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False Doctrines in Tim LaHaye's Writings

Index of Articles

Pro New World Order Doctrines about the Mark of the Beast

Can a True Christian Willfully Reject God and Take the Mark of the Beast?

Tim LaHaye's False Doctrines About the Mark of the Beast in His Book, Are We Living in the End Times

It APPEARS Christians Will Not Have the Mark of the Beast?

Authors Say Forced Mark is a Very Credible Scenario

Left Behind Authors Answer Questions About Chang

The Mark of the Beast Paradigm Shift

Tim LaHaye and Concerned Women For America Used the Same Mark of the Beast Print Subliminals Marks the Rapture For the Beast

Left Behind Prophecy conference speaker, Gary Frasier of Discovery Ministries, promotes the use of tracking devices for children and the elderly:

Could that [microchip implants] not be the mark of the beast? .....Should we be afraid of that? Well I personally am not concerned about that technology. And I want to tell you why... The Bible says clearly in Revelation 13 that the mark is going to be ON the forehead or ON the hand, it does not talk about being underneath... LISTEN HERE

also see: The Left Behind Message Board and the Mark of the Beast Attitudinal Change Plan


Scripture-Twisting in the Tim LaHaye Prophesy Study Bible

Outer Darkness and Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth is Not Hell?

Tim LaHaye's Two Books of Life Teaching is an attempt to Explain Away the Bible's Solemn Warning About Being Blotted Out!

Tim LaHaye's Book of Life For the Lost (and Saved) and Book of Life For the Saved?


Twisted Teachings in Revelation Unveiled

Even if You "Take Away From the Words of the Book of This Prophecy," God Will Not Take Away Your Part Out of the Book of Life


Occult Symbols, Tim LaHaye, and the NWO

Occult Symbols on Tim LaHaye's Books


Perhaps Today Devotional Critiques

Abounding in Love

God's Will For You at His Coming

Don't Get Shaken Up About the Second Coming
Tribulation and wrath do not have the same meaning

The Crown of Life


Jerry B. Jenkins on Harry Potter

Jerry B. Jenkins on Harry Potter

Must see:  Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series

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