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Standing Up For Jesus on the Internet

Warning! Satan's Agents on Fighting Fundamental Forums

One of the most challenging places to "stand up for Jesus" is when one is in a group setting with other believers; even in "places" on the internet, such as list servs and discussion forums. Much peer pressure is exerted in a group—even in an electronic format—and we must guard against hiding our light for fear of getting flamed from "fellow believers." Many posters on list servs and discussion forums are occultists (usually witches) who pose as Christians in order to pump as much anti-biblical, occult/New Age attitudinal changes into Christians as possible. This may sound shocking, but it is true. Witchcraft dominated "Christian" forums are now the norm, even those that claim to be Fundamentalist Baptist.

Due to the fact that Christians are thoroughly conditioned to not question anyone's salvation, it is very easy to pose as a Christian on the internet. The lower-level posers know a bit of biblical jargon and spend a lot of time convincing Christians they should not question anyone's salvation-- no matter how much sin they are promoting. These imposters often don't bother to make much of a show of being "Christian" and boldly mark themselves for their real master via occult avatars, symbols, and ungodly attitudes such as sarcasm, insults, and mockery of all things holy, including the King James Bible. This is sad, because it shows how far believers have fallen for the conditioning to not judge their brother by his fruit, but only by his profession.

The up-and-coming-in-rank Luciferians are much more dangerous. They know the pro-critical Greek Text arguments well and spend untold hours on the Bible Version forums trying to convince Christians that the modern versions are all the word of God but the King James Bible is definitely not to be trusted.

By the way, certain posters who strongly object to my posts on this forum falsely authenticate their reviling form of "Christianity" by their church attendance and adherence to world-conforming "Christianity." They vilify me constantly for not "attending church" because my posts stand against the sins they most enjoy and their churches support. In view of the fact that their church attendance and ungodly lifestyles happily co-exist, I urge you to reject the propaganda that you must support a spiritually compromised institution that calls itself a church lest God not regard you as his own.

You should not attend or support any church that grieves the Holy Spirit! To do so is to sin. We are currently in the time of the falling away of the church from the true Christian faith. (See 2 Thess. 2:3). Most church leaders will not admit this lest they lose numbers and even their jobs. Satan wants you to stay in an ungodly Falling Away religious establishment because he knows an ungodly spiritual yoke gives him permission (place) to work in your life.

 Neither give place to the devil. Eph. 4:27

Luciferian witches frequent all Christian message forums. They mark themselves for their real master in many ways:

  • They often use an ungodly or occult handle, and occult avatars
  • They post conditioning threads such as "Who's gonna see the next Harry Potter movie next month?" (1) in attempts to convince the reader that it is perfectly acceptable for the saints of God to enjoy the depiction of witchcraft through movies.
  • strong promotion of Halloween. If that is too obvious they will display their love of Halloween by vengeful attitudes toward anyone who exposes the evils of Halloween. Their panic over my disclosure of cursed candy is particularly revealing. (2) Certain regulars are asserting that if Jesus Christ was walking the earth today he would celebrate Halloween! (3)
  • urge Christians to see horror movies
  • often mark themselves with occult symbols (On the Fighting Fundamental Forums I have seen quartered circles, runes, triquetras, and even upside down crosses in signature lines)
  • laugh about (turn into a joke) the workings of Satan and Satan's workers
  • mocking mentally handicapped people
  • exhibiting ungodly and even malicious attitudes. Example: Making fun of people who are in the bondage of sin
  • They laugh at the way Benny Hinn and Todd Bentley are cursing Christian believers. (Of course they don't admit that Christians are being cursed by these Luciferian "Christian" pretenders. "Christians can't be cursed!" they will say, even while they chortle with glee while they watch such happenngs on YouTube videos.)
  • Despising a street preacher for confronting sinners with their sins and their need of Jesus Christ
  • promotion of false doctrines (especially sinful "Christianity" and the lie that the devil has no power to harm a sinning Christian)
  • promotion of so-called "Christian" rock/heavy metal music, etc. as well as regular rock/heavy metal, etc. music
  • representing Roman Catholicism as true Christianity and accusing those who warn about Catholicism and the leaders of the Ecumenical Movement (Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Calvary Chapel, etc.) of being haters. (This is exactly what the New World Order planners do.)
  • make jokes about pornography and other sins
  • promotion of occult-themed (horror) movies and books
  • mocking modesty and vilifying anyone who advocates modesty (One poster who represents himself an an Independent Baptist preacher, who holds to the KJV- was accused of being a pervert and pedophile because he posted pro-modesty sermons to the forum. He was continually insulted and mocked by those who felt threatened by his presence on the forum and finally departed for a season . . just as the backbone posters intended.)
  • displaying extreme hostility towards me when I spoke out against sodomy in Christian marriage
  • defending fellow posters who work with them as a group to further their anti-Christian, pro-satanic agenda
  • promoting the use of alcohol (including whiskey!) for Christians.
  • posting polls about doctrine and Christian living --as if correct bible doctrine and godly Christian living can be arrived at by a consensus of opinion! (New Age relativism)
  • defending and making excuses for those who mark their ministries for the devil
  • slandering the KJV and vilifying those who trust it. For example, long-time poster, "Ransom" who is known for his use of demonic-looking avatars such as vampires and upside-down crosses, expresses his contempt for those who trust the King James Bible: "You gotta laugh. KJVers are so stupid." (4)
  • insulting and mocking the few real Christians and pastors who actually stand for truth
  • promoting the things the world runs after such as tattooing, etc.
  • retaliating against posters who expose witchcraft in the church by starting crass, sexually oriented, insulting threads about them. (A backbone poster known as "Ichabod" started one about me to retaliate for my posts against Halloween.)
  • mocking the blood of Jesus Christ by referring to it as "magic blood" (Even though they refer to it as magic, they insist that the blood of Jesus Christ has no current power to sanctify the believer)
  • When I confronted some of the posters about their blatant satanic avatars several respond by adding the word, "infiltrator" to their avatar and one poster (Ransom) even added "Agent of Satan" to his signature line. "Ransom" (as well as the others who promote pro-NWO establishment religious leaders) is dedicated to opposing my posts --especially my posts that expose the occult inroads into the churches. (At the time this article was written, the "Ransom" character had an upside-down cross as his avatar, and before that he marked himself with a vampire image.) Is this how true Christians behave? No!

WARNING: The Fighting Fundamental Forums are dominated by posters who employ tactics mentioned above. It is evident that these posters use more than one user name. These brazenly anti-Christian, occult-promoting, extremely rude posters represent themselves as pastors of churches and/or "recovering fundamentalists." Any supposed pastor or "recovering fundamentalist" who marks themselves for the occult does not serve the Lord Jesus Christ. (Note: A very small number of Christians do post there, including myself at one time. Certain other posters are not outright wolves but they desire the approval of men more than Jesus Christ so they do not oppose the witches when they verbally attack true believers. These lukewarm believers are accepting the conditioning that being a Christian means being "nice" (doing nothing) while the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ and his word are mocked and vilified by hateful "Christian" pretenders.)

As I've already stated, the majority of posters on the Fighting Fundamentalist Forums are deeply opposed to fundamental Christian doctrines and work together in their quest to overthrow the faith of many. Inform your pastor and others about this travesty and ask him what he thinks of this forumwhere Fundamental Baptist college alumnae congregate!

More Tactics Employed by Infiltrators on Christian Forums

The "higher level" occultists who work Christian forums (often holding positions as pastors of churches) know the scriptures well and are dangerously clever at twisting them and making it seem as if they are "rightly dividing the word of truth." Whether they work hard to play the part or not, Satan's servants who work on Christian forums (predominantly witches) have one thing in common: they try to cause the Christian to question God's Word, (the King James Bible) which is absolute truth, and regard it's teachings as relative.

When countered by a Christian believer who knows the Bible well, the internet wolves "private message" their friends who then come in with a show of force to assist them in doing "damage control." Genuine believers who post messages that could be used of the Lord to get someone saved, brought back from the backslidden way, or protected from false teachers are not welcome on boards run by pseudo Christians. Satan's agents consider posts by committed Christians to be real emergencies and will not hesitate to slander and lie about the poster in an attempt to discourage him and cause him to leave the forum. They also call in the moderators to remove the offending posts.

The Luciferians' favorite mind-manipulating tactic, which they use against any person who is set apart for God and actually stands on the truth of the Bible, is to accuse them of teaching a works-based salvation or of being a Pharisee. They always resort to such accusations when the non-compromiser points out the particular sins the false teachers enthusiastically promote (such as Halloween as well as other world-conforming and occult snares.)

When the true saints of God fail to speak up to counter false doctrine and the conditioning toward sinful lifestyles the deceivers promote on supposedly Christian forums, they are guilty before God of allowing wolves to devour their brothers and sisters in the Lord. To not counter false doctrine and verbally abusive behavior by false Christians on forums is to be complicit with their agenda. If God's true saints do not speak up and counter their damnable doctrines with the truth, we can be sure Satan's agents never will . . . not completely that is. Sure, they might rail against Mormonism or Catholicism or even false Bible versions in order to gain credibility, but they will not stand against all forms of sin and all false doctrine. (Note: Catholicism is presented as true Christianity on the Fighting Fundamental Forums. Very few posters will stand against the false doctrines of that gigantic counterfeit Christian religious system.)

God has given his people the light of his word but if we refuse to let it shine for fear of persecution from so-called believers, we are not seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Rather, we are seeking first the kingdom of self. Every single day there is an opportunity on the internet to stand up for Jesus Christ, who is Lord, and we must willingly endure hardness (ridicule and baiting) as a soldier of the cross. Are we standing in this evil day or are we shirking this responsibility because of the fear of man which brings with it a spiritual snare?

Speaking up must be done forthrightly and bodly but without sarcasm or rudeness. The witch that poses as a bible believer will do his utmost to bait his Christian opponent in order to tempt him to sin via evil speakings. Then the phony believer (who intentionally goaded the Christian with inflammatory remarks) will mock him for responding in an un-Christ-like manner. Don't allow your internet ministry to be discounted by others due to  your retaliatory words, hastily typed in frustration. Don't permit the false brethren to "push buttons" and cause you to "snap" and retaliate with harsh words. Purpose that you will not use carnal weapons such as sarcasm or a condescending tone as you continue to stand firm for the truth as written in God's Word. Remember, the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

Often I have been led to just post something and leave it alone. The sin-justifiers will often try to "undo" the truth, but it really cannot be done. Darkness cannot put out the light. Don't feel like you have to debate. Simply posting the truth from God's word is powerful indeed. Drop-in readers of Christian forums are not unintelligent; rather, they are simply looking for the truth. The Holy Spirit has a way of showing people the truth via scriptural posts, no matter how much someone tries to render it incredible by mocking it and twisting it.

Witches post remarks on forums every day that are designed to damage the faith of true Christian believers. They are on every Christian discussion list and forum I have ever been on. They have a network and do keep tabs on everything that is going on in the church.  They want to know exactly where the Christians are weak in doctrine so they can zero in on them and start to work to make merchandise of them. They take their "internet ministry" very seriously and work together on discussion forums, list servs, news groups, etc. to ridicule and try to discredit Christians who are "standing up for Jesus" and speaking out against the broad road that God's people are being shamefully exhorted to walk down, all the while being falsely assured they "shall not surely die."

Day after day these deceivers post letters that put a question mark on what God has actually made very clear in the Bible. Their fellow deceivers, also posing as Christians, respond to their remarks with affirmation, and the Christians who read these posts wonder if perhaps they are out of touch with what God's Word really says.  Maybe the road they are on really is too narrow, and they need to widen it just a bit. Perhaps they are missing out on the fun of life by denying themselves and taking up their crosses.  After all, these other "Christians" don't see things in such a narrow-minded way, now do they?  They claim to follow Jesus too and yet they have not stopped conforming to the world. And nobody speaks up and corrects them, do they?  No, not a word is said, and little by little, another Christian's faith is finally shipwrecked, and another witch moves up in rank.  

Take the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga crazes for an example. The Bible teaches that witchcraft is an abomination to the Lord and that God's people must abstain from the appearance of evil and about cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. End of discussion. . .  or it should be. But that is where these "attitudinal changers" come in. Their job is to cause Christians to accept the things of the devil, or at least tolerate them, and they do not rest in their quest to achieve this goal. They must accomplish this task in order to trick Christians into giving Satan "place" in their lives. These infiltrators, who mark themselves with demonic avatars and ever-present sarcasm and levity regarding the things of God, seek to lure the saints of God to fellowship at the table of devils by reading, watching and defending demonic-themed activities, books and movies.

The synthesis of Christianity and the occult is necessary to prime the church to accept the one world/New Age religion and New Age Christ. That is why you will see occult-acceptance-type threads frequently posted on Christian forums and list servs. Satan's workers must change Christians' attitudes and it takes time and much repetition to accomplish this. If every God-fearing Christian (there is no other kind but the infiltrators would have you believe otherwise) would stand up for Jesus and declare that the Harry Potter series teaches real witchcraft (which is provable) and is off-limits for a Christian--absolutely-- they would not be able to accomplish this attitudinal change in the minds and hearts of Christians!

Whether soul-subverting message board posters actually run the forum, are calculated infiltrators or are merely misguided; we must boldly contend for the faith as the Holy Spirit leads us, and not allow "change agents" of any kind to succeed in influencing our brothers and sisters in Christ to depart from the most holy faith once delivered unto the saints.

Christians, stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ on the internet! Satan's followers are not afraid to stand up for for their master! They do this on "Christian forums" daily by promoting Satan's doctrines, values and practices and attributing them to Jesus Christ. The devil is only a created being, and yet we serve the creator, the Most High God. Let us get some Holy Ghost gumption and stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ who is worthy to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing!

May God bless and strengthen his people, strong in love and Bible knowledge, to minister on Christian message boards and discussion forums and newsgroups-- even if you are not really liked there and not accepted as part of their group. That is where you are needed the most: to exhort the brethren to continue in the most holy faith and not fall away to the most unholy faith these ungodly pretenders promote.


(1) Who's gonna see the next Harry Potter movie next month?

(1) Lyin' Lisa's Candy Curse Fails to Materialize

(2) Would Jesus Participate in Halloween?



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