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Update on Chang and His Mark of the Beast

In my article called DESECRATION: CAUTION, I wrote:

If you really believe Chang was justified in taking the mark (Remember he never declared he was a Christian and he never denounced the Antichrist either so the fact that he was "forced" was REALLY because they thought he was afraid of the procedure and not because they thought he was afraid of the one True, Most High God!)) then you have already made provision in the back of your mind to take the mark of the beast yourself!  Upon further reflection about Chang, I must say the "forcing scenario" would never have happened if he had confessed Christ before men and taken the consequences.  Instead, he denied Christ by his silence, and after being "forcibly marked", we can see he came to terms with this sin and began to consider possible benefits of it!  (see THE MARK, page 353)

Now that Desecration has been released, the authors have revealed to the readers the full story about Chang being marked with the beast.  It is very interesting to me that the authors allowed the readers to think about and discuss on the Left Behind messageboard for close to one year about how a Christian could possibly have the mark of the beast and still be saved.  I did not see any administrator step in on the official Left Behind messageboard and correct the posters and tell them that no, a Christian may not have the mark under any circumstances, and Chang's situation is only pretend, and they must take care to not take this seriously.

Even as I work on this article the administrators at the Left Behind messageboard are soliciting thoughts from posters and they want to know among other things, "What truths did you learn to apply to your own spiritual walk now?" 

Obviously the administrators on the official Left Behind website are not passing the series off as strictly fiction, not to be taken seriously, as my critics always use to try to dismiss my findings when I bring up the false doctrines in the series. They want to know how the book, DESECRATION, is affecting the spiritual walk of the reader!

I assure you, this is the my concern as well, and more importantly the concern of our Lord Jesus Christ who tenderly loves and cares for his beloved church and desires that she live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Now, according to the full story in DESECRATION, Chang was not afraid of the needle his Father injected into him quickly and without Chang's knowledge or consent.  This injection was used to drug Chang so he would be easily maneuvered into Building D where he was to receive the mark of the beast.

Nor was Chang afraid of saying "NO!" to taking the mark.  He answered his father regarding whether Carpathia was the son of God or not, "He is not!  I know no such thing!  He could be the son of Satan for all I know!"

In response to his father telling him, "You saw the man resurrected!  You will worship him as I do!"  Chang responded, "Never!"

Then what was Chang afraid of so that he did not voice his allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ to his father at the very mention of the mark?  He was afraid for his sister, Ming.  He did not want his father or the GC to know she was a believer.

Now let's back up for a moment.  Earlier, Chang had a conversation with his mother about he (and Ming too) not believing in the Supreme Potentate and that he would tell his Father he was a "Judah-ite if he tried to make him take the mark. (DESECRATION page 65)

Chang's mother responded, "Oh, Chang, don't do this.  I will lose both of my children!"

Chang replied, "Mother, you must read what Rabbi Ben-Judah writes too!  At least look into it.  Please!"

"Maybe, but you cannot cross your father today.  You take the mark.  If you are right, your God will forgive you." 

Chang's response: "It doesn't work that  way.  I have already made my decision. 

Mr. Wong returned.  "Let's go.  Mr. Moon is waiting. 

"Not today, " Mrs. Wong pleaded.  "Let Chang think about it awhile."

"No more time for thinking.  He will embarrass the family."

"No!  I won't!  You can't make me."  

We need to stop right here.  This is a key sentence, and this relates directly to another key sentence way back in the very first book in the series: LEFT BEHIND.

Chang was being DEFIANT about taking the mark, wasn't he?  The authors want the reader to think that being defiant is a mark (of God) in itself, and they implanted this thought into the reader's mind in the very first book in the LEFT BEHIND series.    

In LEFT BEHIND, page 420 and 421, Bruce Barnes explained to Chloe about Antichrist and the upcoming mark of the beast:

"There will come a time, Chloe, that followers of Antichrist will be required to bear the sign of the beast.  There are all kinds of theories on what form that might take, from a tattoo to a stamp on the forehead that might be detected only under infrared light.  But obviously we would refuse to bear that mark.  That very act of defiance will be a mark in itself." 

Now Chang admitted to his mother his lack of loyalty to Carpathia, and when his mother asked him if he was a Judah-ite too (like his sister) Chang admitted this and said he would tell his father that if he tried to make him take the mark. (see page 65)

So we can see Chang fully intended to tell his father he belonged to the Lord Jesus Christ IF he was going to be made to take the mark.  We also can see that Chang had made his decision beforehand, that he would NOT take the mark.  Chang had a defiant attitude about taking the mark already in his heart and was committed to this defiance.

When his Father began to make it clear he wanted Chang to take the mark, Chang began to outwardly defy him and say he would not take it and his father could not make him do it.

Now we can see that Chang had been defiant all along about taking the mark of the beast, but he never told his father the reason for his defiance.  He never told his father of his love for and allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the true God and Savior of all who will call upon Him in faith.  The reason the reader is given is so that Ming would not be exposed as being a Christian.  The reader is always given a rationalization for blatant sin by the characters in the series, and in this case, Chang's neglect to confess Christ before men was shown to be done to protect his sister.  Chang ended up being desecrated with Antichrist's mark because his loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ was not stated. 

What kind of an example is this to millions who would desperately desire to protect their family when the mark of the beast becomes the law of the land?

This is a huge, glaring omission, and of great importance for the reader to take note of.  Chang did not confess Christ before men at this crucial time (only when his mother asked him in private) and thus lose his own life that he might find it.

In DESECRATION, page 66, we read of Chang's father quickly, without his consent or knowledge, injecting Chang with a tranquilizer to make him more docile and manageable for the "enforced" marking with the beast's mark.  This was terribly unfair and the reader understandably empathizes with Chang in this unjust treatment. 

 Now empathy with the characters is normal when reading a work of fiction.  The Christian must beware, however, of empathizing with  the character if he does something in the story that violates the word of God and especially if this violation will result in eternal damnation.  This is when empathy must end and critical analysis must begin!

Even at that point in time Chang did not confess Christ while he still had the capability of faltering speech.  He had the ability to say "I will not. . . take. . . the. . . mmm. . ." which his father (and the reader) understands to mean he will not take the mark, but again,  no verbal confession of loyalty to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is VERY IMPORTANT to remember because later in the book Chang denies Christ before men (and not just once mind you) and the authors manipulate the dialogue in such a way as to justify this in the reader's mind. 

Now Chang did make some physical signs of loyalty to Christ (although the Bible doesn't mention any "crossing of oneself" to indicate allegiance to Christ!) but his last effort to use his failing voice was to again defy taking the mark, which reinforces the  misleading statement in LEFT BEHIND: "That very act of defiance will be a mark in itself."



When Jerry Jenkins was questioned by a concerned reader about how he could have a Christian take the mark of the beast and still be saved, his answer contained the assertion that this "plot twist" was his idea:  "This plot twist was my idea and of course I checked it with the best living resource a writer could have. Dr. LaHaye liked it and combed the Scriptures to be sure nothing there precluded it. I warned him to be ready for the fire storm before the whole thing was played out."

"That's where we stand now. Employing the best advice from Verbal Judo, I should have said, "Is there anything I can say (without giving the story away) that will get you to trust us until this is played out in book 9?"

 Well, it is certainly does not look like some kind of spur-of- the moment plot twist.  The first book actually set the reader up to swallow the "being defiant while being forced to take the mark of the beast is a mark of God in itself" lie.  And as far as trusting them until this is played out in book 9, one's trust must always be in God and his Word, and not in man (let God be true and every man a liar). . . ESPECIALLY when man uses fiction as a vehicle for promoting the "hell sending" lie that the mark of the beast can be forced upon a defiant Christian and that he will still be saved!  

For those who think this single instance of Chang being forced to take the mark of the beast and remaining a Christian is not enough evidence to conclude the authors are promoting this damnable false teaching (one instance is plenty of evidence!), please notice that on page 78 of DESECRATION, the authors had Chang express Dr. Ben-Judah's (spiritual mentor of the Tribulation Force and a Bible scholar) concern of other believers being forced to take the mark in a letter: "Dr. Ben-Judah concurs that the record vindicates me, though he fears Carpathia and his henchmen are devious enough to come up with the idea of doping known believers and forcing the mark on them, and that would be a catastrophe."  

The authors drove the point home to the reader that a Bible scholar believed the exception to the rule (Chang being forced to take the mark) could very well become the rule.  In reality, deliberately entertaining ideas such as an exception to the rule of Holy Writ (there is no such thing, and what is more this is REBELLION!) must never be in the heart and mind of a genuine Christian!

Now, in answer to the question, IS DEFIANCE BEING TAUGHT TO BE A MARK (of God) IN ITSELF? let's go to DESECRATION, page 10, where Chang is trying to compare what happened in his life to the Bible's teaching, and Tsion Ben-Judah is reassuring him.  Please understand Chang's objections to believing he is still saved are those of the Bible-believing Christian reader!  His objections (and thus the readers) are being countered and explained away by Tsion Ben-Judah:

Chang: "The problem is the mirror, Dr. Ben-Judah!  I thought I could do this!  I thought the mark that was forced on me would be an advantage.  But it mocks me, and I hate it!  I want to take a razor blade and slice it from my head, then slit my wrists and let God decide my fate."

Tsion Ben-Judah: God has decided, my friend.  You have the seal of God upon you, according to our trusted brothers.  You did not accept the mark of the Antichrist, nor will you worship him."

Chang: "But I have been studying your own writings, Doctor!  The mark of the beast brings damnation, and the Bible says we can't have both marks!

Tsion Ben-Judah: "It says we can't take both."

The authors have chosen to emphasize the words accept and take

Chang: "But the heroes, the martyrs, the brave ones accepted death for the sake of the truth!  You said a true believer would be given the grace and courage to stand for his faith in the face of the blade."

Tsion Ben-Judah: "Did you not resist? God is no liar.  I have told people that they cannot lose the mark of the seal of God and that they need not worry they will lose heart because of their human weakness, but that God will grant them peace and courage to accept their fate."

Tsion's remarks prove that yes, the LEFT BEHIND book series is promoting the lie that a defiant attitude regarding having the mark of the beast is a mark of God in itself!  Tsion told Chang he did not accept or take the mark of the beast, and he reminded him that he resisted (defied) the mark.   Please notice the statement,  God is no liar" is placed right after the "Did you not resist?" question and directly before the statement: "I have told people that they cannot lose the mark of the seal of God. . ."

So God not being a liar is connected with resisting the mark and Tsion's teaching that people cannot lose the mark of the seal of God?  It's a strategic spot to put the sentence, "God is no liar" in my view.  What is God not lying about specifically in this context?  (We know God never lies; the authors want the reader to believe what is being put across in the dialogue!)  Could it be that resisting means that one stood for his faith and is therefore still saved  even if he ended up with the mark?  Yes, Tsion said so.  Most certainly "God is no liar" is directly rendering the next statement to be authoritative in the minds of the reader: "I have told people that they cannot lose the mark of the seal of God. . ."

 Before I go on, please note the Holy Bible does not say "mark of the seal of God", but "seal of God."  In the New Testament, "the mark" refers to Antichrist's mark, and "seal of God" refers to God's seal on his servants.

Please note that nowhere does the Bible state this seal is visible, but it does state the foundation of God stands sure and has a seal that is visible in the behavior of those who name the name of Christ: "Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." 2 Timothy 2:19

 Did God ever indicate in his Holy Word that a Christian cannot, under any circumstances, lose the seal of God?  (No.)  If not, then that statement, "God is no liar" is a deliberate attempt to manipulate the reader into believing that God has promised that his seal cannot be lost. . . even when one has the mark of the beast.

DESECRATION has more in the storyline about the subject of Chang and his continued cooperation with the New World Order as well as many other significant things that have not yet been addressed that are just as serious, in my view.  These and the observations God has graciously given me from the other eight books in the LEFT BEHIND series will be shared with you in the upcoming book, God's Wrath on Left Behind.


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