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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Ministry of the Church of Euthanasia

The Church of Euthanasia (COE), which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and whose website is maintained by the Dutch Journalist Karin Spaink describes themselves as follows:

An organization that advocates radical action to control the global population.

The mandate for radical action to control world population is based on the words of "an alien intelligence" called The Being [a demon], who spoke to Chris Korda in a dream with the message: "our planet's ecosystem is failing." When Chris awoke, the demon's words were on his tongue: "Save the Planet - Kill Yourself." [1]

The Church of Euthanasia's FAQ page reveals that they are a non-profit foundation devoted to educating the public about the "need" to restore the balance between human beings and the rest of the living things on earth. Their belief that the restoration of balance will only come about by voluntary population reduction is proclaimed loud and clear on the main page of their website:

                                                                  SAVE THE PLANET
                                                                  KILL YOURSELF


One Membership Requirement

The Church of Euthanasia (COE) has only one requirement for membership, which is a deliberate, irreverent play on wording of the Ten Commandments:

"Thou Shalt Not Procreate."

This tax-exempt and brazenly demonic "reliigous" organization, which is devoted to educating the public about the (world planner's) need for massive depopulation, has four pillars.  Suicide heads the list:

Suicide, Abortion, Cannibalism and Sodomy

The COE takes The Being's command to not procreate (which is the opposite of God's command to "Be fruitful and multiply") very seriously and urges their followers to engage in perverse substitute behaviors to avoid bringing more people into this world, who are made in God's image and therefore repugnant in Satan's sight:

We take our one commandment very seriously. Membership implies a lifetime vow to not procreate. Procreation means guaranteed excommunication. There are no exceptions; abortion will be required, period. Of course, such difficulties can be avoided by faithful adherence to the fourth pillar (sodomy).

(Quote source: Church of Euthanasia: FAQ)  Warning: This website contains nudity and is extremely perverse.


Alt.suicide.methods Leads Readers to COE Cardinal's Website

The alt.suicide.methods newsgroup insiders not only facilitate suicide, they lead people straight to Karin Spaink's website. A poster recently started a thread called, "Efficient Overdose Methods" and bluntly requested a "prescription." He was told to "google" the words, Darvon Cocktail.

A nineteen year-old poster who started the thread, "Painless?" was also directed to find the Darvon Cocktail by using the Google search engine:

Least painful is the Darvon cocktail (type it into google). hard to
obtain ingredients though... (see post#7 by Kaza)

The first website that appears after doing a Google Search with the words, Darvon Cocktail is that of Karen Spaink, Cardinal of the Church of Euthanasia! [note: At this writing this page comes up first but Karen Spaink's webpage is third.]


The COE's First Choice For Suicide Tutoring: Alt.Sucide.Holiday

The Church of Euthanasia promotes suicide and directs readers to the website:

Suicide is optional, but encouraged. [2]

The Frequently Asked Questions section on the Church of Euthanasia website refers the reader to the website:

8. What's the best way for me to kill myself?

Please consult the website. [This site has been removed from the internet!]

There are thousands of websites on the internet that are devoted to the subject of suicide, but the Church of Euthanasia chose to direct their readers to the (a.s.h.) website, which is hosted by their cardinal, Karin Spaink.

Indeed, on the Church of Euthanasia's MAIN PAGE, under the four pillars listing on the top left-hand side of the page, the link named SUICIDE brings the visitor straight to  Karin Spaink's website.

The Church of Euthanasia Chronology [3] reveals that the website began in the same year that the Church of Euthanasia was getting off the ground:


This is not a coincidence. is on the Church of Euthanasia's list of approved links: has the most definitive reference on snuffing it we've seen yet. [4]

Core posters promote the population reduction philosophy of the COE. is a ministry of the Church of Euthanasia!



[1] A Brief History
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[4] The Church of Euthanasia Resource Guide

Also see: Chronology of Euthanasia

Urls are provided for the purpose of documentation only.

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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

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