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The New Age Gospel of Left Behind

Why Does "The Plan" Contain New Age Keywords?

The following indented section is another segment of the "gospel" presentation that used to be on the official Left Behind website.

I have placed in bold text the New Age terms in this section of the Plan, and I want you to ask yourself what the author is accomplishing with the use of these words?   

The Plan

God is the creator of heaven and earth.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1) God is a rational, thinking, feeling, loving being who created the universe and loves us. He is separate and distinct from that which he created, as a painter is distinct from his painting. He is not the "Force," or the "Chi" or some other impersonal cosmic energy permeating the universe.

(Quote source: The Plan from

The author inserted New Age words for "god" into this section of The Plan. These words have been used in this New Age gospel presentation for a purpose. Have you ever heard the example of someone telling you not to think of a polka-dotted elephant?  What do you immediately do? Your mind forms a picture of the very thing you are told not to think about. The thought is placed there because the command to not think of it implants the idea into your mind. 

New Age words are being used in The Plan so these words will become familiar to you, and will be associated with certain things, which I will show you shortly.  Incidentally, all three of the words Force, Chi, and impersonal cosmic energy are really euphemisms for very personal "energies": devils.

The author has these three New Age keywords follow the two sentences which are supposedly about God and his attributes.  Your mind will automatically associate the words, Force, Chi, and impersonal cosmic energy with God because your mind is already in that flow of reasoning, and the non-italicized "not" is easily forgotten as the mind absorbs the three words: "Force," "Chi," and cosmic energy. I wonder why the anonymous author did not make a point of telling the reader that these words are synonyms for devils?

Imagine a man in the act of robbing a store who exclaims, "I am not the thief!" as the police burst in upon the scene. That is really sending the message that he is the thief. The circumstances that surround his statement belied the statement, because they indicated he was the thief.

Perhaps you are a Christian and you are under the impression that the three New Age keywords strategically placed in the sentence quoted above have not affected you in the least. Do you think an unbeliever would not be affected?  Do you think God cares that his holy name is being connected to New Age words that refer to demons?

Below is another quote from The Plan:

And the Lord God formed a man's body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person. (Genesis 2:7) We were created with a purpose and are the crown of all things God made. We are the objects of his infinite love. We are not a product of natural law and statistical probability merely on our way to becoming a higher life form.

The same subliminal technique is being used here also. Notice the author used another "string of threes" that actually reinforces the New Age words so they are absorbed into the reader's mind!

The beginning sentences are about how God made man that human beings are the objects of his love. The last sentence tacked on in this line of reasoning lists things that we are not: a product of natural law, statistical probability, and a higher life form.  

Again, the reader will absorb these three phrases into his mind and associate them with what man is, because that is what the sentences immediately prior to it are about. "Not" is not emphasized, which is important, because if the word "not" was emphasized, then the reader would perceive it as a stop sign and he would reject the following wrong words rather than permit them to slip into his mind unnoticed.

Why did the unnamed author of "The Plan" tell you what God is not, but then fail to explain that he is holy, which is an essential aspect of his nature? Because the god of is not the God of the Holy Bible.

New Age Gospel of Left Behind

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