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The Remnant: Remarkably Anti-Christian

The Remnant: Christians Praying Without Faith

The Remnant contains several examples of Christians who prayed without faith. They did not expect God to answer their prayers, but rather prayed as a last resort--not believing God for an answer. 

The examples of Christians praying in unbelief is a death example for Christians during the tribulation. It is one more reason why The Remnant is remarkably anti-Christian.

Chang Prayed a Generic Prayer

The Chang character was used to illustrate a Christian praying a generic prayer that any non-Christian could have prayed:

"God, I have never asked you to override a piece of equipment. But you know a servant of yours designed this, and I want to serve you too. Help me think. Speed the process. Please let me protect these brothers and sisters. I know from what happened at Petra today that nothing is beyond you. We have lost so much to the enemy, and I know we will lose more before your ultimate victory. But don't let the Greek believers suffer more. Not tonight. Protect the Co-op. And help me get Mac and Chloe and Hannah and George out of there." (The Remnant p 142)

This confessing-Antichrist-before men character did not pray to his Heavenly Father and make his supplication in Jesus' name. 


Authors Used Chang to Teach Zero Confidence in Prayer

Right after Chang prayed, the authors' narration portrayed him not expecting God to answer his prayer:

Chang knew God has protected him, probably more than he realized. But he had no reason to think God owed him anything or was obligated to act in this instance, just because Chang had asked. With zero confidence that his pleas had done any good, Chang wearily returned to his chair before the computer. (The Remnant p 144)

The authors of the Left Behind Series used this Chinese character to provide the antichrist examples of not confessing Jesus Christ before men and ending up with the mark of the beast, confessing Antichrist before men in order to supposedly serve God and now to teach zero confidence in prayer! This saddens me because the Chang character does not represent our brethren in China or any true Christian.

Having zero confidence in prayer applies to those who regard iniquity in their hearts:

I cried unto him with my mouth and he was extolled with my tongue. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: But verily God hath heard me: he hath attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me. (Psalm 66:17-20)

The authors never indicated that Chang was a compromiser of the worst kind, but instead presented him as a Christian hero who risked his life to serve God rather than as the Christ-denying and Antichrist-confessing apostate he was according to the Holy Bible.

Because Chang was portrayed as a Christian with unbroken fellowship with God, it was wrong for the authors to present him as having zero faith that his prayer would be answered. If the authors narration indicated that Chang knew he was harboring unconfessed sin (such as denying Jesus Christ and confessing Antichrist) and that this was the reason he did not have faith that God would hear him, that would have been a godly lesson. You will not find godly lessons in The Remnant. You might find occasional examples that are not bad, but the evil examples do the job of leavening the entire book.

Narration is the tool used to present the thoughts and motivations of the characters. The authors used narration to present anti-Christian messages very often throughout the Left Behind Series. The writing could have indicated that Chang did not have faith that his prayer would be answered because he had unconfessed sin on his conscience and was therefore regarding iniquity in his heart. But this was not done. They sent the message that a Christian had zero confidence in prayer. 


Another Example of Faithless Prayer

Mac Mc Cullum prayed a generic prayer as well. He prayed to the Lord and did not make his request in Jesus' name either. I wonder why the authors seemed loathe to portray Christian characters praying in Jesus' name?

"Lord," he said quietly, "I'm gonna thank you for keepin' me motivated to stay in shape, and I'm gonna ask you for more stamina than I've got. All I'm tryin' to do is get your man and my two partners out of here alive. Now I'm thankin' you as if you've already done it, 'cause I'm going to be busy here awhile. And if you've chosen not to, I figure you know best and I'll be seein' you real soon." (The Remnant p 151)

No Christian has the right to command God to do anything, and this is not what I am suggesting. However, the authors presented Christian characters not praying in faith with an earnest expectation that their prayers would be answered. God works through believing prayer and lack of faith and unrighteous living hinders prayer.


 Praying is Old-Fashioned?

Chang was frustrated at having to quit monitoring Greece. Ironic he thought, that with all the technology God has allowed them to adapt for the cause of Christ around the world, he was suddenly left with nothing to do to help, except some old-fashioned praying. (The Remnant p 210)

Do I need to elaborate about how this is a death example to the Christian during the tribulation? Acting first and praying after all carnal measures have been exhausted is exactly what Satan's followers hope Christians will do. Praying is old-fashioned? Something that is old-fashioned is out-of-date. The authors presented the anti-Christ message that praying is outmoded and relates to a past era! 


Chang's Next Faithless (One World Church) Prayer: Not to His Heavenly Father and Not in Jesus' Name

"Lord, I don't see how they can escape now, outside your direct help. I don't know if it's their time to join you, and I have never assumed our thoughts were your thoguths. Everything happens in your time for your pleasure, but I pray for them and the people who love them. Whatever you do I know will prove your greatness, and I ask that I be able to know soon what it was. Also, please be with Ming as she searches for our parents, and may they be able to communicate with me somehow."

Prayers that avail much will be critical during the time of the tribulation. Satan's followers will have unprecedented control of the entire world, and Christians must walk very closely to God. Jesus told his disciples that if they ask anything according to his will, he would do it. The examples of prayer the authors used repeatedly in The Remnant were examples of not knowing the will of God in prayer but simply going through an exercise that they believed was probably futile. The prayers were passive and faithless and the characters did not expect anything in response to their prayers. This is exactly what Satan desires for Christians to think regarding prayer. 


Rayford's Statement About God Protecting Christians Was Glib?

Rayford was not asleep, but he had finally settled and was breathing easier, gazing at the stars through a slit in the tent. His phone indicated Chang was calling.

"Give me some good news," he said.

"I wish I could," Chang said, "but I think the Lord just wanted me to let you know so you could pray."

Rayford didn't feel as glib as he sounded, but when he heard the story, he said, "God protected a million people in a fiery furnace; he can get four out of Greece." (The Remnant p 212)

In this particular example, the authors indicated that Rayford sounded glib in reference to his words about God being able to protect his people. Glib means marked by lack of sincerity. The message presented is that Rayford sounded as if he lacked sincerity in stating that God could protect his people. 


Another Example of Faithless Prayer 

Chang was relieved to hear from Rayford and eager to meet Naomi even if only on-line. He was tempted to scold her for scaring him, and so decided to wait until the next day to try to make contact. Meanwhile, he checked in on Mac and his team, fearing the worst despite all the praying that has been going on. (the Remnant p 218-19)

Praying in faith is not a theme presented in The Remnant. Instead, doubting and double-mindedness is presented as the normative manner for Christians to pray during the tribulation. God's people are to "ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. (James 1:6) Wavering definitely describes "fearing the worst despite all the praying that has been going on." The Tribulation Force is not only not sound in faith, they don't pray in faith either.

Concluding Statements

The authors of The Remnant have portrayed Christian characters who do not believe God will attend unto their prayers and answer them. Instead, they faint into frightened fatalism. The authors did not choose to depict the characters repenting of their lack of faith and determing to trust God in the future.

The article, Circumstances: The Way to Judge if Christianity is Still True? provides examples of Trib Force Christians temporarily losing their faith in Christ due to circumstances. No, the authors did not have them repent and ask God to help them to stand fast in faith and endure until the end.

Faith is the part of the Christian's armor that is a shield against Satan's attacks. Why do the authors provide many examples of Christian characters casting down this shield which makes them vulnerable to being spiritually destroyed? It is by faith that we are saved and by faith that we stand. Why are the authors removing what the Christian characters need to stand and endure to the end?

Please love the truth rather than have pleasure in the portrayal of Christians behaving unrighteously.  (See 2 Thessalonians chapter 2)


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