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Stewart Best and Left Behind: Antichrist Parallels

Stewart Best's statement on the Borderlands section of his website is so strange that it remained in the back of my mind and "clicked" when I re-read a Left Behind Promise of Heaven Daily Devotional today. Stewart's twisted statement is intended to disarm the reader into dismissing his legitimate concerns that Stewart's teachings appear to be lies.

The Bible says to abstain from all appearance of evil, and the Christian reader knows that lies are evil. Stewart wants the reader to believe that the appearance of a lie is the truth:

BORDERLANDS IS THAT PLACE where that which appears to be a lie is the real truth. FEW THERE BE THAT CAN DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE.  [note: this statement, as well as all the content on the Borderlands segment of Stewart Best's website, has been removed from the internet.]


Left Behind's Antichrist and Stewart Best: Parallel Manipulations

Stewart's statement reminded me of how the Left Behind authors depicted the Antichrist: 

You think Carpathia is this Antichrist?" Buck asked. {p}"I don't see how I could come to any other conclusion," Bruce said. {p}"But I really believed in the guy." {p}"Why not? Most of us did. Self-effacing, interested in the welfare of the people, humble. . . . But the Antichrist is a deceiver. And he has the power to control men's minds. He can make people see lies as truth." - Buck Williams and Bruce Barnes, Left Behind

Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God. - Hebrews 3:12 , New Living Translation (Promise of Heaven Daily Devotional--November 12, 2002) 


Antichrist and Stewart Best: Lie = Truth

Just as Antichrist is depicted as making people see lies as truth ( he will be a deceiver) Stewart Best says that which appears to be a lie is the truth. (I am not implying that Stewart Best is the Antichrist; I am comparing Stewart's tactics with those attributed to Antichrist by the writers of Left Behind.)

Antichrist's and Stewart Best's goals are similar:

Antichrist: cause people to think lies = truth

 Best: cause people to think appearance of lies = truth

Stewart Best wrote, 

"that which appears to be a lie is the real truth." 

This statement appears to indicate that he knows that his teachings appear to be lies. It also reveals that he is trying to mentally prepare the reader to not abstain from all appearance of evil (the appearance of lies).

Christians know that any doctrine that contradicts the whole counsel of God is a lie. Stewart is erecting a paradigm shift in their minds in preparation for his teachings in Dark Light. Stewart Best is actually priming the reader to believe the appearance of a lie (appearance of evil) is the real truth!

The Bible says Christians are to abstain from anything that appears to be evil:

Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thess. 5:22

Stewart teaches the opposite of abstaining from the appearance of evil. He says that which appears to be evil (a lie) is the real truth. Therefore, that which appears to be evil should be embraced rather than abstained from according to Stewart's statement.

The sentence, "BORDERLANDS IS THAT PLACE where that which appears to be a lie is the real truth" is constructed in such a way that the words, "lie is the real truth" are next to each other. This forms a message within the sentence. This is a print subliminal that subtly marks the sentence for a purpose. It is not God's purpose.

Look at the sentence again. "BORDERLANDS IS THAT PLACE where that which appears to be a lie is the real truth." Let us look at the messages in this statement.

Question: What is the real truth? 

Answer: That which appears to be a lie. 

Question: Where is that which appears to be a lie found? 

Answer: At Borderlands. Borderlands is the place where the real truth—that appears to be a lie—is found.

Stewart uses propaganda techniques and mind control methods throughout his writings. He even used an anti-biblical sentence to prime the reader to not abstain from the appearance of lies in his Dark Light Series.

Any doctrine taught that is against the full counsel of scripture will appear to be a lie because it is a lie. But Stewart says that which appears to be a lie is the real truth. 

Stewart Best says:

appearance of a lie = real truth

 The Holy Bible says:

appearance of evil = Christians abstain (deliberately refrain from)


God's Truth Vs Stewart Best's "Real Truth"

Truth is the opposite of a lie, but Stewart Best connects these  opposing principles and comes up with what he says is the "real truth."  God will not violate his word in order to present to you the real truth. In fact, Stewart's "real truth" is not the truth which is proclaimed in the Holy Bible. The phrase "real truth" is a euphemism for "esoteric truth." Stewart wrote that only a few can discern the difference and know what the "real truth" is. 

Esoteric is "a word used to describe knowledge that is possessed or understood only by a few.

Only a few can discern the "real truth" because the "real truth" is "esoteric truth," and is discerned in violation of the biblical injunction to abstain from all appearance of evil.

All Religion has its esoteric part, which is hidden as secret and only revealed to the Initiated. It is hardly intelligible to common believer (that's why it's called esoteric), but it contains the real Truth, the real basic foundations of any Religion. [bold emphasis mine] (Source: In Search of The Fundamental Law of Nature)

The "real truth" is not truth at all. Selected Bible verses  ripped from their context, dissected, given mystical interpretations, and then used as tools to prop up esoteric teachings is not truth. Bible verses are often used to lend respectability to esoteric doctrines. For example, Alice Bailey, an occultist, used this technique throughout her writings. The Bible does not teach "esoteric truth" (real truth) that is revealed only to the initiated.

See: Debunking Dark Light Stewart Best & Todd Bentley Agree on "White Light"

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