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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

Warning: Minors DO Read Alt.Suicide.Holiday

Google requires visitors to click a button to certify that they are over 18 years old in order to view the (ASH) and alt.suicide.methods (ASM) newsgroups, but I know of one teenaged highschooler who is a regular poster and several teens (even fourteen year-olds) have posted seeking suicide advice. Teenagers do read and post to these forums. This fact is disturbing because according to the CNN article about Suzy Gonzales, a nineteen-year-old college student who posted at ASH (Squeegy1) for nine weeks before her tragic suicide, about 4,000 people between the ages of 15 and 24 commit suicide every year. [1]

Below are examples of posts teenagers have made to suicide forums that are manned by individuals who are furthering the "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself" agenda of the Church of Euthanasia.

In a Feb. 6, 2003 thread titled, "I'm only 17," a teenaged girl shared her pressing urge to slit her wrists and revealed that she might not make it through the night without doing serious harm to herself:

Im not sure I can take hating myself much longer without cutting
myself. Cutting mysel has always, always, always made me feel better.. but I cant do that anymore... But right now I just feel like slitting my wrists. I have the things to do it with righ here, I was laying down with them in my bed and just letting it lay on my arm and feeling the.. the cool
blade laying upon me. I dont know... honesty I dont know If I can make the night without hurtting myself one way or another. Im already starting to take a bunch of pills again.

Only two posters responded to this teenager's anguished post. One poster commiserated with her but nobody urged her to tell her a trusted friend or adult about her suicidal compulsions! As a matter of fact, ASHers urge posters not to tell anyone about their suicidal feelings lest anyone interfere with the "success" of their suicide. They attempt to sanitize this diabolical advice by saying that if you share your urges to kill yourself with others they will feel guilty if you carry through with it. They are not keen on mentioning that others might be able to help you cope with the problems that are driving you toward suicide.

In 2002 a seventeen-year-old boy, under the user name "Silentzium" started the thread, "I Want to Die in a Week" to appeal for help with methods to kill himself:

So I want to die in a week, the reason simple : my life is a mess.
I want to die in a week because something teribble happend to me today
and i want to find some cheap alternative and accesible (for a 17yrs
old) metods so i don't have to resort to throwing myself of from the
window. I accept any suggestions you may have.

While other some other posters tried to gently dissuade this seventeen-year-old young man from his self-destructive course, "Lonewolf" (post #4) castigated them for for their efforts:

a rather narrow-minded view if you ask me.  you cant generalize experience. nor pain.  i hate it when people seem to think that if youre 17 then suicide isnt an option.

Poster #6 did his level-best to convince the 17-year-old to IGNORE the advice that things would get better if he just held on:

That's xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx! I was told the same thing when I was 17. Don't give  up, Don't give up! I'm now xxxxxxx 26 yrs old, and life xxxxx more than it EVER did when I was xxxxxxx 17!!! At least I some friends back then. Now I'm busting my xxx, working hard with nothing to show for it! (See post #6)

This seventeen-year-old male was practically being urged to commit suicide by some individuals on ASH! Indeed, poster #9 saw it that way:

OK, so several of you think it would have been better to advise the 17
year old to off himself immediately......interesting.

As is typical for ASH, poster #26, (whose user name is a take on "Grim Reaper") took poster 9 to task for doing the decent thing and speaking out against those who  validated a seventeen-year-old boy's plan to take his own life!


Teen Suicide Lessons Are Conducted Privately

One can only wonder how much suicide tutoring for teens is conducted by ASHers in private. Below is the sad account of one teenager who received all the ASH assistance he needed to end his life:

An English member of ASH, Simon Kelly, 17, who hanged himself in July 2001, never posted to the newsgroup, but communicated with other members on an instant-messaging system. The woman who last chatted with Kelly tried to talk him out of it.

Before killing himself, the teen created a website that included goodbye notes to his family and friends. A letter found next to his corpse contained the address for the site, which opened with the message: "Hi and welcome to the homepage of my death." [2]


Suicide Conditioning Posts: For Teens

Many ASH threads appear to be started for the purpose of suicide conditioning. Teens are especially vulnerable to such conditioning. For example, the thread, "17-year-old hanged himself" was started for the purpose of sharing a news article about a high school basketball player who died as a result of hanging. A poster (Celeste) remarked about the motives for sharing this information:

Why do you love this stuff? What is the attraction?

The poster's answer was contained within a question:

Why are we here? Why are we in

Ashers are here to promote the legitimacy of suicide. Announcing deaths by suicide is essential to suicide conditioning.

In 2002 a 17-year-old suicidal male started a thread called "Help" on ASH's sister group, alt.suicide.methods.

This young man, like most suicidal people, mixed up God's doings with Satan's doings. He was under the impression that God was trying to destroy him.

I can't stand failure -- I once was
a 4.1 student before God decided to destroy me.

I have a whirling feeling like being sucked down the drain slowly and
watching the world from a dizzying dream. I cannot continue...

I have had enough of this life. I am looking for a quick way to go,
preferably painless and with minimal chance of survivability...

It is Satan who came to steal, kill and destroy, not God:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. John 10:10

Core ASHers/ASMers often post in such a way that reinforces the satanic notions that God is evil, Christians are evil, and that there is no hope.


[1] Parents: Online newsgroup helped daughter commit suicide
[2] Suicide 101: Lessons Before Dying

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