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George Ricker Berry, Darby Translation & KJV Compared

 Chart Headings and verses of special note

"the blessed and only Ruler" REPLACES the blessed and only Potentate

John Darby and Thomas Newberry CHANGED 1 Tim 6:15 to state that Jesus Christ is the only ruler (rather than the only Potentate). They also marked their "bible" translations for their master by making the term, "ruler" apply to Satan as well!

Satan's followers regard Christians as slaves: bondman (slave) REPLACES servant

Test of antichrist changed to prepare for the New Age Christ: Jesus Christ coming in the flesh REPLACES Jesus Christ is come in the flesh

divine or divinely REPLACES Godhead or God

Working of error REPLACES strong delusion

wonders of falsehood REPLACES lying wonders

object of veneration REPLACES worshipped

the lawless one REPLACES that Wicked and annul by the appearing of his coming REPLACES destroy by the brightness of his coming

According to John Darby, Lucifer "didst prostate the nations": Darby Translation replaces weakens with prostrate (the first definition is bow down, obey, submit, etc )

Gehenna/Hades REPLACES Hell

pre-trib conditioning (trial REPLACES temptation)

false prophet and spirits of demons working signs REPLACES false prophet and spirits of devils working miracles

once saved always saved conditioning: John Darby removed conditional part of Bible verse

seal/name of God ON foreheads REPLACES seal/name of God IN foreheads

mark of the beast ON hand REPLACES mark of the beast IN hand

judgment REPLACES damnation

destructive sects REPLACES damnable heresies

temporary hell REPLACES eternal hell

an only-begotten with a father REPLACES the only begotten of the Father (Does your Bible "version" do the same?)

Jesus Christ blessed to the ages REPLACES being blessed forever

The Coming One (the name of the New Age Christ)  REPLACES "he that should come"

the Christ REPLACES Christ (New Age writer Alice Bailey et al refer to New Age leader as the Coming One or "the Christ.")

Jesus Christ is teacher/leader REPLACES Jesus Christ is Master

Jesus Christ received homage REPLACES Jesus Christ received worship

the beast received homage REPLACES the beast received worship

nations REPLACES heathen

God  receives glory in the assembly REPLACES God receives glory in the church

age REPLACES world (New Age bible translators are not looking for the world to come. They are looking for the New Age or consummation of the ages to come.)

assembly REPLACES church

announcing the Lord's death REPLACES shewing the Lord's death (There is a BIG difference between announcing that Jesus Christ is dead (he is not dead!) and shewing or demonstrating his death.)

demons REPLACES devils

new covenant REPLACES new testament

lawlessness REPLACES iniquity

(Whoremongers is more inclusive than fornicators.) fornicators REPLACES whoremongers

unfaithful REPLACES believe not

overthrowing reasonings REPLACES casting down imaginations

Changes for the Sake of Change/Doctrinal Changes


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