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Stewart Best & Todd Bentley Agree on "White Light"

Stewart Best & Todd Bentley Describe Shekinah Glory as "White Light"

To the best of my knowledge, Stewart Best and Todd Bentley are not affiliated. I am mentioning them in the same article because of their identical use of the terms, "white light" and "Shekinah Glory."

In Chapter 6 of Stewart Best's Dark Light Series, (1) he wrote that God's presence was literally seen by the High Priest as the Shekinah Glory, a brilliant white light:

In the chapter on regeneration we will go over the temple in depth, for it portrays the perfect picture of the WAY OF THE TRUTH. The act of regeneration occurs IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES. It was in the Holy of Holies that the God of Israel dwelt. His presence was literally seen by the High Priest as the SHEKINAH GLORY, a brilliant white light that floated over the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant. ["white light" emphasis mine] (2)

In like fashion, Todd Bentley teaches his followers that when the Shekinah Glory comes the visible presence of God is a blinding "white light":

The visible presence of God when He comes is the Shekinah—“All descriptions of the Shekinah say that it was a most brilliant and glorious light enveloped in a cloud. So, when the Bible describes it as a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire it is splitting into two what was actually one. It was always a pillar of fire and it was always a pillar of cloud”—
This glory is brilliant, bright, shining light, blinding white light. It’s the cloud that “overshadowed” Mary; it was the power of the Most High, and she conceived Jesus Christ (Lk. 1:35). When the Shekinah glory comes, it is power from on high coming that births things. It was the essence of Peter’s shadow when he walked by the sick and they were healed. You see, there is a healing miracle anointing in the glory cloud. It’s the substance in which a glory realm around you brings miracles, because the very word glory means the shadow, covering, glory, bright, white, cloud of His presence. ["white light" emphasis mine] (3)


 What or Who is White Light?

Occult/New Age teaching materials are filled with references to "white light." Witches, occultists, and all those who are involved in New Age Spirituality employ white light as they work to usher in the New Age Religion of Antichrist. Below are a few examples.

White light "energy" enters the body of the Reiki healer travels through his or her body and is then channeled through his hands:

 A Reiki Healing is where a practitioner or individual who has been attuned to Reiki healing energy opens their crown chakra to the clear white light universal life energy, allows that energy to travel through their body, and channels the energy through their hands towards a person, animal, place, or thing. (4)

Here is another example of white light being used to channel healing "energy" (devils):

In channeling using white light and channeling using mother earth energy helps to give an equal balance of positive energy force. (5)

According to the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Sydney, an aura can appear as a white light:

Each morning, mid-day, and in the evening, at times most suitable to yourself, think of yourself as having an aura of brilliantly shining white light; for such an aura – when clearly perceived – would be a beneficial defensive ‘armour’, namely, powerfully radiant white light shining from within the middle of the head out for two yards or so beyond the body in all directions. (6)

Occultists use white light to control the astral body:

"You see, in a book by the New Age occultist, Alice Bailey, entitled A Treatise on White Magic, we are told how to control the astral body. One way is by a 'direct method of relaxation, concentration, stillness and flushing the entire personality with pure WHITE LIGHT.' " (7)

Kundalini, which is "energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated, as by the practice of yoga, and channeled upward" (8)—is white light:

"New Ager, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, calls Kundalini the white light. (9)

The Tara Center, a prominent New Age organization, revealed in a veiled manner that the visualization of a triangle of white light is integral to forming a channel for the unleashing of devils (evil spirits) to bring in the One World Religion:

Triangles work is easy. Mentally link up with the two other members; visualize a TRIANGLE OF WHITE LIGHT circulating above your heads; then say The Great Invocation aloud (whenever possible). See your TRIANGLE linked with all the other triangles, transmission and meditation groups on the planet. See the WHITE LIGHT circulating among this network of focal points and pouring out ot envelop the world, thus helping to form a channel for the downpouring of Light and Love into the body of humanity. (10)

Lucifer (who is now Satan) is represented by a white light:

"The white light is an important symbol in the New Age. A former witch wrote: 'In the upper three levels of witchcraft, LUCIFER IS REPRESENTED BY A WHITE LIGHT.' " Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, page 268 (11)

Satan and his devils manifest as white light:

Bill Wilson, prior to his founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (which is a New Age front), was converted to what he claimed was the "God of the Preachers" by means of the appearance of a great white light:

"Suddenly the room lit up with a great white light. I was caught up into an ecstasy . . . . It seemed to me, in the mind's eye, that I was on a mountain and that a wind not of air but of spirit was blowing. And then it burst upon me that I was a free man ...."

"All about me and through me there was a wonderful feeling of Presence, and I thought to myself, “so this is the God of the preachers!” A great peace stole over me . . . .” (12)



Doctrine of devils:

Stewart Best teaches his followers that God's presence was literally seen by the High Priest as the Shekinah Glory, a brilliant "white light."

Todd Bentley teaches his followers that when the Shekinah Glory comes the visible presence of God is a blinding "white light":

The truth:

God is light. (See 1 John 1:5)

Satan and his devils manifest as white light.



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