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"The Plan": A Critique of the Gospel of Left Behind

A Exposure of the New Age Gospel Presentation on

Please read the announcement before you read the articles.

Index of Articles

Salvation From Trouble Rather Than Salvation From Sin

"LEFT BEHIND" Gospel Leaves Behind the Holiness of God!

"LEFT BEHIND" Gospel Leaves Behind the Doctrine of Hell!

"The Plan" Teaches That Man, Through Spiritual Illumination, Realizes the Divine Nature Within Him!

Why Does The Plan Contain New Age Keywords? 

"LEFT BEHIND" Gospel Leaves Behind the Only Begotten Son, the Virgin Birth...the Real Lord Jesus Christ!

"The Plan" --What Does This Phrase Mean to New Agers?

"LEFT BEHIND" Gospel Leaves Behind the Blood of Jesus!

"LEFT BEHIND" Gospel: Why Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? 

More New Age gospels: Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series and The New Age Gospel of Stewart Best

God's Wrath on Left Behind is now free. Media rate shipping charges apply.

Announcement: As of February 1, 2002, THE PLAN was removed from the official Left Behind website. has replaced what I have termed their New Age Gospel presentation with another one. The original THE PLAN (from is archived here.

Please read my articles about original version of THE PLAN because they the reveal New Age, One World Church doctrines promoted via the "gospel" presentation. The Left Behind Series also contains shocking New Age teachings which are detailed in the book, God's Wrath on Left Behind.

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