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Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Pretenders
Charles Spurgeon's Occult Energy Doctrines: White Light

"White Light," "pure white light," and "clear white light"used in a spiritual contextare terms exclusive to the occult realm. Witches and all manner of so-called "Lightworkers" employ white light as they work to usher in the New Age Religion of Antichrist.

Charles Spurgeon attributed white light to God, God's holiness, God's presence, Christ, the cross, heaven, and more. This is inexcusable because white light is the Christ Lightthe Universal Christ Lightof Antichrist's One World Religion.


White Light is the Luciferian Christ Light

Occultists believe that by meditating and visualizing the "white light of the Christ" they will raise the consciousness of themselves as well as all the people of the earth:

For the final phase, [of the World Illumination Meditation] the last step of this practice, visualize the whole of the planet of Earth surrounded by the Pure White Light of the Christ. See the Christ Light on the inside and on the surface as well. See the Christ Light become more and more brilliant until there is nothing but Light. Know that the Light, Love, Wisdom and Compassion of the Great Christ is now changing and uplifting the spiritual vibration of the Earth. (1)


White Light is the Divine Light

Another term for white light is "Divine Light,"—a witchcraft term that means Lucifer. (1a) Spurgeon used the witchcraft term, "divine light," many times in his sermons. Those who desire to awaken their Kundalini visualize white light in order to commune with the Divine Light:

Repeat the following, imagining yourself bathed in bright, white light: “Divine light creates me. Divine light sustains me. Divine light protects and surrounds me. I am constantly growing into divine light.” (1b)

Wiccans visualize themselves in a shower of brilliant white light while they do the Divine Light meditation:

 "[The Divine Light Invocation ] is an ancient standing meditation that helps you visualize Divine Light, and get in touch with an endless source of spiritual nourishment." (Ascent Magazine 28, winter 2005)

We should not be surprised that witches regard The Divine Light (Lucifer) as "an endless source of spiritual nourishment" that they seek to become one with, but Spurgeon represented the Divine Light (1c) as the Holy Spirit!


White Light is Used to Astral Project

Occultists use white light to control the astral body:

"You see, in a book by the New Age occultist, Alice Bailey, entitled A Treatise on White Magic, we are told how to control the astral body. One way is by a 'direct method of relaxation, concentration, stillness and flushing the entire personality with pure WHITE LIGHT."(1d)


White Light: An Energy Used in Divination

Dr. Cathy Burns, quoting Barbara Powell a psychic wrote:

Remember, as with all divination, relax and surround yourself with the WHITE LIGHT of protective energy. Then, allow your mind to flow into the earth patterns and accept the message you find there. Earth divination is one of the most harmonious forms of divination. (1e)


White Light and The Great Invocation

"The Tara Center, a well-known New Age organization who is promoting the "New Age Christ," called Maitreya, explains how white light is used in the Great Invocation":

"Triangles work is easy. Mentally link up with the two other menbers; visualize a TRIANGLE OF WHITE LIGHT circulating above your heads; then say The Great Invocation aloud (whenever possible. . . See the WHITE LIGHT circulating among this network of focal points and pouring out to envelope the world, thus helping to form a channel for the dowpouring of Light and Love into the body of humanity. When you say, "From the centre where the Will of God is known,' which is Shamballa, visualize a great sphere of WHITE LIGHT." (2)

"The Great Invocation is a world prayer . . . an instrument of power to aid the Plan of God find full expression on Earth." (2a)

Note: The New Ager's "Plan of God" is actually the kingdom of Antichrist.


White Light is Lucifer Masquerading as God

White light represents Lucifer:

"Remember that former witch, David J. Meyer, reports 'In the upper three levels of witchcraft, LUCIFER IS REPRESENTED BY A WHITE LIGHT.' "(2b)

White light masquerades as God's presence:

Bill Wilson, prior to his founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (which is based on New Age principles), was converted to what he falsely claimed was the "God of the Preachers" by means of the appearance of a great white light:

"Suddenly the room lit up with a great white light. I was caught up into an ecstasy . . . . It seemed to me, in the mind's eye, that I was on a mountain and that a wind not of air but of spirit was blowing. And then it burst upon me that I was a free man ...." (3)


Charles Spurgeon's White Light Preaching

Clear White Light of God Himself

"I put light for darkness, and darkness for light; bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter; for my foolish heart was darkened, and I knew it not. But, now, such a change has come to me that all things have become new; and in speaking of my own experience, I am also telling of the experience, not merely of some of you, but of hundreds of you upon whose hearts the divine light has come changing all things around you. They are not what they seem to others to be, for they are all now seen in the clear white light of God Himself, and you know even as you are known." (4)

"But, now, such a change has come to me that all things have become new and, in speaking of my own experience, I am also telling of the experience, not merely of some of you, but of hundreds of you upon whose hearts the Divine Light has come, changing all things around you! They are not what they seem to others, to be, for they are all now seen in the clear white Light of God, Himself, and you know even as you are known." (5) Here, too, Spurgeon uses "the Divine Light" to refer to the Holy Spirit.

Clear White Light of Your Savior's Glorious Presence

"May you, dear friends, be clear in your conscience from all dead works! May you have the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, to keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, and in the clear white light of your Saviour's glorious presence, may you see the wounds He endured when suffering for your sins!" (6)

Pure White Light of the Cross

"It is only the superficial thinker who regards the cross as a subject soon to be comprehended and exhausted, the loftiest intellects will here find ample room and space enough. The most profound minds might lose themselves in considering the splendid diversities of light which compose the pure white light of the cross." (7)

 White Light of the Absolute

"Verse 9. The beauty of holiness. Shall I call holiness an attribute? Is it not rather the glorious combination of all his attributes into one perfect whole? As all his attributes proceed from the absolute, so all again converge and meet in holiness. As from the insufferable white light of the Absolute (8) they all seem to diverge and separate into prismatic hues, so they all seem again to converge and meet and combine in the dazzling white radiance of his holiness." (8a)


White Light of God's Holiness

"But let it be pointed out at the onset that, any reader who has never seen himself under the white light of God’s holiness, and who has never felt His Word cutting him to the very quick, will be unable to fully enter into the force of what we are about to write." (9)

Let the Clear White Light Shine Through You

"Let Jesus manifest himself in his own light; do not cast a light on him, or attempt to show the sun with a candle. Do not aim at converting men to your views, but let the light shine for itself and work its own way. Do not colour it by being like a painted window to it, but let the clear white light shine through you that others may behold your Lord." (10)


Christ All Aglow with a White Light

"Very strangely, Peter here writes of himself as “a partaker of the glory.” Did he mean that he was on the holy mount of transfiguration and saw the splendor of that sight when Christ was all aglow with a white light which gathered up all brightness and beauty into its solitary ray? Was he thinking of that memorable scene?" (11)


Clear White Light of Heaven

"When we are dealing with God, mistakes on His part are quite out of the question. He knows us after the manner of a perfectly holy Being; and many a thing, that looked white to us, is absolutely black to God. His eyes can see according to the clear white light of heaven; but you and I can only see in some one ray of faint light; we see not as God sees." (12)

Pure White Light of Truth Shines From the Cross

"The charms of oratory are but a poor and fickle force, tricks of language are a wretched sort of witchcraft. Instead of the colored flames of fancy, Paul would let into their minds the pure white light of the truth as it shines from the cross." (13)

Attributes of God Shining With Clear White Light

"The attributes of God are like the amazing crystal shining out with its clear white light, which yet may be divided into all the colors of the prism, each different, and all beautiful." (14)


1a Divine Light is a witchcraft term and means "Light of the Divine,." This "divine light" is Lucifer: "The Divine Light Invocation is exactly that: invoking the Light of the Divine. It corresponds to the Wiccan rituals of Drawing Down the Moon. Yet it is even more focused and channeled than most forms, and the Power of it is astonishing. The Moon with Her silver white Light symbolises the Divine Light, to Witches. This is the Light that's worshipped in every religion."
1c. Spurgeon used the term, "divine light" many times. Here,he used the capitalized form of Divine Light and it was obviously in reference to the Holy Spirit: “Oh, I charge you, go back to that blessed day when those blind eyes were opened and when that dead heart began to feel the Divine Light! Oh, then it was you said, “He is my God.” You did not come to Him and ask Him to be your God, but He who gave Himself to you in the Eternal Covenant before the world was, in the fullness of time, gave Himself to you by His effectual Grace, making you willing to accept Him and to kiss His silver scepter! Yes, you have been changed from an enemy into a friend!”—Volume 59, Sermon #3365
1d. Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic (or The Way of the Disciple)
(New York: Lucis Publishing Company, 1951), p. 345 as quoted by Dr. Cathy Burns in Alcoholics Anonymous Unmasked
1e. Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star by Dr. Cathy Burns, pg. 347
2. Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, page 347, 348
2b.Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, page 350
3. (Stafford, “Hidden Gospel,” p. 14, Reference: p.297-298 Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt) Citation found on
8. "The Absolute" is a Theosophical term for God.
The following is Helena Blavatsky's description of the Absolute in The Secret Doctrine:
The Absolute:  “An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable PRINCIPLE on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the range and reach of thought — in the words of Mandukya, ‘unthinkable and unspeakable.’” (Secret Doctrine I pg. 14)

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