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Warning: This article is intended for adults only. 

No Greater Joy's Occult  Doctrine: Sex is Worship

Michael Pearl has placed many witchcraft markings in his ministry. "Sun God" symbolism is especially prevalent. He marked his  No Greater Joy Ministries logo with sun god symbolism, stated that "the sun [is] a symbol for God and incorporated point within a circle masonic/phallic symbolism in the cover design of his Eight Kingdoms book.

The sun god is none other than Satan, and it is Satan's views on sex that the Pearls are teaching their followers. Michael Pearl and his wife, Debi, teach that the Bible compares sex to worship and teaches their followers that a woman worships her husband when she has sexual relations with him!

The Pearls' teachings are idolatrous and Luciferian to the core. God alone is the object of the Christian's worship and sex is not worship unless you are a witch:

"In witchcraft, sex is a sacrament, an outward sign of an inward grace." (Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star by Dr. Cathy Burns  pg. 106)

Sex is integral to worship in witchcraft because it is through the vehicle of sex rituals that witches acquire the demons they covet so much. And yes, these rituals require perverted sexual acts, including "oral sex." Not surprisingly, Michael Pearl promotes oral sex in a slightly veiled manner in his Holy Sex book. Perverted sex is holy -- if your god is Satan.

Don't allow the Pearls to do damage control by citing Sarah's act of calling Abraham lord. She did this to show reverence for her husband. Sarah did not worship her husband.


Michael and Debi Pearl's Luciferian Spin on Marital Intimacy

Below are excerpts from the book, Holy Sex and Created to Be His Helpmeet in which Michael and Debi Pearl compare and equate sexual relations with worship.

Michael Pearl wants you to believe that Solomon's wife's description of her husband indicates she was worshipping him:

16 His mouth is most sweet [Again she is attracted to his mouth]: yea, he is altogether lovely. [Her answer reveals her preoccupation with his body. It is as though she is worshipping him.]

(Quote source: Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg 24)

Michael Pearl teaches that marital sexual relations are as holy as purest worship:

"If you feel that erotic pleasure between a man and his wife is beneath the holiness of God, that it is not as high and holy as is purest worship, you are out of sync with God, and your conscience needs divine instruction."

(Quote source: Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg 38) 

Mr. Pearl wants you to believe God created erotic pleasure in the image of worship and that the Bible compares sex to worship:

"If you still haven't come to accept my stated conclusion, then tell me, what did God create that is in the image of worship if not erotic pleasure?" Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg. 55

"If the only worship you have experienced has been ritualistic and structured, or if the only sex you have experienced is selfish and dirty, you will not be able to understand the analogy of erotic pleasure to worship, which God so clearly "pictures" in his inspired word."

(Quote source: Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg. 55)

According to Michael, sex that is experienced in purity is the closest thing to worship and heaven that one can get while here on earth:

"To answer your question briefly: God designed erotic pleasure as a gift to the human race. When experienced in purity, it is the closest thing to worship and heaven this side of the New Jerusalem."

(Quote source: No Greater Joy newsletter (July-August 2003)

If one's god is Satan then yes, one does worship him by means of erotic pleasure -- sex rituals. In witchcraft rituals there is something they regard as "ritual purity." It is that kind of "purity" in which witches experience erotic pleasure so as to get closer in worship of their god.

Michael Pearl even more boldly revealed his Luciferian beliefs in the following statementespecially his remark that sex is where body, soul and spirit merge into oneness:

"Sex, where body, soul, and spirit merge into oneness, was created in the image of communion within the Godhead. Erotic pleasure was created in the image of worship."

(Quote source: Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg. 54)

Warning: The merging of body, soul and spirit into oneness is the goal of witches and all New Agers/occultists not Christians! See footnote (1)

Michael Pearl would have his followers/donators believe that sex is as sacred as prayer:

"Can erotic pleasure be as sacred as prayer?" Can the sensual and the spiritual both be the creation of God, with equal standing?"

(Quote source: Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg. 6)

Sex is as sacred as prayer if one's prayers are to Satan. Erotic pleasure equals worship if one serves Satan. Almost 100% of satanic and many witchcraft rituals require sex. Luciferians, not Christians, regard sex as worship.

The more perverse the sex rituals, the higher the level of devils will enter the bodies of the participants. The worship of the genitalia is integral to occultism of every variety. Whether in reference to the male [phallic worship/Freemasonry] or the female witch's obtainment of a young man's bodily fluids in order to gain demonic control over him, Satan especially "rewards" those who engage in Tantra-inspired sex worship (oral congress) precisely because it is perverse unnatural in the sight of the God of the Holy Bible.

Michael Pearl repeatedly alluded to oral sexual gratification for married couples in his book, Holy Sex. He claimed such acts are depicted in the Song of Solomon, which he crassly referred to as "God's book on sex" (2). Michael's wife, Debi, dubbed The Song of Solomon, "God's novel about sex." (3) (3)(3


Are the Sensual and Spiritual Equal in the Sight of God?

Michael Pearl wrote,

"Can the sensual and the spiritual both be the creation of God, with equal standing?"

(Holy Sex page 6) 

My reply: The sensual and spiritual are on equal standing only if one's god is "the One" — the god of Witchcraft and Wiccans. These groups "work to achieve balance and harmony within nature and self." (4) It is telling that Michael Pearl refers to his god as "the One." (5)


Debi Pearl and Daughter Also Teach "Sex is Worship"

The sex as worship occult doctrine is taught in Debi Pearl's book, Created to be His Help Meet via a letter authored by "Brenda" who wrote to the Pearls thanking them for reassuring her that worshipping her husband during sexual relations is God's will:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearl,

When I picked up your book, Holy Sex, I was afraid to read it. I thought you would tell me that what I was feeling was wrong--but you didn't, and instead you have given me a wonderful gift . . .  Enjoying my husband has always been fine with me, but I have experienced a deeper longing and a "hunger" for him. I thought this was wrong. Times when I kissed and touched him from head to toe, for me were feelings of adoration and sometimes worship of him, and I felt it was wrong. I loved him so much, I desired to pour all of my being into him, but I struggled with whether it was right to do so.

(Quote source: Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl pg 171) [bold emphasis added]

According to Debi Pearl, Brenda's experience—which includes her feelings of worship for her husband during head to toe kissing—is what God intends for all married couples:

"This couple is experiencing what God intends for all married couples. In husband-and-wife relationships, God always speaks first to the wife, telling her to submit, and then to the husband, to love. Brenda's relationship with her husband started with her attitude of honor and thanksgiving toward him. You can see where it took her."

(Quote source: Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl pg 171)

It is Satan, the "sun god," not the God of the Holy Bible, who intends for woman to worship man and his generative organ by way of sexual relations.

Debi Pearl: God Uses Sex to Illustrate Our Relationship to Him

Mrs. Pearl wants her readers to believe that sex is so otherworldly (existing outside of or not in accordance with nature) that God uses sexual intercourse to illustrate our relationship with him:

The physical union between a man and a woman is so beautiful, so otherworldly, that God uses sexual intercourse to illustrate our relationship to him.

(Quote source: Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl pg. 172)


Debi Pearl: Sex is Earthly Example of Divine Worship

Also in her book, Created to be His Help Meet, under the heading, Several Good Reasons to be Sexy for Your Man, Debi Pearl indicates that sex is intended by God to be an earthly example of divine worship:

"It is intended by God to be an earthly example of divine worship and intimacy."

(Quote source: Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl pg. 176)

Rebekah Pearl Anast and Gabriel Anast, (Michael and Debi Pearl's daughter and son-in-law respectively) echoed the "sex is worship" occult doctrine, but they restricted the worship part to the woman:

"Sex is not just a pleasurable act of procreation. It is an act of kindness, care, and generosity. For a woman, it is like an act of worship; for a man, it is an act of joy in the blessings and gifts of his wife."

(Quote source: "Safeguarding Your Children" Article by Rebekah and Gabriel Anast, September 2003) [bold emphasis added] (6)


Contrary to the Pearls' teachings, Christians do not worship God by having sex in marriage, Christian wives do not worship their husbands, and Christians do not use Masonic symbols on book covers that depict worship of the male generative organ.


Satan's followers, not Christians, regard sex as worship. (7)


End Notes

(1) Occult practioners engage in centering, grounding and expansion (demons are always involved) in order to accomplish the uniting of body, soul and spirit. They believe:

"When body, mind, and spirit are unified, when you direct your attention outward, you'll experience life as a unified field of boundless, free flowing energy and knowledge. You'll feel your identity as something greater than before, a presence that is everywhere, that is inside everything in the world."

(2) Michael Pearl wrote:

"God's book on sex doesn't take us very far into the bedroom of this couple. . . It is totally natural for married lovers to taste each other from head to toe." (Holy Sex by Michael Pearl pg. 60)

(3) "As you read " 'God's' novel about sex," ask yourself if you feel toward your husband the same hunger as the shepherd girl did for her lover." (Quote from Created to Be His Help Meet, page 176)

(4) Quoted from: Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism FAQ

(5) Michael Pearl calls God "the One" in his book, By Divine Design:

In timelessness God existed alone with Himself. He is They, and They are He. He is one, yet the One is three, and the Three are one. By Divine Design pg. 1) bold emphasis added

(6) Archived Article at:[sViewPointer]=7&cHash=fc34b975ad


(7) Examples of sex as worship by Satan's followers:

"--A higher level is by burning churches, doing all kind of sexual aberrations, steeling (sic), drugs..."

"   .. And, of course, it may end up with a sexual orgy with all kind of abominations and abuses, under the influence of drugs."


Quote source:


Also see:  Witchcraft Terms in Debi Pearl's Created to be His Help Meet Book


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