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The Terri Schiavo "Right to Die" Farce:  Cover Story To Trick the Masses 

George Felos is on record as saying he does not support euthanasia:

"In one of your [] articles ... I was described, not by someone else, but by the author of the article as a 'euthanasia attorney,' or 'pro-euthanasia attorney,'" Felos claimed, "which is inaccurate. I don't support euthanasia, I never have, I've been very clear about my position." (Quote source: Conflict of Interest Charged in Florida Euthanasia Case

If that statement is true, George Felos must immediately stop representing Michael Schiavo. Michael Schiavo, in defiance of Florida law, almost succeeded in euthanizing his wife by not permitting her to have fluids/food by mouth after her feeding tube was removed in mid October. 

Michael's act of denying Terri food and drink by mouth was and is against the law. It always has been unlawful to cause the death of even a disabled person regardless of whether or not Terri's Law is overturned (the day after the Winter Solstice "festivities" of course), Bernie McCabe investigates Michael, One hundred or one million letters and emails are sent to important officials, Gov. Bush goes against this extremely obvious plot and takes the authority his position has always afforded him, or any other area they want us to focus our hopes upon.

We must stand on the bottom line: Florida law. Are Florida officials going to defy the law and euthanize Terri Schiavo by not permitting her to have food/fluids by mouth? They got away with this unlawful attempt twice already due to the fact that the public is not informed about the laws. And are they going to accept the consequences if the people of Florida sit back passively and permit them to set the 100% Nazi example of publicly and unlawfully killing a defenseless, disabled woman? 

Are Terri Schiavo's advocates going to continually be sent on rabbit trails to try to shame politicians into making sure the law is enforced? Shaming them will not work. A lot of politicians have no shame. They are not easily shamed, but they do fear exposure.

Politicians are not about to buck the system and therefore incur its wrath to save one woman—and the hundreds of thousands of disabled and elderly that will follow—simply to avoid upsetting their constituents. I know we have been told that they can be pressured into bending to the will of the people if enough people contact them. This does happen, but not when an important step of The Plan is being implemented. 

In this case, they simply report the number of emails, phone calls, and letters and then the people who are really calling the shots let them know the next move. Even Governor Jeb Bush fears to go against The Plan in spite of the fact that it is his duty to execute the laws of the state of Florida:

The Florida Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, states, "The governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed," and, "The governor shall have power to call out the militia to . . . execute the laws of the state."

The Plan comes first, and the politicians know it. They feel they have too much to lose if they buck it. And we have too much to lose if we don't fight The Plan every step of the way.

The way to help Terri is to do what many are trying to block me from doing. Expose this "right to die" farce for what it is: a ploy to break the law in front all Americans and the world and have it go right over everyone's heads so a public precedent of dehydrating/starving by mouth is established. This is euthanasia, and euthanasia is against the law in Florida.

Expose the fact that Florida law prohibits euthanasia no matter how much Scientology tries to stop you from mentioning this, no matter how much the media lies, and no matter how much Michael NEEDS Terri to die. Get this information into the hands of many people and urge them to tell the officials that they know denying Terri oral sustenance is against the law. The officials will then make this intelligence known to those who are really in charge. They then weigh things and sometimes try another tactic to regain control. There is no other tactic in this case. The law against euthanasia is on the books and we know it. And we will let them know that we know it.

This is a different approach than Terrisfight and indeed most grassroots efforts. They simply urge individuals to contact their representatives and ask them to do a particular thing or vote on a particular matter. That does not expose anything, and it gives the people of the United States little if any leverage against tyranny. It simply dumps the responsibility into the hands of people who will not buck the system. They will only report the responses to their superiors. If their superiors know the American people are still in the dark about how Florida law prohibits "mercy killing," then they can proceed with their euthanasia death agenda no matter how many people are upset about it.

The bottom line is knowing what they fear and what they do not want you to talk about. It is time to talk about it! You have more power than the politicians. The people behind the scenes don't want you to know that they permitted the law to be broken to almost kill Terri and that they came up with Terri's Law, which is on on a timer (a diversionary tactic) to make you think that once that is overturned they are free to starve/dehydrate her and put her under armed guard to do so.

If they do this, they are sending the message to Floridians, citizens of the United States and the watching world that the laws in the state of Florida are mere suggestions, especially if the government needs to accomplish a killing. (Yes, this is the way things were done in Nazi Germany!)

Do they really want Americans to think they can disregard the law if it suits THEIR purposes? NO! That is why they do not want you to know that what they tried to do to Terri twice before was flat out AGAINST THE LAW and it is still against the law.

Exposing this simple fact is taboo, but it is taboo because so many of the people secretly promoting the New World Order establishment are working in the media, alternative media, newspapers, newsgroups, list servs, forums, supposed patriotic organizations, etc. and they accomplish a lot of damage control while they serve in these capacities. They keep quiet about or pressure others to keep quiet about taboo topics that will unravel the plans of the planners. 

Bring the law up on your own anti-NWO list servs and news groups and listen for a pin drop. This topic is not allowed. Why? Because people are not supposed to know about this. If they did, the "officials" would not dare to spit in the faces of the people of Florida and hide behind lying "right to die" rhetoric while they break the law in order to slay a person our increasingly pro-Nazi, Scientology-run government has targeted for murder. Simply put, they would know they cannot get away with it. See: Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection

Here is a list of the many laws they are permitting Michael Schiavo to break in order to condition Americans to think differently about law enforcement as it pertains to the disabled. They want people to think that in the quest to rid society of the "misfits" (the disabled, the elderly, and eventually the Chrisians), laws don't really matter.

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah?


updated 04/02/04

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