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Authors Say Forced Mark is a Very Credible Scenario

The authors of the Left Behind Series, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, conducted a Live Global Chat on November 15, 2000 from 8:00-9:00 EST.

During the chat, a reader asked this question:

05:19:11 PM> MODMSG Gracie: I thought it was a general consensus that the "mark" would not be fable (sic) to be forced on anyone, so why did you decide to do this with chang? How did that come about?

The authors responded:

05:19:59 PM> The_Authors: General consensus on whose part? We thought this was a very credible scenario. (Be careful with questions that spoil the story for those who haven't read it yet.)

According to Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, a Christian being held down and forcibly implanted with the mark of the beast is a credible scenario! And according to Jerry B. Jenkins' remarks on the original free Left Behind message board, remaining in the Christian faith while being marked with the beast is also a credible scenario. This is not credible according to God's Holy Word, which cannot lie.

Amazingly, the authors actually made their intentions clear regarding the "Chang being marked with the beast" scenario.  They said it is credible, and they want you to believe it too. Credible means: offering reasonable grounds for being believed.  What grounds are Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins using to base their belief that a Christian may be marked with Antichrist's mark against his own will?

The only ground that is credible and therefore not sinking ground, is the Holy Bible, the Word of God that is without error.  If you have not already done so, please read the article, "Caused" or "Forced" to Take the Mark of the Beast: What's the Difference?

My purpose for citing the authors' comments are to help you see that they are working through the Left Behind Series to make changes in the way you have always thought about certain Bible doctrines. . . the mark of the beast in particular.

Why would a Bible teacher team up with a fiction writer and portray a Christian being marked against his will with the damning mark of the beast and then NOT be damned?  And why would they say this is a CREDIBLE scenario? That tells the reader this scenario is not to be perceived as fiction, but is to be taken as fact!   

Why would these men want Christians to believe they could have Satan's mark forced upon them in the first place?  Why are they working to change attitudes about the mark of the beast and it's malevolent, soul-damning character. . . as long as one is defiant about being marked with it?  See: Was Chang's "Act of Defiance" a Mark of God (In Itself?)

Why would these men have the "forcibly marked Christian character" (Chang) say he was loyal to the Supreme Potentate when he (and the reader) knew very well "Supreme Potentate" meant Antichrist in the context it was asked?  And why did they make sure they tried their best to overcome the readers' objections to this damnable example by having Chang close his eyes and remind himself that Jesus Christ was the only person who fit that definition?  (See Desecration, page 322.)

Why did they depict a Christian who did not have victory over the mark (because it was forced upon him) and denied the Lord Jesus Christ before Antichrist's employees (satanists) who were questioning him, remain saved and on his way to heaven to be with the God he denied?

Why are the authors trying to persuade the reader to believe that as long as a Christian believes right on the inside that all is well no matter what he does?  As long as you think rightly about the Lord Jesus Christ, you may do or say whatever is expedient at the time to avoid persecution?   (See Desecration, page 322.)  For a nonfiction example of this apostate teaching, see: The Crown of Life

Why are they having the heroes in the Left Behind series save their own lives now and still not lose them later?  This is perverse and anti-biblical! Remember, the authors also said in the same chat:

05:30:33 PM> MODMSG ru4ou2:in the case of young chang will he be held accountable or is he doomed for a life in hell

05:30:56 PM> The Authors: God looks on the heart. He was a believer first, and thus, always.

You see, it is not Jesus' words that are being promoted in this series. Jesus said that faith in Him must be continued in: "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." The Left Behind readers who will not endure sound doctrine are being ensnared into believing new, unbiblical, satanic paradigms the Left Behind authors are seeking to establish for the church.  The main one is that as long as you are a believer first, you will be always, marked with the beast or not.

The Bible says, "All who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution."  Why is the Left Behind series full of examples of believers living UNGODLY so they may indeed avoid persecution?  And why are so many rationalizations for this ungodliness presented in the storyline for the readers' benefit?

Can you see they are trying to get the reader to form an exception-to-the-rule regarding Bible doctrine?  Under the very conditions that the Holy Bible says a person will be damned forever, the authors put the hero, Chang, under these exact same conditions (although at least he was defiant and unwillingly marked with Satan's mark) and presto, Chang violates the biblical standard and becomes satanically marked both physically and verbally but he is still on his way to heaven!  Why is it that under the conditions the BIBLE teaches that a person will inherit the Lake of Fire, the authors have a Christian doing them and he inherits the kingdom of God?

Do you think Almighty God considers these damnable heresies that will subvert and destroy the faith of millions if believed and acted upon to be acceptable service unto Him?  Do you think the Lord Most High would approve of this even if the authors said it is not credible and only fiction?  Does the Lord smile upon His people being depicted as compromisers who end up with the detestable, satanic, mark of the beast? Does the Lord Jesus Christ condone the portrayal of His followers as spiritual failures who support the Antichrist's regime in order to escape persecution?

Please ask yourselves these questions and then ask yourself why God required the book, God's Wrath on Left Behind to be written. 

Jerry B. Jenkins Revealed Left Behind Agenda: They Want You To Believe it is "Truth With a Capital T"

Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series

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