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Seventh-day Adventism and the New Age Movement

New Age Markings on Ellen G. White's Writings -- "Life Forces"

The late Ellen G. White (November 26, 1827-July 16, 1915), known to Seventh-day Adventists as "God's Messenger" or "God's Prophet," used New Age/occult terminology and taught New Age doctrine via some of the pages of her voluminous published works.

For the sake of brevity I did not cite all the many passages in which Mrs. Ellen G. White used the term, "life forces." (Be aware that she repeated the same passages about "life forces" in various publications.) Below are selected citations from Mrs. White's complete published works found at [Quotations are used in accordance with the Fair Use Copyright Law. Bold emphasis added]

Ellen G. White Taught Some of the Same Doctrines as Occult Healers

As you read the citations below, notice that Mrs. Ellen G. White agreed with the doctrines a Reiki Master Teacher espouses regarding the role of "life force":

strong life force energy = good health

diminished supply of life force energy = poor health

Quote from the Reiki Master Teacher's website:

Many people are practicing techniques to improve their health such as meditation, exercise and improved diet. As this is done, a deeper awareness often develops concerning the flow of subtle energies in and around the body and the connection between these subtle energies and one's health. This developing awareness validates the ancient idea that strong life force energy contributes to good health. Conversely a diminished supply of life force energy can contribute to illness. The existence of life force energy, and the necessity for it to flow freely in and around one's body to maintain health, has been studied and acknowledged by health care practitioners and scientists. [bold emphasis mine] (2)

Quotes by Ellen. G. White:

The relation that exists between the mind and the body is very intimate. When one is affected, the other sympathizes. The condition of the mind affects the health to a far greater degree than many realize. Many of the diseases from which men suffer are the result of mental depression. Grief, anxiety, discontent, remorse, guilt, distrust, all tend to break down the life forces and to invite decay and death. (3)

The continued use of these nerve irritants is followed by headache, wakefulness, palpitation of the heart, indigestion, trembling, and many other evils; for they wear away the life forces. (4)

Of all men in the world, the physician and the minister should have strictly temperate habits. The welfare of society demands total abstinence of them, for their influence is constantly telling for or against moral reform and the improvement of society. It is willful sin in them to be ignorant of the laws of health or indifferent to them, for they are looked up to as wise above other men. This is especially true of the physician, who is entrusted with human life. He is expected to indulge in no habit that will weaken the life forces. . . . (5)

Mrs. Ellen G. White also agreed with the Reiki Master Teacher's assessment that stress weakens and diminishes life force energy (life forces).

Reiki practitioner: Stress weakens and diminishes the flow of life force energy.

Ellen G. White: Guilt, sorrow, anxiety, care, and worry crush and wear out the life forces.

Quote from the Reiki Master Teacher's website:

If our life force is low or blocked, we are more likely to become ill, but if it is high and free flowing, we more easily maintain health and a feeling of well-being. One thing that disrupts and weakens the flow of life force energy is stress. Stress is often caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings that get lodged in one's subtle energy system. (6)

Stress can also activate our fears and cause our life force energy to diminish. When this happens we weaken our ability to respond to fear appropriately and to transform it. (6)

Quote by Ellen G. White:

The love which Christ diffuses through the whole being is a vitalizing power. Every vital part--the brain, the heart, the nerves--it touches with healing. By it the highest energies of the being are roused to activity. It frees the soul from the guilt and sorrow, the anxiety and care, that crush the life forces. With it come serenity and composure. It implants in the soul joy that nothing earthly can destroy--joy in the Holy Spirit--health-giving, life-giving joy (The Ministry of Healing, p. 115). (7)

Seeking to Reach World's Standards.--There are many whose hearts are aching under a load of care because they seek to reach the world's standard. They have chosen its service, accepted its perplexities, adopted its customs. Thus their character is marred, and their life made a weariness. In order to gratify ambition and worldly desires, they wound the conscience and bring upon themselves an additional burden of remorse. The continual worry is wearing out the life forces. (8)

New Agers/Occultists teach that Life Force gives and sustains life and holds the universe together. What does the Bible say? Who Holds the Universe Together--God or Life Force?


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