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Yah: A Pagan Hebrew Mystery Name

According to the Collation of Theosophical Glossaries, Yah (an abbreviation of Yaho) is a Hebrew mystery name derived from Iao and is connected to a phallic symbol:

TG Yaho (Heb.). Furst shows this to be the same as the Greek Iao. Yaho is an old Semitic and very mystic name of the supreme deity, while Yah (q.v.) is a later abbreviation which, from containing an abstract ideal, became finally applied to, and connected with, a phallic symbol -- the lingham of creation. Both Yah and Yaho were Hebrew "mystery names" derived from Iao, but the Chaldeans had a Yaho before the Jews adopted it, and with them, as explained by some Gnostics and Neo-Platonists, it was the highest conceivable deity enthroned above the seven heavens and representing Spiritual Light (Atman, the universal), whose ray was Nous, standing both for the intelligent Demiurge of the Universe of Matter and the Divine Manas in man, both being Spirit. The true key of this, communicated to the Initiates only, was that the name of IAO was "triliteral and its nature secret", as explained by the Hierophants. The Phoenicians too had a supreme deity whose name was triliteral, and its meanings secret, this was also Iao; and Y-ha-ho was a sacred word in the Egyptian mysteries, which signified "the one eternal and concealed deity" in nature and in man; i.e., the "universal Divine Ideation", and the human Manas, or the higher Ego. (1)


(1) (Quote source: Collation of Theosophical Glossaries) (url cited for documentation only)

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