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This picture was enlarged in IrfanView by simply clicking the sharpen feature once and the double button twice. You can achieve the same results yourself (or make it larger) by obtaining the original picture here. Be sure to click on it to get the larger version before you enlarge it in IrfanView. 

The following description zeroes in on the most obvious alterations done to this photo. How many alterations need to be done to a photo to indicate that someone is mocking the Schindler family? 


Schindler Family Releases Video of Daughter


This picture was taken at a  press conference on October 14, 2003 (the day before Terri's feeding tube was removed.) The subjects of this altered picture are:  Mary Schindler (mother of Terri), Suzanne Schindler Carr (sister of Terri) Robert Schindler (father of Terri) and an unknown seated woman.

Please notice the woman seated in the background with the sunglasses on. A flesh-colored number 3 has been placed where her ear should be! 

Mrs. Schindler's lipstick is blurred which stops far short of the corner of her mouth.

Mrs. Schindler's eyes are mere squints and the left one appears to be black and blue.

The top of Suzanne's head has been outlined in black.

A black line has been drawn right across the bridge of Mrs. Schinlder's nose. This is not a crease, even though she might have a crease there. This is a black line.

Mr. Schindler's eyes were shut.  Did Gary Mc Cullough really submit a picture to the media in which two of the three main subjects' eyes were closed?

Two black spots can be seen in Mr. Schindler's ear.

Mr. Schindler suddenly has no thumbnail. 

Back to's Altered Pictures Manipulate Public Opinion Against Terri and Her Family


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.


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