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"Christian" Message Boards: Christian or Satanic

 A "Christian" Pre-Trib Message Board Run By Satan's Workers

The purpose of this article is to expose some of the ways a large, allegedly Christian Pretrib message board whose aim is to supposedly make believers "Rapture Ready" is being used to undermine and neutralize the faith of Christians rather than build them up in the most holy faith. This particular "Christian" forum is administrated by people who have a satanic agenda. By no means is this the only one; there are many more. The things they do to destroy the faith of Christians and to intimidate real Christians from speaking out for the truth of the Bible is outrageous.

I have watched them for a long time and can see that they have a consistent pattern of promoting ungodly values as well as pro globalist/NWO political viewpoints. They are so intent on this mission that they ridicule, intimidate, and ban anyone who posts documentation to try to counteract their anti-Christian agenda.


No Public I.P's: Administrators Use Aliases To Control The Tone of the Forums

This forum does not use IP's to identify posters so that any reader can verify that each user name is indeed connected to one individual poster. The practice of not displaying IP's enables the administrators to use several aliases so as to gain the appearance of an ungodly liberal majority where none exists in actuality. Their use of aliases serves to convince the readers of their forum that it is perfectly normal for a Christian to live his life conforming to the world and yielding to the lusts of the flesh. After all, the saints of God are saved by grace so holy living is irrelevant, right?

The administrators do use IP's privately to identify posters for their own purposes, such as disallowing banned posters to come back in and read their secret forums which are closed to the public. 

They use IP's for their own advantage of having several aliases and to prevent those who would like to know what is going on from being able to register again. If what they are promoting in their private end time forums is God's work, why hide it from the public? People don't cover with darkness what is of God. Satan works under the cover of darkness and in secrecy, not God.

The use of aliases enables the administrators to insult and intimidate into silence the God-fearing, real Bible-believing posters without looking like they are the ones who are doing it. It is a disgustingly manipulative ploy, and very effective. What they have not yet done is change their style of writing to totally cover this up. If you watch carefully you will see how the style of a particularly rude poster (with a very masculine-sounding user name) matches the writing style of a certain administrator. Now that you know about this, don't fall for it any longer. 

This is not a Christian message board run by Christian administrators, but is actually a message board run by Satan's followers who pose as Christians. They have become so arrogant that some do not even bother to try to appear authentic anymore. Some of the posters, however, are Christians and do not know what is going on exactly, but are troubled and are becoming spiritually subverted by the postings designed to erode their faith and desensitize them to the godly values taught in the Word of God. Also, many of the posters are also satanists and back up and provide a vocal majority to the ungodly and anti-Christian attitudes and agendas promoted on the forum. Some of these posters are brazen enough to mark themselves with satanic avatars and user names. Those who refrain from being this blatant surely mark themselves with the content of their posts.


Manipulation Through the "Private Messenger" System

People who post to this forum need to understand that their private message posts (PMs) are not necessarily private. Anything they write in their PMs could be read by the administrators and used against them. For example, if a poster complained about the ungodly attitude of an administrator to a fellow "poster" in a PM, he could be unknowingly writing that note to the alias of the administrator he complained about, or one of their friends. That person may find himself baited into some kind of confrontation or he may reveal his feelings of concern about the bias of the administrators, and be banned before he knows what happened to him. 

No, I was not banned due to the content of my private messages. I was very careful with my PM's to this forum. I was banned because I politely but straightforwardly told one particularly brazen administrator that she was using propaganda techniques to try to persuade the readers to disregard the documentation in my post and the posts of others that do not go along with the way the government wants Christians to think about the smallpox vaccine. She had no defense for her obvious actions so she banned me. The forum administrators will not permit people who work to counter their agenda to have posting privileges. 

NOTE: It is possible, though not ethical, for administrators of vBulletin message boards to read private messages. This important question was brought up on the vBulletin Community forum.

Shoe wrote:

Would the administrator be able to read private messages. What are the legalities here?

chrispadfield responded:

Yes because they would be in the mySQL database. Legalities, i guess depends upon what you put in your terms and conditions and privacy policy.

(Quote source: vBulletin Community Forum)


Manipulating the Page Views

Another way the administrators seek to manipulate the readers of their forum is by changing the page views to suit their agenda. For example, if they want to increase interest in a thread (a thread that furthers their agenda), they can up the page views so that posters will think there is a huge interest in that topic and so will read it to find out why so many others are reading it. 

If they want to discourage an interest in a thread that is already there, they decrease the number of page views in the hopes of discouraging visits to that thread. This is done regularly and is quite effective. Do not allow your thinking about a topic to be manipulated by page views. It is very easy to manipulate them.

Administrators and Their Aliases Role Model Sinful "Christianity"

The administrators are spiritual role models for the posters. Even though they certainly do not deserve this role, they have it simply because they are administrators or moderators of a purportedly Christian message board. Many new Christians or seekers sign up for this forum because they think it is a real Christian forum. It does not take them long to be conditioned to believe that rock and roll music is acceptable entertainment for a Christian, God does not care one whit about modesty, Christians may watch popular sin-exalting television shows just like the world, Christians drink beer just like the world, Christians read horror novels like the world, Christians jump on the occult-themed entertainment bandwagon such as the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings craze. Christians tell jokes that mimic dirty jokes, Christians watch R-rated movies and steal software by copying it just like the world, Christians may be members of satanic secret societies such as Skull and Bones, etc.


Modest Apparel is a Big Joke

One thread was so disgustingly manipulative that even I was shocked. They really used overkill on a particular thread to convince the readers of their forum that modesty is a big joke and God couldn't care less about modesty. The administrators blatantly showed their true colors by mocking modest dressing over and over again and by stating that people who wore shorts would go to hell. They were mocking modesty and the Holy God of the Bible who gave the command for Christians to be modest.

It struck me as I watched the video, Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force for the second time, that the forum administrators' mockery of God's command that his people dress in modest apparel was a set up for the viewers to accept the immodest clothing Chloe wore in the movie which displayed lots of plunging necklines and cleavage. The anti-Christian example is that women can be Christians and show off their bodies just like the lost world that is on their way to hell. Christian women can dress seductively just like the strange woman the Bible warns about and go alone to visit a man at his home to pursue a romantic relationship. (More about this in my review of Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force.)

Dear remnant Christian, mocking God's Word is as bad as mocking God, or worse. God magnifies his word above his name, and when a purportedly Christian forum exalts what God hates (such as Halloween, Harry Potter, demonic rock and roll, occult-themed literature, etc), you need to understand that it is not Christian. Rather, it is a front for Satan's workers to infiltrate and destroy the faith of God's people.

This allegedly Christian forum has a rule that is totally anti-biblical and is therefore a major red flag: nobody may judge a person's salvation for any reason, including their fruits. (note: They have removed this particular item from their decidedly sarcastic list of rules.) The Lord Jesus Christ taught that we will know who truly belongs to Him by observing their fruits, but the forum's administrators are adamant about conditioning Christians to not judge a person's profession of faith by his fruits, or actions. 

The administrator's unscriptural rule has a purpose. If Christians obeyed God and judged their professed brethren by their fruits, the administrators would be exposed because their fruits—which are revealed by their postings—would reveal their real master. Conditioning Christians to not know their brother by his fruits is to set them up to follow false leaders who pose as Christians...and ultimately the Antichrist.

President Bush's Christ-Denying Behavior Defended

One poster questioned President Bush's salvation because he is a member of the secret satanic society of Skull and Bones. She was rebuked for questioning how light can fellowship with darkness. The forum's administrators want the readers to think George Bush is a Christian and to follow him wherever he leads— even straight into the New World Order. 

Another brave Christian stood up for Jesus and mentioned George Bush's Christ-denying act of participating in a Ramadan Iftaar dinner. Praise God she is not being intimidated by those who defend this wickedness and try to beguile the readers of the forum to think that If you say you are a Christian, then you must be - even if you participate in a spiritual celebration to a false god and promote that false god in a speech! This is called fellowshipping at the table of devils in scripture, and God says you cannot do both. President Bush did both and the forum's administrators say who are we to judge? You had better learn to discern between the holy and the profane now, because if you don't, you will easily think that antichrist is the real God later. 

Praise the Lord for the remnant Christians who are standing up for Jesus and exposing and opposing President Bush's soul-subverting antichrist example. Of course the Administration "moved" this post. They could not defend the indefensible, even though they tried. The post exposing Bush's complete lack of the testimony of Jesus was "moved" to nowhere, or deleted. Just putting the word "moved" on it when it was deleted is lying. Real Christians do not serve God by lying, which is a tool of the devil.

Administrators Panic When Someone Suggests President Bush Might Be the Antichrist

I am not stating that President Bush is THE Antichrist (even though his actions, like many professed Christians,   deny Jesus Christ) but the administrators of this private, controlled forum will not allow a poster to voice the opinion that he could possibly be the antichrist. They panicked over this one. Why would they get so worried about someone expressing this opinion?  President Bush has already gone so far as to say that God's word is revealed in the Koran: "And Ramadan commemorates the revelation of God's word in the Holy Koran to the prophet Mohammad — a word that is read and recited with special attention and reverence by Muslims during this season." See: President Bush: Koran is God's word

Isn't it interesting that this allegedly Christian-run message forum is united in their efforts to influence the Christian readers to believe that President George Bush is a Christian? Is it not rather telling that they panic when someone wonders if he might possibly be the antichrist? (By the way, I do not believe President Bush is Antichrist. I am commenting on the fact that discussion about the possible identity of the Antichrist is forbidden on a forum which is largely devoted to endtime discussions.)

Why did the administrators fail to mention their supposed doctrinal belief that the antichrist will not even be revealed until all Christians have been taken to heaven via the rapture? They did not even mention this fundamental pretrib belief. Instead, their top priority was to silence the poster for stating her opinion about the possible identity of the antichrist. Putting an immediate stop to her musings about President George Bush was a much more pressing concern than stating that such a discussion is doctrinally not feasible (according to the pretrib view) in the first place. 

Update: 5/15/03 The administrators are now boldly removing and locking threads that post documented news articles about President Bush's activities. You already know that any thread that threatens their agenda is ridiculed, bumped down to the bottom of the page,  moved, or removed to another, other less-frequented forum. If you speak up about this, they might retaliate and ban you. This is their custom, and few have challenged them. If you don't speak up for fear of being banned, then you are denying Christ by your silence. You are denying that he is preeminent, and that he is worthy to take a stand for—no matter what happens. Please, don't allow this or any other forum, list serv, or newsgroup prime you to think it is acceptable for Christians to not speak the truth in the name of the Lord. The enemy is coming in like a flood and God is raising up a standard against him. Jesus works through his people. Will you permit him to use you?

Speak up, and if you get banned for politely, but firmly refusing to submit to their ungodly agendas, then expose them. Tell others about the goings-on at this forum that are not consistent with the standard of conduct God requires of Christians. If you permit them to get away with maintaining the reputation of being a Christian message board while the administrators are not walking the real Christian walk through their postings and are setting falling-away-from-the-faith examples, then you are actually helping them achieve their goals.

New Christians sign up for that forum all the time. Are you willing to co-operate with the administrators by shrinking back from countering posts that promote ungodliness? If you will not stand up for truth, the newborn babes will be subverted from the right way of the Lord! It costs something to be true to Jesus Christ. And some have been true to him on that forum, and God has received glory through their faithfulness. Jesus is worthy, praise God!


Posts Exposing the Police State and New World Order are Ridiculed

This pseudo Christian message board constantly has their workers mock posts that expose the New World Order. They also unfailingly tell the poster concerned about our freedoms being rapidly eroded that there is nothing that can be done about and just wait for the rapture. The last thing they want is for Christians to wake up and repent before the tribulation begins. They want Christians to passively not occupy until Jesus comes and their people constantly accuse anyone who exposes the One World Order agenda as being a fear monger. They do not want Christians to take action and be salt and prepare spiritually for the time of persecution ahead. Instead, they encourage Christians to do nothing and wait to disappear. 


New World Order? Yawn . . . Don't Pay it Any Mind

A typical example of how the administrators use their forum to promote the New World Order agenda is by having a dismissive attitude toward any poster who brings up things they do not want Christians to know about. One poster brought up the fact that  citizens of the United States are presently losing their privacy and freedoms—especially after the Homeland Security Act has passed through the House and is on its way to being quickly passed through the Senate. This is fulfilling the Beast's plan to rule the world, and the administrators of this fake Christian forum work around the clock posting and keeping other posters in check to make certain the readers of their forum are deceived into believing that Christians have no problem with the system of the beast!

The consistent pattern is this: nothing major has changed to affect the freedoms of the average US citizen, the government wants the best for us (even when evidence proves otherwise), President Bush is a Christian no matter what he does that indicates otherwise and no matter how much legislation he passes that steals our remaining freedoms. and most important, there is no need to worry—the rapture is coming. Nothing really bad will happen in the United States until after the rapture has occurred. This theme is constantly repeated. This is propagandist  conditioning.  

What are they trying to prevent Christians from finding out? Why do they always downplay serious documentation that exposes the danger of the New World Order? They either minimize these dangers or ignore posts that pinpoint happenings in the news that clearly show the New World Order is being implemented in full force right now. You will not read any posts by administrators of this forum warning about the satanic New World Order regime and seek to motivate the readers of their forums to resist it for their very soul's sake. Instead, they always promote the  sit-back-and-relax-because-the-rapture-is-coming ploy. This is just like the wolf posing as Red Riding Hood's grandmother: "All the better to eat you with my dear!" And indeed, it is all the better for those implementing Satan's kingdom on earth—the One World Order—if Christians passively wait to disappear, because making Christians disappear is exactly what the New World Order planners have ordered.

They are implementing the plan to neutralize Christians in preparation for the coming NWO takeover. This message board administration (with the aid of their manufactured aliases and real life helpers) has been working hard to condition God's people to have a passive, resigned attitude toward the impending global government being thrust upon Americans in its final stages. They also try to influence their forum readers to discount the ominous signs that point to the mark of the beast. Please don't fall for their agenda. Counter their agenda by posting the truth and standing firm upon it.  


Forced Vaccines: Just What the NWO Ordered

The administration consistently posts letters that laud the value of the dangerous smallpox vaccine, and play down the risks. They do not like it when posters provide documentation about the serious side effects of the smallpox vaccine, and they have consistently discounted this evidence. They will even move or delete posts that counter their pro-vaccine and pro-whatever-One-Worlders-want-Christians-to-think stance. They really want the Christian readers of their forum to think that vaccines are necessary for good health even though they contain health-destroying ingredients. Anyone who exposes the very real health risks of the smallpox vaccine is dismissed as a paranoid fear mongerer. (The name calling propaganda technique.)

The administrators also push the government line that of course Americans should have the smallpox vaccine forced upon them against their will if there is an outbreak of smallpox. Anyone who refuses the vaccination would be endangering others' lives. This is New World Order conditioning: give up your constitutional rights is for the good of all!


What Happens When a Poster Complains to the Administrators About Unfair Treatment?

The administrators do not accept criticism in a humble fashion, which is the only way that is Christ-like. If a poster was treated unfairly and says so, the administrator will respond in the usual fashion that sends the message that they will do what they please  with their message board—period. If the message board was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, they would not dream of behaving in such a fashion towards members of their forum. Another administrator will of course come on and back him/her up in his refusal to apologize and refusal to make things right toward the offended poster. Usually, nobody step in to help the lone poster for fear of being banned by the "Christian" administrators. To make matters even more stacked against the protesting mistreated poster, an administrator's alias will come on and admonish the poster for protesting his unfair treatment. It is very obvious that the administrators do not fear the real Lord Jesus Christ. They fear another god, however, and they doggedly work to further his agenda.


Another Ploy Used to Get Rid of Posts That Fly in the Face of Their Satanic Agenda is the "Bumping" Ploy

This ploy is used so consistently that it cannot be coincidence. Administrators will get rid of offending threads (Satan-exposing threads) by having their "board workers" get rid of it by posting many new threads or responding to other threads where previously there had been little interest. This causes the offending thread (which exposes Satan's snares to destroy the church) to quickly fall down to the bottom of the page and on to the next where it can be forgotten or deleted without being as obvious.

They do not want the readers of the forum to question the government policy on anything— including taking smallpox vaccinations. They give the government line on almost everything, and mock posters who bring up sound arguments against their political agendas. 


Justifying Theft

When the Administration of a "Christian" message forum justifies theft (such as copying mp3 files with the intention of never paying for the CDs), they are showing their true colors. Beware. Christians do not defraud other people and try to ensnare other Christians into justifying stealing as well. God calls people who steal thieves; and thieves do not inherit the kingdom of God:

 "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Cor. 6:9-10 There is no such thing as a Christian thief. Satan wants you to think so, but then he will do anything to deceive you into giving him place so you will eventually "draw back unto perdition."


Defending Halloween

One very telling thread was about Halloween. A poster brought up this Halloween and almost immediately an administrator came on and told him that they had gone through this subject in the past, and if he did not choose to celebrate Halloween that was his business. You get the idea. Celebrating Halloween is something a Christian is permitted to do; it is really up to him if he choose to partake or not. A man did speak against it, and sure enough the administrator spoke in support of  Halloween rather than warn of the spiritual danger of giving place to the devil.

The Harry Potter threads are very revealing too. The Harry Potter series is often defended by other posters and you will not see an administrator come on and rebuke them for promoting these occultic books. They will, however, come on and rebuke anyone who posts against their agenda. Also, isn't it interesting that the administrators do not prohibit occultic avatars?  Why do they allow people to post as professed Christians while using satanic user names and avatars? 

It is all about conditioning. In order to prepare the New World Order Church for Antichrist's global government, Christians must undergo attitudinal changes. That is the reason for message boards of this nature. Christians are conditioned to think they may use occult avatars and  read, listen to, and watch occult-themed entertainment. Christians are given daily examples through carefully devised posts that they may profess Jesus Christ but serve Satan in their daily lives. Christians are taught that they may worship a "God" that allows his children to fellowship at the table of devils. These evil examples are examples of the grave spiritual harm that these kinds of message forums are doing to the real body of Christ.


Administration will not warn against the latest satanic games (or most things satanic, for that matter)

The administration typically makes appearances in threads that are about the newest occult crazes. Usually they will play down the seriousness of a Christian playing occult-themed games. At this point they are laying low and just not saying anything on these kinds of threads. Isn't that interesting? They will not condemn occult-themed leisure activities. 

The reason for this is simple. Satan may devour a Christian if he is given place. That is why Paul wrote that Satan is seeking whom he may devour—who he is given permission to devour. When Christians touch they occult (no matter how well-disguised it is) they are giving permission to the devil to devour them. 

When a Christian embraces the occult— no matter how it is presented—(games, books, movies, music, message board avatars, New Age medicine, etc.) he is giving place to the devil, and Satan's workers know it. That is why they work so hard in their Christian disguises to deceive the people of God into discounting the evil of touching Satan's realm in any way. They do not want Christians to know that touching Satan's realm is like eating a little arsenic. It will kill a Christian spiritually if he does not repent. All Christians are commanded to reprove (expose) the works of darkness. Why are these so-called Christian administrators not doing this—and banning those who do?  Because they work for Satan. (Witches, specifically)


Promoting Worldliness

The administration's agenda is not consistently that of the Holy Bible. Watch for their worldly attitudes and how they promote worldliness to the unwary Christian. They do not want Christians to understand that grace reigns through righteousness, not ungodliness. Their posts reflect an intent to deceive the readers into thinking that anything goes as a Christian because after all we are under grace. But the grace they promote is not the grace that brings salvation because their posts do not contain the truths that we must deny worldly lusts and live soberly and godly in this present world. This is what the grace that brings salvation teaches. The Bible says he that sows to the flesh reaps corruption. This forum teaches, through the administrators' or their aliases' postings, that if you sow to the flesh you reap automatic forgiveness rather than reap corruption like the Bible warns. (See Gal. 6:8) The Bible teaches that there is therefore no more condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (Rom. 8:1) The content of the administrators posts leaves the impression that there is no more condemnation to them who profess Christ Jesus but continue to sow to the flesh. After all, Jesus paid it all, and since none of us are sinless, it does not matter how we live. This is Satan's send-you-to-hell lie.

Sure, they will post some messages that are right and biblical. They have to do that to have some credibility.. but how much leaven does it take to leaven the whole lump? Just a little. (Gal. 5:9) And they have more than a little. Sure enough they will not speak against Halloween and they do not suggest that Christians take a stand against Halloween through prayer. They will always either be silent or speak against articles posted about Bible deliverance from evil spirits for Christians. Being silent on a matter can send a very loud message sometimes.


They Foster Distrust Between Pretribbers and Post-tribbers

What I have noticed at this forum that is particularly evil (no wonder they hide these forums from the public) is their practice of pitting Christians against each other because of differences in endtime beliefs. I will never forget the day one of the administrators said that post-trib Christians were like pigs because they did not know how to look up. This remark was presented as a joke, but the message of contempt was obvious. Nobody dared to rebuke him because they know what happens when administrators at this pretended Christian forum are held to biblical standards. The real Christian who speaks up is usually banned.

There is an unwritten rule on bogus Christian message boards that no matter how anti-Christ an administrator behaves, he/she is above the level of a biblically-based rebuke. This is one very accurate way to tell if a forum is run by Christians or by people posing as Christians. The Bible commands God's people to admonish one another in love. If the alleged Christian administrator/moderator responds to correction with sarcasm and comebacks or retaliates by banning the person who points out their obvious ungodliness, you can be sure  they are merely Christian pretenders—and not very good pretenders at that.

Notice if the administrators work to foster distrust between pre-trib and post-trib Christians. (On forums run by preterist Christians, infiltrators do the same thing. They work to pit the preterists against the post-trib and pre-trib Christians.) This is Satan's goal because when the tribulation begins (ie martial law and the purging of Christians from society) Christians will have been conditioned to not trust and work with each other. It is anti-Christ to manipulate true Christians into thinking they must not love and forebear one another simply because they are not in agreement on Bible prophecy. If professed Christians post like Satan's followers or keep quiet when they should be speaking out against Satan's snares, they need to be exposed. If Christians differ on their beliefs about Bible prophecy, they need to forbear one another patiently while continuing to share the truth in love. Yes, Christians are to judge—righteous judgment. If we refuse to obey the Lord and abstain from the appearance of evil (including abstaining from forums where the administrators behave in an evil manner) we will follow these people with an evil appearance right where they are going—to perdition.


Purpose of Bogus Christian Messageboards: Speed up the Falling Away

You might wonder why they would work to put a forum together and spend so much time on it subverting God's people from the right way of the Lord. What do they have to gain? Plenty. They move up in Satan's realm if they help speed up the falling away of the church from the faith of Jesus. The sooner the church falls away from the true faith of Jesus, the sooner Satan will be given permission by God to begin the tribulation. Message boards run by satanists have been  effective at doing this because God's people are not purposefully countering them. That is why Christians who have obeyed God's call to come out of the falling away church must work and post as God leads to counteract this agenda. Do not permit false Christians to subvert Christians from the right way of the Lord. Stop them by posting the truth from the Holy Bible. If they are posting lies, say so. Someone has got to stand up, and God is calling the remnant to do this. 

Also, they have people posing as post-tribbers who come on and act unkindly to pret-ribbers and vice versa. It is not always real Christians doing this. Much of this is staged by pseudo-Christians to create conflict between genuine Christians. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by those who have a vested interest in keeping Christians from trusting one another so that when the time comes when they must rely on one another to survive, they will not be able to bring themselves to do it. Watch for this in the forums. 

Satan does not care if you do some things for God; he just will not tolerate it if you are sold out for God. Christians who are committed to obey God no matter what happens are very dangerous to Satan and his plans to bring about the falling away of the church and then the tribulation. Single-eyed Christians co-labor with Christ to hold him back and delay him in his plans of destruction. Phony Christian messageboards are extremely powerful tools that Satan uses to neutralize Christians and keep them from being single-eyed and full of spiritual light. 

For those of you who read forums like I described for entertainment, you will be called to account to the Lord for this. If you are a remnant Christian that has answered God's call to come out of the apostate church, you have a responsibility to stand up and speak out when forum administrators are leading Christians astray. If you do not do this for fear of being banned, you need to ask yourself what is more important, the souls that Jesus is trying to use you to minister to or your entertainment? If you keep quiet, you are aiding Satan's followers in corrupting God's people through their false doctrine, ungodly examples, and New World Order propaganda. 

Are you willing to allow Christians to be misled into believing they may live like the world, talk like the world, walk like the world, act like the world, and love the things of this world? It is time to stand up for Jesus on the Internet. Please ask God what he would have you do to stand in this evil day of false Christian message boards.


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