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Modern Textual Criticism is Founded Upon Rationalism

Modern textual criticism is founded upon Rationalism. Rationalism (which led to modernism) is based on man's reasoning and rejects spiritual revelation from God:

RATIONALISM places a high value on HUMAN REASON (what man thinks) and places a low value (or no value) on DIVINE REVELATION (what God has said in His Word, the Bible). The emphasis is upon REASON rather than REVELATION (God's revealed truth). (1)

Rationalists deny the supernatural inspiration of Scripture (they deem God a liar) and are lost in their sins. Unbelievers, regardless of their expertise in Hebrew or ancient Greek, are not qualified to tell the church what is and what is not the word of God.

Wolves in sheep's clothing, under the guise of scholarship, have long used textual criticism to undermine the authority of the Authorized Version:

“Textual Criticism, the evaluation of the actual manuscripts in the ancient languages, the preparation of printed editions of the Hebrew and Greek Text, and the modern translations now being made in English and many other languages, are very largely conducted under the direction or influence of scholars who by their adoption of these erroneous theories have betrayed the unreliability of their judgment in these vital matters. WE MUST NOT PERMIT OUR JUDGMENT TO BE OVERAWED BY GREAT NAMES IN THE REALM OF BIBLICAL ‘SCHOLARSHIP’ WHEN IT IS SO CLEARLY EVIDENT THAT THE DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS OF THE PRESENT CENTURY ARE MERELY REPRODUCING THE CASE PRESENTED BY RATIONALISTS DURING THE LAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS. Nor should we fail to recognize that scholarship of this kind has degenerated into a skeptical crusade against the Bible, tending to lower it to the level of an ordinary book of merely human composition” (Terance Brown, If the Foundations Be Destroyed, T.B.S Article No. 14, p. 13). (2)


(2) Textual Criticism and Infidelity


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