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   Understanding Lisa Ruby's Nit picky attack on Aho
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Lisa Ruby
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Re: Understanding Lisa Ruby's Nit picky attack on Aho

Hello Truthseeker,

Thanks for the warm hello. It is nice to see you.

Hello Anthos,

I have heard Christians say they will avoid any kind of mark (which is the wise and necessary thing to do) but what is escaping the notice of many is that the mark of the beast and deception go hand in hand.

I'm not singling you out personally but I just felt led to share the following:

Christians can immerse themselves in the study of the Holy Bible and research the New World Order every waking moment but if they will not correct their course as soon as God shows them that they are diverting from his will, they are headed for deception.

God is not mocked by those who know a lot but won't obey a lot. We have to be doers of the word, not just hearers.

Satan does not care how much you know about the New World Order as long as he can achieve his goal, which is to destroy your soul.

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