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If I Was Satan, What Would I do . . .

to Cause as Many Christians as Possible to Depart From the Faith Once Delivered Unto the Saints?

That's fairly easy. First I would have my servants (false teachers) convince them that it is impossible to ever depart from the faith. Secondly, I would do my utmost to get them to do what the Bible teaches will cause them to depart from the faith:

give heed to my seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. 1Tim. 4:1

Because  they have already dismissed the Bible truth that they are capable of departing from the faith, this gives me a perfect lying foundation to enact my plan of spiritual seduction against them.

You see, I want Christians to give heed to my seducing spirits and devilish doctrines while believing that no matter what happens, or what sins they partake of, they cannot depart from the faith.  This is a sure recipe for success. See Ephesians 5:1-7

The tricky part is formulating the precise strategy needed to entice the Christians into giving heed to my own devilish doctrines that contradict the Holy Bible which they very well know is the "engrafted word" which is able to save their souls.  James 1:21

Well, in order to get the saints of God to turn their ears away from the truth, I must provide a pleasing substitute for them to turn toward in place of the truth.  Ah ha!  I will use fables, or entertaining fiction, to do this.  And because I'm dealing with Christians who esteem the Word of God highly, I will tell them my fables are based upon their holy scriptures so as to give my stories more credibility in their minds.   Because I am seeking to turn their ears away from the truth, I must have truth mixed with error for them to turn toward or they will not fall for my bait.

They will simply be enjoying the fellowship with the imaginations in my fables which exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.  They will not beware of entering into such fellowship because they have already fallen for my lie that one can drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils, that one can partake at the Lord's table and of the table of devils.  1 Cor. 10: 21

Yes, indeed, once I can get the Christians to enjoy my fables so much that even  when  they see the Holy Word of God violated in my feigned stories, they won't feel compelled for the sake of their own souls to stop and cast down these imaginations, these high things that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.  No, they will be more loyal to my fables than they are to their God and His Word!  They will have no fear their disobedience may lead to them to the point of departing from the faith (because they've been lied to and told it is impossible) so they will not stop and bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Ha!  At some point their foolish hearts will be darkened, and they will be much more pliable and accepting of my doctrines hidden within my fables, which will include teachings about casting off the armor of God and putting on the works of darkness during the Tribulation period so as to survive the times when I may try the saints.

I need to make certain my lying doctrines are accepted in their fable form, so I will have to write well to establish empathic bonds between my fictional Christian characters and the real Christians I seek to cause to fall into my snare.  When the Christian characters lie, deceive, and promote self over Christ in my stories, I will make justifications for it in the storyline so the Christian reader will also justify and eventually accept these sins as being the norm for this time period in his mind. 

Yes, this idea will work.  The Christian characters in my stories will be tools I will use to manipulate the Christian reader's minds.  Whatever way I want the real Christians to go, so goes my characters. 

But there might be some flaws in this plan, so I need to carefully calculate my course of action.  What if I am trying to get Christians to believe something so obviously against the Holy Bible that it sticks out like a red flag?  How will I be able to work value changes in their hearts and minds that are against the doctrines of their most holy faith?

I know, I will have a character that is considered to be especially godly-- a Bible scholar and spiritual leader--to be the one to teach the Christian character in my stories the new, anti-biblical doctrines I am trying to cause the Christian reader to absorb.

And when the Christian character in the story has biblical objections to this false doctrine, just as I anticipate the Christian reader will,  I will have the Bible scholar calmly, almost dismissively (we don't want the reader to see the characters getting excited about severe breaches in bible truth) explain how the Bible seems to say that, but this situation in real life belies the Bible.  Yes, that will be the best tactic to change a Christian's belief system.  Just make up a story in which the Christian reader vicariously identifies with the Christian character who is in a situation where the Bible says he will go to hell, but the Bible scholar in the fable says he won't, (remember I said we cannot depart from the faith or lose the seal of God!) and use trigger words carefully italicized to drive the point home.  I will also have the characters in my stories use the situation they are in, and maybe some out-of-context Bible verses to be the standard for truth rather than the whole counsel of God.

What if I want to use my fables to teach counterfeit doctrine but cannot do this by manipulating words because it is too blatantly against the truth of the Holy Bible?  Well, in that case, I'll just use the character's example to do the teaching.  And because I can decide to be the narrator, I will make sure I make known to the Christian reader the thoughts and rationalizations for Christ-denying behavior on the part of the Christian characters in the hopes that the Christian reader will fall for their cleverly defended sin.

Oh yes, my skillfully devised fables will be such a valuable tool for me to use to manipulate Christians who are willing to give place, to me, the devil. 

But what about those who enjoy the fables but have some misgivings about my devilish doctrines woven throughout the stories?  How can I make certain they turn away from the truth and toward my pleasing, counterfeit substitute?  How can I guarantee they are rejecting the mind of Christ for my darkened mind?

I need some feedback, and most Christians don't even know they are reading fables that have been cunningly devised by ME, so I don't want to tell them that.  How can I get into conversation with them so as to learn which way their heart is going. . . I want to know if they are keeping it with all diligence, or if I have a chance with them.

I've got it!  I'll start a messageboard, or perhaps a list serv so that all the Christians who have read my fables (or Christian manuals for living, or anything else I have authored) will give me feedback as to whether they are giving heed to or refusing my profane, unbiblical fables.

Oh, and because I am determined to influence them to depart from the faith, I will not stop at feedback.  I will place many of my own servants on my messageboard (and list serv) to pose as Christians who have read my fables and who will testify they are the most Christ-honoring, bible-based fables they have ever read.  

Yes, this will work, guaranteed. Those pestering, Berean-like Christians who take the Word of God seriously will not be able to stand up to these clever wiles; at least I hope they won't.  Every time one of them attempts to expose my false Bible teaching cleverly taught in my fables, my workers will quickly act to defend my words and my strange doctrines.  If that doesn't work, then my workers will seek to focus upon the Christian himself and seek to discredit him rather than deal with the real issue which is my wily twisting of Holy Writ.  They will stop at nothing to defend error and attack truth, and to call evil good and good evil.  The Christians on the board who are on the brink of falling away will be heavily influenced by these postings and will think that godly Christian is not fitting in with the group and perhaps should not be there in the first place because he actually found fault with my clever wresting of the Holy Bible.

After all, God wants his children to have fun with his word, doesn't he?  God considers it cute and clever when when Christians take liberties with his Holy word which he magnifies above his name doesn't he?  He approves when his own redeemed ones are more loyal to feigned stories and feigned application of his Word than to his own rightly divided Word, right?  I can get Christians to believe anything if I use enough group peer pressure exerted against them to undermine their loyalties to their God.

Oh, I am such a great liar, and the father of it! John. 8:44  I will do my utmost to get as many to depart from the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, my enemy, as I can.  I want as many as possible to join me in the place he made for me and my angels.

Yes, I'm going to start today to implement my diabolical plan.  And as long as nobody finds out about this, it's smooth sailing for me, and shipwreck for the faith of multitudes of Christians!

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