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John Darby's Christ Compared to Alice Bailey's Theosophical Christ

 Darby's Dispensationalist Christ

Occult/New Age Christ


World Teacher (1)

The Coming One

The Coming One

the One (2)

The One (3)

The Christ

The Christ (4) (Head of the Hierarchy)

Coming in flesh (future tense)

Is to come in the flesh (or reappear) (future tense)

Imminent Return (invisible)

Imminent Return (5) (or Reappearance)

He will cause the disappearances of Christians

(John Darby inserted the message of imminence into prophetic passages of his Bible translation.)

He will cause the disappearances of Christians (Cleansing Action)

His public coming will bring about the consummation of the age

His public coming will bring about the consummation of the age


IMPORTANT: Cyrus Scofield, who promoted John Darby's doctrines in his Scofield 1917 Reference Bible, used occult terminology in reference to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross! According to C. I. Scofield, "It was the cross of Jesus Christ . . . that made at-one-ment. 



(1) Alice Bailey wrote: "He [The World Teacher] is that Great Being whom the Christian calls the Christ; he is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the one looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman Madhi. He it is who has presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and he it is who has come out among men before, and who is again looked for. He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom."

(2) "Thus He is the One, in the sight of God, by reason of the reality which God hath given Him, in that He hath bestowed upon Him the fulness of His gifts and of His Spirit, that He may communicate them to man." The Humiliation of Christ by John Darby
(Click here for extensive documentation of John Darby referring to Jesus Christ as "the One".)

(3) Then shall the Coming One appear, His footsteps hastened through the valley of the shadow by the One of awful power Who stands upon the mountain top, breathing out love eternal, light supernal & peaceful, silent Will. Quote source:

(3) Let me make the facts somewhat clearer and enlarge somewhat upon these three modes of His appearing, of His coming, His advent and of His physical recognition by humanity: <snipped first and second modes> "By His physical appearance among men. Through His Own immediate appearance, He can establish a potent focal point of hierarchical energy upon Earth in a manner not hitherto possible." Quote source:

(4) At the head of the Hierarchy stands the Christ, the teacher of Men and Angels. He who, from the Earth's evolutions, has expressed the greatest degree of Divinity ever to grace our planet. Quote source:

(5) "We can freely aid in the reconstruction work which the Christ proposes, if we will familiarize ourselves and all men whom we can contact with the following facts: 1. That the reappearance of Christ is imminent." Quote source: The Reappearance of the Christ Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey


For more about Alice Bailey's Theosophical Christ, see The Return of the Christ at

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