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Why Was Tackling The Tough Topics Removed?

Why Was Tackling The Tough Topics Removed From the Internet?

updates: New Age Markings on Ellen G. White --"Life Forces", Seventh-day Adventists: Yoked With the United Nations (More Occult markings on Ellen G. White) ( and have been removed from the internet due to Darryl Eberhart and Lisa Ruby (former webmaster) not being in agreement about the way his articles with quotations by Seventh-day Adventists, dedications to a Seventh-day Adventist, and promotions of books by Seventh-day Adventist authors should be handled.

For the readers' information, I am listing the names of the Seventh-day Adventist authors that I am aware of who are quoted and whose products are promoted in Darryl Eberhart's articles: Steve Wohlberg (White Horse Media), Bill Hughes, Walter J. Veith, and Vance Ferrell. According to Darryl Eberhart, these individuals did not reveal in their books, DVD covers, etc. that they are Seventh Day Adventists. (Actually, some of the books Darryl recommends do contain quotes by Ellen G. White and or/ Seventh-day Adventist teachings.)

Important: Liberty To The Captives has recently learned of the New Age leavening of Seventh-day Adventism and their yoke with the United Nations. I apologize to the former readers of ( and former listeners of for not carefully checking out the affiliations of the authors promoted in the Tackling The Tough Topics articles and podcasts before I uploaded them to the internet. ---Lisa Ruby


Freemasonry Obelisk on Gravesite of Seventh-day Adventist Founders

NOTE: Freemasonry markings are on the gravesite of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. An obelisk with the inscription, "James White" was placed at the gravesite of Ellen G. White's husband during her lifetime. (See photo) Ellen G. White's name was inscribed on an obelisk as well, probably the other side of the one which bears her husband's inscription. Scroll down on this page to see Ellen G. White's name inscribed on this masonic phallic symbol.

Links to recommended articles on external sites about the ecumenical nature and false doctrines of Seventh-day Adventism. Disclaimer: Modern bible versions might be used in the articles below.

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