Jesus did not want us to be deceived about the timing of his return. He did not hide the truth for only "scholars" to understand.

The Bible does warn that if God's beloved people sow to the flesh, we will reap spiritual corruption rather than life everlasting. (See Gal. 6:8) Since sowing to the flesh is presented as the normal Christian life in the Left Behind storyline, is it any wonder why God's wrath in on Left Behind? God's wrath is revealed from heaven against "all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness." See Rom. 1:18

This is the main reason God has placed it upon my heart to expose the sinful examples of Christianity in the Left Behind Series. This series, though woefully flawed in its presentation of authentic Christian living during perilous times, was written by well-known men (Time LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins) who hold the pre-trib position. Because the Left Behind Series was written from a pre-trib position, pre-tribbers have embraced it as a vehicle to promote the gospeleven though it is a mockery of true Christianity!

The Left Behind Series has been well receivedto the point of its readership being willing to excuse its ungodly content and many worrisome New Age elements that do not befit writers who name the name of Jesus Christ. It is a shameful fact that the basics of what it means to be a Christian were abandoned in this highly touted series. 

Most modern-day Christians believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, and the Left Behind Series teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ will return for the church before the tribulation. But make no mistake, refuting the pre-tribulation rapture teaching is not the reason I wrote God's Wrath on Left Behind, although I did not dodge this issue in the book. My purpose in writing God's Wrath on Left Behind is to expose the antichrist agenda of the Left Behind Series. My book is filled with new material that thoroughly proves this statement. 

God's Wrath on Left Behind reveals not only what is dangerously wrong with the Left Behind Series, but it also points the reader to the scriptures for God's way to oppose the Antichrist agenda--both now and during the Tribulation.

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