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 Pro-Adultery Ethics Hidden in Left Behind

Have you ever read the book, Left Behind?  If you have, you will already know there is a connection between being a prude and being faithful to your spouse.  You also know there is nothing inappropriate about a single woman resting her hand on a married man's shoulder and spending long hours alone with him over dinner.

Most importantly, you now know that the single woman and married man who are engaging in these surreptitious meetings are not yet engaged in a relationship!

Sexual contact equals an affair in Left Behind, but sneaking around with someone who is not your spouse is nothing to feel guilty about.

Now if these things were directly stated in Left Behind, the way I just did, God's people would be up in arms at the betrayal of Christian ethics.

But because these horrible examples were cleverly sprinkled into the story through the character's thoughts, actions, and dialogue, the reader absorbed these soul-destroying values without even being aware of it.

You do not have to agree with my end time Bible prophecy stand to benefit from learning how propaganda techniques are used throughout Left Behind and the subsequent books in order to change the reader's attitudes without them realizing they have been changed. This is done far too consistently and subtly throughout the series to be an accident, and the results far too dangerous to be left unchallenged.

God's Wrath on Left Behind was written to expose the ways Left Behind is conditioning the reader how to think about certain matters (such as a Christian merging with the kingdom of antichrist) without him even being consciously aware of it.  By God's grace, I am  exposing the most serious attitudinal changes Left Behind is promoting, so you can pass judgment upon them according to the words of Jesus Christ, which will judge us all at the last day.  (See John 12:48) 

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