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 Prayer Circles: Straight out of Witchcraft

Michelle Obama Uses Voodoo/Witchcraft Term and Urges Prayer Circles

The following comments in blue are in response to the article, "Michelle's Messiah Complex" by Judy McLeod. (

Praying with hands clasped to form a circle is not found in the Bible. This practice, adopted by churches around the world, comes directly from witchcraft. Below are excerpts from the article, "Michelle’s Messiah Complex," which indicate that witches use prayer circles to contact evil spirits.

Michelle Obama sounded very much like her husband’s good friend Oprah Winfrey when she spoke of “keeping the spirits clean around us” on the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday.

“It means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us,” said the First Lady.

Michelle Obama is sending the message that she is pleased that witches are forming prayer circles and calling the evil spirits to do battle to further the goals of the Barack Obama administration. The author of the article wants circle members to pray to God:

Pray circle members pray to God.

I disagree. Christians should not be pray in circles. Instead, pray that the saints of God will pray to him and deliberately refrain from employing the occult methodology of a prayer circle (clasping hands and forming a circle to pray.) Christians must not copy witches, who pray for the purpose of commanding evil spirits to enter the center of the circle to do their bidding.

photo of witches prayer circle

Therefore Christians must reject the methodology witches use to do this very thing. Ask God if the imitation of the way witches pray pleases him. In view of the fact that the purpose of prayer circles is to command devils to enter the circle and carry out the witches' assignments, I am sure his answer is "No."

It is the practitioners of Wicca who ask to “keep the spirits clean around us” to “the Goddess”.

Instructions about How to Cleanse Your Spirit,  according to eHow instruct followers to “visualize the white light of the Goddess falling upon you”  and to “softly say, `I release that which attempts to hold me back, in the name of the Goddess’....allow the love of the goddess to fill, protect and cleanse you.”

(Quoted from the article: "Michelle’s Messiah Complex"

Michelle Obama's remarks about prayer circles and "keeping the spirits clean around us" are also used by practitioners of Voudon (Voodoo) or Santeria. Those who are involved in Voudon/ Santeria witchcraft command much more powerful devils than those involved in Wicca.

Acknowledgement: The article, "Michelle’s Messiah Complex" was mentioned in the October 24, 2010 edition of End Time Current Events by Dr. Scott Johnson.

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